Freetown Mayor Aki-Sawyerr and Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf speak about Africa governance on Aljazeera

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 January 2021:

Last Monday, Mayor of Freetown – Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr, together with former president of Liberia – Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, and Botswana’s Minister of Investment, Trade and Industry – Bogolo Joy Kenewendo spoke with Aljazeera presenter – Femi Oke about governance and leadership in Africa.

Their discussions focused on the latest Ibrahim Index of African Governance Report which shows a decline in governance in Africa for the first time since 2010.

They also spoke about the challenges faced by the continent’s leaders, the successes rarely seen on the news, the failures that are often reported on the news, and the creative leadership that is needed in response to these challenges.

You can watch the show here:


  1. Here we go – Madam Sawyer holding her own among the brightest minds in Africa. Her words on the issues being broadly discussed were precise, well articulated and fully informative. She emphasized the need for our leaders to take their obligations and responsibilities to the youths very seriously, something I have never heard coming directly from State House. I hope those buffoons were taking notes and highlighting the valid points and arguments she was making on the world stage with the greatest of ease.

    Its people like Madam Sawyer that have been enhancing the reputation of Sierra Leone abroad, not the criminal SLPP do nothing Cabal, that is overcrowded with freeloading doctorate degree hoodlums and thugs.(lol) The mayor is a woman of her word, she does what she says she will do unlike our procrastinating potbelly old soldier; and she looks and acts the part of a great leader that goes out of her way to make her subordinates and city look very good. I have no doubts that my city is in capable hands. Salute!

  2. The decline in African good governance since 2010 doesn’t come as a surprise. If improvements in standard of living, the respect of the rule of law, and free press are the benchmarks by which African government’s are judged , we have a long way to go. Especially in Bio’s Sierra Leone. Governments or public institutions, are judged on the basis of how to reallocate public resources for the good of the many, not the few. That decision making process by which these decisions are implemented, or not implemented, should constitute leadership with sound judgement and commitment to see them through. That is the only way you can pull it off. Evidently taken together, its lacking in today’s Sierra Leone.

    Since 2010, Africa has experienced changes, and challenges never seen in the history of the continent. There has been change of governments in countries like Libya, Liberia, Gambia, Egypt, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Tunisia, Zimbabwe, and many more. By far, Gambia is the only country that seems to have dumped their psychopathic dictator Yayah Jammeh, and on the right track to development. Libya is engaged in civil war. And the vast majority are buried deep in the sea of corruption. So no surprises to the findings of the Mo Ibrahim foundation.

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