Is Sierra Leone’s democracy at a crossroad? Watch the debate live today sunday on AYV TV

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 April 2018:

By the time the parliament of Sierra Leone settles down to business, it will be on the back of the most dramatic twists and turns we have ever witnessed.

It all started with dual nationality fight that locked out many MP aspirants; it graduated to symbols rejection; and then after the ballot, it culminated in the court injunctions that demanded 16 MPs not to be sworn in.

It wasn’t over yet… Postponement upon postponement for the first session of the 5th parliament of the 2nd republic. A battle for supremacy between the SLPP ‘s Hon. Paran Tarawally and the APC’ s SBB Dumbuya all geared towards who gets the Speaker post.

And then history was made, in an unprecedented move the police went into the Well and evicted all 68 APC MPs. Was that a violation of the immunity clause? Is democracy under threat? Will the APC MPs return to Parliament and take the oath?

Find out this Sunday as Samuel Wise Bangura interfaces with the key players: APC Cornelius Deveaux, SLPP Hindolo Gevao, Lawyer Francis Gabiddon and Lawyer Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai.

So Tune in at 7pm today, Sunday 29 April 2018 to channel 33, FM 101.6, or download the AYV Mobile App.

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  1. We want people who can interpret the constitution properly to all Sierra Leoneans, about the injunction and the expulsion of the APC MPs in the well of parliament. oh fellow country men let’s love ourselves. This game is only for this world and not hereafter.

  2. A battle for supremacy between SLPP and APC for Speaker of Parliament has resulted in them publicly disgracing Our nation. Two wrongs cannot make a right. Our political culture in Sierra Leone has imposed threats and divided our hearts, while millions of people are suffering immensely.

    Greed and hatred for one another has led to high mistrust between politicians. Violating laws as they feel and fighting for their own interest whilst the majority are at STAKE OF SURVIVAL. Beware! The people of Sierra Leone is watching. This is the time to work together for the interests of the people. Remember that we employed YOU.

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