Free Australian app can help tackle a deadly health scourge

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 October 2018:

Sierra Leone has some of the highest reported rates of hepatitis B and C in the world, and now a free app is available to Sierra Leoneans fighting the disease.

Speaking to the Sierra Leone Telegraph, Mark Pearce who is the Communications Manager for Hepatitis Victoria in Australia, said that LiverWELL was launched for android and iphone by Hepatitis Victoria in Melbourne on World Hepatitis day 28th July 2018.

He said that the LiverWELL app is significant for Sierra Leone. It is used not only by people in Australia but also by everyone worldwide. (Photo: Mark Pearce).

“Every week up to 6 Victorians die from viral hepatitis related liver disease, the same number of deaths as the state roll toll, and liver cancer is the fastest growing cancer in the country,” said Melanie Eagle, CEO Hepatitis Victoria.

Globally figures for people living with hepatitis B and C are appalling, over 1 million people died of viral hepatitis related disease in 2017 more than the number for HIV, malaria and Tuberculosis.

Some countries and communities such as Sierra Leone, China and Vietnam experience very high prevalence, Mark told the Sierra Leone Telegraph.

Thankfully the figures for communities and people with android and apple smart mobile phones is also extremely high, and therefore the LiverWELL app is accessible wherever people can download apps, he said.

“We are extremely happy to hear that people in Sierra Leone are downloading the app and encourage anyone who is living with viral hepatitis or any chronic disease to use LiverWELL,” said Andree Dolby a project officer at Hepatitis Victoria.

The beauty of the LiverWELL app is that it was first tested by people who are living with hepatitis and managing medications and treatment.

“The app was reviewed on what it could offer in regards supporting people living with hepatitis and also in regards how user friendly it was,” said Ms Dolby.

“User feedback then helped to inform on any changes to be made and to fine tune the end product,” she said.

The LiverWELL app is user friendly and empowering because it allows people:

  • To find out the most up to date information about living with viral hepatitis
  • To manage their treatments,
  • Reminds them to take medications,
  • To schedule and attend appointments,
  • And allows them to store test results
  • And to record any personal stories about their health

General practitioners in Australia advocate use of LiverWELL app as a practical tool to assist people in being organised, informed and managing their health.

Currently LiverWELL is available for android and Apple smartphones in English with translation of main functions in Arabic, Chinese and Vietnamese.

Download the app here and watch the simple ‘how to use’ videos.


  1. How great the world is today! You can manage or eliminate any types of diseases affecting human beings. Thanks to the Australian Scientist, Sierra Leone also will try to manage its hepatitis types. Thanks for the person who invented the treatment and thanks to the way in which it is used and how to get it off our minds.

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