Former president Koroma of Sierra Leone joins Leaders to discuss Africa’s peace and security

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 2 September 2019:

Sierra Leone’s statesman, former President Ernest Bai Koroma, has just landed in Accra, Ghana, where he will be joining his peers at the maiden edition of the Kofi Annan Peace and Security (KAPS) Forum on the theme: “Peace Operations in the Context of Violent Extremism in Africa”.

The KAPS maiden edition is being organized by the internationally acclaimed Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Center (KAIPTC), in collaboration with the Federal Government of Germany and the Government of Norway.

Extending the invitation to former President Koroma, KAIPTC states that “given the critical role that His Excellency has played in bringing peace, stability and democracy to Sierra Leone and the wider West Africa region, we will be grateful for former President Koroma to share his rich insights and perspectives on the theme.”

When President Koroma was elected in 2007, the first and largest United Nations Peace Building Mission was still deployed in the country, amidst fears that if the peace which Sierra Leone had just attained was not well managed, the country could easily slip back into war.

However, by the time he ended his first term, the United Nations felt satisfied to close down its Peacebuilding Office in Sierra Leone.

In addition, Sierra Leone has been classed by the Global Peace Index as the most peaceful country in West Africa and the third most peaceful in Africa from 2016 to 2018.

Under the distinguished Chairmanship of His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas, Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General and Head of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS), the KAPS Forum, slated for 4-5 September, 2019, will assemble over two hundred (200) high-level delegates.

Sierra Leone’s former President Koroma will share a panel with H.E. Pierre Buyoya, Former President of Burundi and AU High Representative to Mali and Sahel (MISAHEL), H.E. Thabo Mbeki, Former President of the Republic of South Africa, H.E Catharine Samba-Panza for the Central African Republic-CAR, H.E. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, former President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H.E. Jerry John Rawlings, H.E. John H.E. John Agyekum Kufuor, and H.E. John Dramani Mahama, former Presidents of the Republic of Ghana.


  1. From the very moment someone incite party members not to be silent, it means you are engaging others in a war to be fighting all the time; and that is not fair on Sierra Leone. No one owns Sierra Leone, its for all its citizens. People have got only one motive to be in power – to enrich themselves no matter what. But God will fight for Sierra Leone this time. The whole world is watching those who mean well. We shall see.

  2. You are right Emmanuel. No sitting President was listed. That’s why I was surprised and asked the question in my former comment to discuss. By asking why President Bio was not invited, will help me somehow know why sitting Presidents were not invited. To be frank Emmanuel, it will be a good idea if sitting Presidents were also invited. That will help them handle events concerning human rights and security issues in their respective countries with caution.
    Finally, thanks for your observations and may GOD BLESS YOU.

  3. My fellow citizen I want to affirm this to you that nobody hates EBK for what reasons?, EBK promised in 2007 to rule the country as a business concern, where were you at the time? After the late H.E. Tejan Kabba left office, he washed off his hands of all politics and left EBK alone to enjoy and rule as he promised the nation. For a healthy 11 years without no hindrance from either Kabba nor his former opponent Berewa, he even received congrats and support from Berewa. Point finger or name 1 African country or around the world, that former leader ever name him/herself a life chairman of the party.

  4. Frankly speaking, EBK was in place to become one of our greatest leaders during his first term in office. Whilst hardship was a factor, he was focused on making a difference to the country as a whole. After strengthening the anti-corruption act, we saw how government ministers like Haja Afsatu Kabba and Kemoh Sesay were called upon to account for their mischievous acts. Even the former Freetown mayor Herbert Williams was no exception.

    During the Ivorian election impasse, EBK led a team to mediate between the parties involved. For a minute, we thought things will definitely change for the better. However, the sooner EBK was elected for a second term, a complete turn around was adopted by his regime. All of a sudden, the era of free for all, was introduced. Top government officials started competing with each other to siphon our meager resources. Critics of the regime were either silenced through bribery and other corrupt means or intimidated. The once hopeful citizens were reduced to depression and contemplation. With his own party, he was seen by many as a deity — both senior and upcoming leaders within the party worship him. Overnight, EBK saw himself as the owner of the APC and to some degree Sierra Leone as well. Instead of top officials within the party calling out the ills of his leadership, they continued to praise sing him. Today, they are paying heavily as an opposition party.

    In an ideal world, you will think the current party in governance will learn from the ills of the former regime. On the contrary, we are seeing so many similarities. Many top officials within the SLPP party have chosen to be praise singers instead of serving as advisers!!

  5. Your answer is H.E.RETD.BRIG.DR.J.M.B. was not invited because he is a man of peace from day 1. No matter what, the chairman for life must be invited to attend this very important peace meeting.

  6. Fally and others. With such fanatic and personal VENGEANCE directed to the former first gentleman, I pitty my country. For GOODNESS sake what does your rants and hatred for EBK has to do with the post in question?

    You see… when people are filled with hate, thier sense of reasoning tends to shrink down to the lowest. Please save your energy for national issues that has to do with the hardship that’s killing our people right now, coupled with the political instability thus scaring away investors to remedy our people’s current predicaments. EBK is blessed, and a blessing for salone. You like it or not.

    • Good day brother. Did you read the article very well? As I always say, you are always looking at issues through your political lens. Which sitting president was invited? Respond, and if not, start looking at issues constructively. Thanks bro.

  7. Wow you people are fighting to hold on to things that are not even there. We all know where the violence is coming from.

  8. I believe that we have some good communicators and writers here on this forum without mentioning or name calling. Please contribute now. Here is the only place we can express our feelings, and also tell the world who we are as a nation.

    We ask the Almighty God to continue protecting our leaders in the country – formers and the current. We ask you oh God, bring us stability in our beloved country Sierra Leone; we are not ready for another civil war. Amen. Long live Bio long live Sierra Leone.

  9. There are times and instances in life when we have no other options, but to use our refined intelligences and creative abilities to guide and direct those who are confused, afraid and lost in the vast wilderness of ignorance like scattered, stranded sheep in search of a caring, loving shepherd.

    Friends – that is what genuine empathy always looks like! I mean,seriously: How can someone, anyone become so disconnected from reality, that without thinking or even blinking, they fanatically begin to disregard acceptable norms of thoughtfulness and common sense, just for the purposes of kissing up to men who have already failed in their endeavors, without having started at all.

    What kind of person will stoop so low and debase himself, by bestowing grand titles, highly esteemable and honorary accolades on undeserving criminals, who once brutally and lawlessly overthrew legitimate, peaceful authority? Yep,in case you were not aware, proud followers of Adolf Hitler once replaced shining beacons of light in our Sierra Leone, with an eerie, monstrous darkness.

    And it was then that the innocence of millions was lost, disappearing out of sight, like pebbles being thrown into the vast majestic seas. And there are more sad stories – heartbreaking stories, waiting and thirsting to be heard. Civility, compassion and decency were chased away by erratic, mouth frothing men, who defiantly replaced their rightful positions, with mayhem, anarchy and chaos instead.

    Anyone, being referred to as a FOUNTAIN OF HONOUR, must first and foremost be above and beyond reproach. Their hands must be squeaky clean! They must be individuals of the highest integrity, whose words and actions are always in congruent with the requirements of the law, order, morality and ethical discipline.

    Come on man – An unremorseful Coup Plotter is not a person deserving of reverence and emulation. In Highest Heaven there is order, so also must those shiny examples be replicated here on earth. Only the agents of Lucifer, the father of evil and disobedience are inclined to spill innocent blood and overthrow legitimate Power. It is only them, that can spill and wash themselves in innocent blood, that flows and flows, ceaselessly like rivers that never run dry.

    The Herculean Stevens, never attempted a coup d’etat, when Sir Milton took over the reins of power from the British, neither did Koroma when he was in the opposition and that is the reason why he is being honored with countless invitations to important conferences, seminars and events all over the world.

    It is clear that the world reveres and admires such a man because they know that he is someone that deeply understands that unshakeable Peace and Stability must be of the highest preeminence, over everything else in governance. He knows they must stand with an imposing presence, unmoved like colossal giants, above everything else…Well done EBK! Keep on representing Sierra Leone to the fullest of your abilities…Rising Sun Will Rise Again

    • Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, why so much noise about our former President attending a peace conference??

      We need peace in the country and who is best fit to represent us, of course EBK. He is leader of the biggest opposition party and the Chairman for Life Everlasting of the APC. Let him experience democracy at work during the conference, maybe we all will at the end benefit from his trip.

      I wish him good luck and on his return, I hope, he will help restructure his party for the peace we are all looking for.

  10. Thank you brother Fallay, you have said it all. Nothing more left out. This is a direct message to the CHAIRMAN for life.

  11. Hopefully this will be a wake up call for the “CHAIRMAN FOR LIFE“ of the APC party that he should continue to live the rest of his life as an elderly statesman rather than getting bogged down in undermining the peace and stability which he enjoyed when then presidential candidate of the SLPP who was also the former Vice President under President Ahmed Tejan Kabba – Solomon Berewa, called and congratulated him after NEC announced that former President Earnest Koroma was the winner of the 2007 presidential election.

    In my personal opinion I believe that was unprecedented in African politics and that was the main foundation of our peace since supporters of the SLPP decided to follow the footsteps of their leadership to be humble and law abiding citizens, as compared to the 2018 presidential election because the APC party has not yet accepted defeat.

    I hope and pray that after this meeting, his perception about hanging to power for life and constantly inciting his APC supporters to make the country ungovernable (which was a promise from his handpicked stooge Dr Samura Kamara) will change, and I hope that he will advise Dr. Samura Kamara to follow the example of former Vice President Solomon Berewa to call and congratulate our current Fountain of Honor and Commander in Chief of the Armed Force of the Republic of Sierra Leone Retired Brigadier Dr. President Julius Maada Bio .

    • Your comment is so crazy in content and purpose. Who is making Sierra Leone ungovernable? The name that constantly comes up when there is trouble is this arata guy who is a member of the ruling party.

      What does that have to so with EBK? What have the police done regarding constituency 110 where the perpetrators are clearly on videos destroying ballot boxes?

    • Mr. Fallay, truth to be told, Solomon Berewa did an outstanding statesmanship decision to humbly accept the 2007 election results. What can also be pointed out was, most of the senior SLPP officials were totally against his humble gesture. Many perceived former president Kabba as a traitor and to a certain degree Berewa a puppet. So I am not sure why you kept presenting events differently now.

      Also, after the announcement of the 2012 elections in which president Bio was a contender; I remember vividly the none acceptance of the result by him and the rest of the SLPP hierarchy. In fact, the SLPP filed a petition in high court contesting against Christiana Thorpe handling of the election results. May I remind you about Kailahun court barray, and how so many polling stations were cancelled in that part of the nation? I never remember Bio publicly accepting the 2012 elections outcome, neither do I know of him calling EBK immediately after the announcement of the results to congratulate him. To date, there is a deep seated belief within the SLPP that Bio won the 2012 elections. So please let’s refrain from rewriting history.

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