Is this desperate attempt to cover up president Bio’s breach of property lease agreement?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 16 December 2019:

Following the publication in the Sierra Leone Telegraph last week, of serious allegations of breach of lease agreement and abuse of power, made by the landlord of a property leased to Sierra Leone’s president Julius Maada Bio and his wife, the saga has taken a new turn for the worse as the landlord continues to fight for justice.

The Law Firm – Ngakui and Partners, which until his recent appointment to join the Bio-led government as Director of Public Prosecutions was headed by the owner of the firm – Lawyer Ngakui, has joined the fray by writing a letter to Mr Quinton Terry, informing him that he has no right to the property, nor is he the landlord, despite the lease agreement and the will of the deceased owner of the property, stating otherwise.

The Power of Attorney granted by an executor of the deceased’s Will, clearly empowers Mr. Quinton Terry to act as landlord. And in so doing, in 2016 president Bio and Mrs. Fatima Bio quite rightly signed the property lease agreement with Mr Quinton Terry.

But a letter written by Ngakui and Partners, published on social media last Friday, which it seems was never delivered to Mr Quinton Terry by Ngakui and Partners, says that the Firm is now acting on behalf of the lady in London (Dianne Terry) to whom president Bio it appears, wrongfully paid the last yearly lease payment and now acting as the landlord, effectively cutting out Mr. Quinton Terry as Landlord.

This is the letter written by Ngakui and Partners to Mr. Quinton Terry last Wednesday, which Mr. Quinton Terry says he has not received, but was instead posted on social media immediately after the story was published by the Sierra Leone Telegraph last Friday. They are now threatening legal action against Mr Quinton Terry on behalf of the president and Mrs Bio:

But today, Monday 16 December 2019, Mr Quinton Terry is standing his ground. He has issued the following press statement, as this saga continues, with all its damaging impact on the presidency, State House and Sierra Leone’s ability to convince the international community and foreign investors that, there is no impunity in the country today, and that the government is taking corruption, abuse of office, and law and order very seriously:

To: Ngakui & Partners, 1st Floor, 5 George Street, Freetown, December 16, 2019

My attention has been drawn to a letter posted on social media, purporting to have been sent to 3A Gabriel Street, Freetown for my attention. Let me state categorically that no such letter was either delivered to the above address nor received by anyone at that address.

Your response to my press release of Friday December 6, 2019 totally ignored the simple claim of “Breach of Contract” perpetrated by the lessees of the said property, which you unwittingly did not address. My claim is that payments under the lease agreement for the year 2017-2018 was paid to Diane Terry by the lessee, as per receipt in my possession.

Now, we know that your firm collected payment for the year 2018-2019. Therefore, based on the lease agreement with the lessees, both your firm and Diane Terry unlawfully collected payment which were supposed to have been paid to Mr. Quinton Terry as Attorney for the Terence Terry Estate at 32a Juba Hill, Freetown.

Let me remind you at this juncture that the issue you raised in your letter of beneficiaries to the estate does not in any way preclude the lessees from their obligation to abide by the lease agreement.

Also, it may interest you to know that the issue of entitlement and beneficiaries to the said property was litigated in the High Court of Sierra Leone in 2010, with presiding Judge Justice Eku Roberts. Judgment in that case was for the estate against Diane Terry; that the property in question should be leased out and proceeds used solely to educate the grandchildren, as per the Will.

It was against this backdrop that the said property was leased in June 2016. At that point, the Executor of the property, due to his absence in Sierra Leone decided to give Power of Attorney to Quinton Terry for the said property. Clearly the date of 16 August 2019 when the so-called Administration of the said property was carried out, post-dated the lease agreement which expired in June 2019.

Therefore, your assertion that my tenure of Power of Attorney for the property of Terence Terry has been revoked is ludicrous, devoid of facts and grossly undermine the Rule of Law in Sierra Leone. I stand by my press release of Friday December 6, 2019 (END OF STATEMENT)

Signed: Quniton Terry, Attorney for Terence Terry Estate


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Saidu, my family wishes you a happy and blessed New Year 2020.SO MANY ENEMIES LISTED HERE,AND SAIDU CONTEH DEFEATED THEM ALL.Hahahaha.Detractors,or enemies call it what you like GreatSayedna defeated every single one of them.hahahaha.Best wishes,my good friend.

  2. Tempus fugit – its an ancient Latin phrase meaning,”Time Flies”.A whole year comprising of over 365 yesterdays gone,never to be seen again;Indeed Time,and Tide wait for no man. Whatever we have enjoyed or suffered in 2019, now becomes memories, whatever we have passed will not be seen again.Newer victories, challenges,and experiences await us in 2020.

    It has been said by the ancient ones,that the weight,and value of Gratitude,equals those of Love when measured equally, together on the scale of divine virtues.So,without further delay, I will like to wish the Honorable Members of the APC, and SLPP in the peoples parliament a Merry Christmas,and a Happy New Year.

    Gentlemen,thank you for the contributions you have made in the interest of progress for our beloved Sierra Leone.

    Now,to my friends, and brothers on this glorious forum, Alimamy, “the Incomparable” Turay,Brahim the King,Matturi the “Sharp-witted”, the brilliant Young4na, and the man himself – “Mr Intelligent” Oluwale John, I thank them sincerely for their candid insights and contributions on matters of great urgency and importance on this forum,and wish them also a Merry Christmas,and a Happy New Year.

    Well,as the year 2019 gallops to its end, and because Saidu Conteh enjoys,and cherishes being magnanimous; I would also take this opportunity to wish my detractors, Caterpillars dressed in green(lol) a Merry Christmas,and a Happy New Year. Gentlemen – Mr Anthony Moiba,Alusine Fallay,Fanday Turner,Tamba Komba,Kemoh Brima,Sathkie Sorie,Bilal Coleman,David Makavelli,Abdulai Mansaray, Emmanuel Yongai Tucker,Maxwell Backarr, and lady Aminata Conteh…I thank you for your consistent efforts,in the promotion,and enhancement of free,and liberal speech in Sierra Leone,my one,and only Home…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  3. As Existence gently rolls another year to its eventual end,like a carpet meant to be tucked away,forever out of sight.We celebrate the end of 2019,with great enthusiasm,and joy.

    I would like to use this opportunity,to congratulate our diligent Statesman,and true patriot,the incomparable, Honorable Abdul Rashid Thomas for his exemplary efforts,in keeping the Sierra Leone Telegraph, authentic, fully informative, and unbiased.

    Sir,no one needs to tell me that a practical,down to earth, and no nonsense man like yourself is heading at the speed of light towards Greatness. Your efforts speak volumes in this regard. And so,without further ado,allow me to wish you and your lovely family,a Merry,Happy Christmas,Sir,and a bright,and prosperous New Year….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Mr Saidu Conteh – I thank you very much for those kind words and best wishes; and I too, would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year my dear brother. You have certainly made your mark as one of the most prolific commentators on this forum, and I wish you well. God bless.

  4. Maybe after 50 billion years for God’s intervention. Since independence we have waited for this so called God intervention.

  5. This isn’t good news for our President. He needs to take time out to address the issue at hand, and clarify things for the general public, before his image as President becomes tarnished. Why cant he just sit down and have a friendly chat with Mr Quinton and sort things out? This kind of attitude is bad for the image of our country.

    • Brahim, such sentiments have been expressed before but no one responded to them. I am responding to this because I see some sincerity in your sentiments. Bro’ the president should not give this any attention at-all. He should carry on with state matters. There are ways to fix the ethical concerns I envisage you are expressing. I am not a political scientist but two terminologies are involved here. We have the ontological and the deontological approach of dealing with issues pertaining to ethics.

      These are simple principles that should have been taught in secondary schools in Salone. Majority of Saleoneans were not taught the humanities in school. Today they are not equipt to understand or discuss issues like this. The corrupt leaders stole and ate the children’s money that should have been spent to educate them. Worst of it the ignoramous (School children now adults) blindly put their lives on the line defending the very people who put them in this predicament. This is the sad and pathetic story of Salone. This has to stop.

      If you have a president who has started this fight with corruption, do you support him or allow the former status quo to continue infinitum? What many people are not getting is that attorney Terry is trying to or has already blackmailed the president using digital space. If he was a patriotic Saleonean, he would have used the court system to get his client’s money. He is not about the money. He is about blackmail, distraction, conspiracy and other ulterior motives

  6. The reason for this problem is simple. Investigative journalism is dead and gone in Sierra Leone. The role of the press medium is to investigate leads, news, events and information before releasing to the public.

    • “The reason for this problem is simple. Investigative journalism is dead and gone in Sierra Leone. The role of the press medium is to investigate leads, news, events and information before releasing to the public,” says a man named Mo. Lol

      Hey Mo, there is no place for low intelligence in this platform, Lol. You want to be spoonfed by journalists; where is your common sense. There is nothing in this story for investigative journalists my friend beyond what the editor of the Telegraph has presented to us. It is up to the Bio’s and the daughter of the deceased to publish a rebuttal if they wish.

      You ‘Paoppa Greengoes’ will blame everyone including the media for your shortcomings. Please leave the media alone and go tell your corrupt and tyranical president WHO IS ABUSING HIS OFFICE to pay up the rent he owes Mr Terry. Lol

  7. Lord have mercy. One of the MOST allegedly corrupt Sierra Leonean judges EKU ROBERTS, is mentioned in this debacle. We need divine intervention, so help me God!! In the interest of freedom of information (FOI), where is EKU ROBERTS now?

    • “Lord have mercy. One of the MOST allegedly corrupt Sierra Leonean judges EKU ROBERTS, is mentioned in this debacle. We need divine intervention, so help me God!! In the interest of freedom of information (FOI), where is EKU ROBERTS now?,” says another PAOPA GREENGO. Lol

      Tamba, in the interest of freedom of information (FOI), can you present us with your evidence showing that Justice Eku Roberts is corrupt? No, you cannot can you; A SHAMELESS GREENGO THERE spouting off and blaming everyone but the power thirsty, gun toting prezo. Lol


    • Olu, in your response above,you hit below the belt. I am apolitical. In your delivery, you went on, “…can you present us with your evidence showing that Justice Eku Roberts is corrupt? No, you cannot can you?” Yes, I can.I can present you and your justice (in court), a quid pro quo evidence that he, Eku Roberts is corrupt.

      This is an open invitation in case he wants to file legal briefs for what he thinks is slander. One corruption he and his cohorts publicly displayed was the acquittal of your former president Koroma. It tells me there was no constitutional lawyer amongst the bunch or they are utterly corrupt.

      “A SHAMELESS GREENGO THERE spouting off and blaming everyone …”–Oluwale went on. SHAMELESS GREENGO as shameless greengo rightly puts it but this time you are spouting malodorous cry to your mentors to bring back APC. What about that?

  8. “I respect your views Mr. Chelan on this matter but I disagree with you entirely on the notion of waiting for answers. Why ask so many questions and waiting for answers whilst the facts are there? Let’s put all those questions which are a waste of time aside and work with the facts. With the facts, justice will be done. PERIOD”-Sahr Matturi

    What are the facts in this matter Mansa Maturi? Have you ever heard that in law, the fact in issues and the fact though not in issues but can help the investigators to get to the fact in issues are considered. In a law man term it is called the circumstantial evidence. I will tell you in the second paragraph below as to why I am mentioning this.

    The fact is that the Bios have not renegaded on the Lease agreement as affirmed by Mr Quinton Terry who said that he is in possession of the receipt for payment by The Bio to Madam Diana Terry the mother of the beneficiaries and the rightful daughter of Terence Terry the Testator in this matter.

    Trust and Contract law are mostly civil matter that do not meet the same threshold as a criminal matter, do you agree with that Mansa Sahr Maturi? If you do not, I will give you a hint. In a criminal matter, for a party to be found culpable, the prosecuting party has to prove his case or complaint beyond a reasonable doubt. In a civil matter the proof of burden is based on a balance of probability (which are mostly drawn from circumstantial evidence or fact although not in issue but help to lead to the fact in issue). Therefore it implies that if the lessor in this matter (The Bios) has any suspicion that the executor with whom they entered into contract for the lease of this property is not mentioned or named in the trust (in this case the will) it is foolhardy on them to continue to deal with him because it would be at their detriment.

    The most important fact is that the beneficiaries are not in dispute as stated by both Mr Quinton Terry and the Lawyer for the Lessee (the Bio).

    What is so suspicious and it is not a fact in this matter is that Judge Eku Robert (one of the judges that ruled in the Sam Sumana vs the constitution of Sierra Leone, that the President can sack his deputy contrary to the dictates of the constitution of contrary) is again involved in this case to allow an Executor to appoint a secondary Executor, something that is done only by the court after looking into the totality of a case of breach brought before it by either the Testator or the beneficiaries of a trust.

    In simple language Mansa Maturi, you can ask a legal mind in your neighborhood, it was legally wrong for Justice Eku Robert to allow the Executor of a deceased Testator to appoint a secondary Executor to a Trust. Situation like this is what the drafters of the law foresaw to make the law in such a way that it is only the court that has such powers.

    Have you pondered over why would Terence Terry the Testator not make his junior brother Quinton Terry the executor of his will? That is the fact you have to consider even if you do not what to Mansa. That is the essence of why you and I went to school to sometimes think out of the box even if the result of our thinking is not to our liking. It is called the economic importance of a subject.

    • “What is so suspicious and it is not a fact in this matter is that Judge Eku Robert (one of the judges that ruled in the Sam Sumana vs the constitution of Sierra Leone, that the President can sack his deputy contrary to the dictates of the constitution of contrary) is again involved in this case to allow an Executor to appoint a secondary Executor, something that is done only by the court after looking into the totality of a case of breach brought before it by either the Testator or the beneficiaries of a trust.” —Manga

      Thank you very much, Yei. That is a very valuable input.

  9. Great development.Sierra Leoneans are the winners in this debacle. I smell a family feud here. The Terrys are at war. The ‘yuki yuki’ will, the yuki yuki court system during the yuki yuki days of yuki yuki Salone are the epitome of the culture of corruption.

    What is the structure of the truth in this matter? What makes clear the foundations of this debacle? What are the rules of correct engagement? All these questions wandered my mind because in Sierra Leone, people can make the true a lie and a lie the truth.

    Let me digress for a second since I do not belong to the yuki yuki school of thought. As civilians, the Bios came to realize ‘certain truths’ of the said property. As true, well meaning human-beings, the Bios applied the universal law and defiled the lower yuki yuki local law papers. Bravo!! (Some might say Marda Bio is not a good example for Salone; but remember, sometimes human-beings do change for the better and therefore, innocence can be restored).

    The Bios do not belong to the Terry family. Whoever is trying to detract any good cause in the country should be dealt with the full force of the laws of the country. My little caveat and emphasis is on the INTENT of the individual(s) or News outlets.

  10. “S. J. Koroma— This is no SLPP Matter my friend. Same hatred, I think you are missing or confussing the topic.” With all due respect, I am forced to conclude that you have inadequacies in reading and comprehension. Goodness gracious; please do me a favor, if you cannot use simple logic to connect metaphoric statements being relayed by me or any participant in this platform, simply ask questions before making delusional conclusions exposing your inadequacies.

    Since you seem to be at total lost, let me explain things in layman’s terms here for you. The topic here is your leader (I guess your god) failing to abide by a lease contract signed by him and his wife. After paying the initial rent to the lessor (Mr. Terry), for reasons only known to them – Mr. and Mrs. Bio, decided to clandestinely deal with someone else, ignoring the very legal contract that they have agreed to and appended their signatures on. The lessor (Mr Terry) has utilized all possible avenues to establish a dialogue with them but to no avail. He is being looked at with disdain and contempt.

    So with such arrogant and lawless behavior coming from your god, do you expect level headed people to worship him like you have chosen to do? If you have surrendered your own capacity to think for yourself S. J. Koroma, don’t expect others to follow suit.

    President Bio is a mere mortal my brother, yes, he is our current leader. However, he is elected to serve Sierra Leoneans, not terrorize and trample upon citizens’ rights. If you guys in the SLPP camp are ok with him doing whatever he chooses — like he has been doing for sometime now, the entire nation will not settle for such, sir.

    • Keep it up, Young4na! You are not alone. We are behind you. For the truth, and only the truth … we shall be with you.

  11. Sierra Leoneans are the best copycats in the world, I suspect that since the President of the USA has been accused of Abuse of Office , cover up and bribery, the typical Sierra Leonean doesn’t want to be left behind and now they are trying to copy from the USA.
    President Bio and his lovely wife First Lady Fatima Bio are now focused on transforming our nation especially by building the confidence and self esteem of our girls through the HANDS OFF OUR GIRLS CAMPAIGN so they need no distractions.
    Thanks to Mr. Mike Chelan’s comment who seems to have a legal background so he knows exactly what he is talking about unlike most of us. The Terry Family seems to be having an internal crisis and are seriously fighting over the property of a deadman .
    Finally there is a Krio proverb that states- “ Nor abhope pa die man shoe, buy you Yone na Bata way go fit you.” PLEASE STOP DISTRACTING OUR PRESIDENT.

    • Who is distracting him? May be his chief Minister. Hunger is killing the people and you are talking about distraction. Maada needs to go develop Bonthe; at least then he cant afford to deceive or disappoint his own people.

  12. A man’s true character is like smoke,it cannot be contained, controlled,and restrained from ever spreading,and soaring unabated for all to see,trace,and examine the sources leading to the fires,that first created it.

    As it is the nature of smoke to emit particulates,and airborne gases,so also it is the disposition of men,that their hidden disreputable characteristics must needs be revealed to a credulous,gullible, unsuspecting world,and for the purposes of scrutiny,and curiosity,by diligent, enquiring minds.

    Indeed time reveals all things to those patient enough to endure long,and tedious hours of laborious waiting.I said it countless times before,that it was only a matter of time for this President to reveal his true,deceptive colors…only a matter of time for him to take off his specious,pretentious mask,and show us what he really looks like.(lol)And to be fair I have to admit,he didn’t disappoint us at all.(lol)

    My predictions that sooner or later he was bound to show us his shady ways,was right on the money. Now,you can all call me a Prophet! (lol)And by the way,

    In case these caterpillars are not aware,unlawful occupation, or possession of someone’s property is a serious criminal offence.The malicious intention by the First family to cheat, harass,shortchanged bully,intimidate,and defraud the rightful custodian of the property in question,is obvious, and very clear.

    And to make matters worse instead of seeking out amicable solutions,they are hiring lawyers totally lacking in good sense of judgement,and discretion to confront and intimidate Mr Terry into submission to their shady,unscrupulous ways.

    Mr Quinton Terry – Hold the Line Sir! Do not flinch,or move an inch.Fight them with all your might.In rain,and sunshine,come hell or highwater,resist them until the end. Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  13. It’s a pity to read about our President in such a corrupt MESS/SCANDAL. Why can’t the President address this issue?
    This SCANDAL if not resolved quickly, will be DAMMING to his PRESIDENCY and LEGACY – fighting CORRUPTION. I also share my HEARTFELT SYMPATHY for the FIRST LADY for being drawn into this MESS. Our FIRST LADIES normally, don’t appear on NEWSPAPER FRONT PAGE when it comes to SCANDALS or CORRUPTION. I don’t think that has ever happened in the past. Correct me if I am wrong.

    The President just have to come out CLEAN and address the situation. Staying silent will just give more ammunition to his opponents to TANGLE him. My personal conclusion is, only the President and the First Lady can save themselves because they know what happened. They must act quickly and right now if possible because, the issue is becoming a ‘LOT GRAB’.

    GOD guide the President and the First Lady to make the right decision and come out of this SCANDAL and MESS.

  14. Something is not right here. In my contribution to the first publication on this issue, I rhetorically stated that, the Editor could have done us his numerous readers a favour if he had contacted Miss Diane Terry, the mother of the two beneficiaries to the Will of late Terrence Terry and also the two lawyers Mr Yada Williams and Johnston. Nothing has been done in that direction less praying on the positions of the lessees in this matter who happened to be the first gentleman and lady of our country. What is glaringly been displayed it seems is that we embarrassed them using the position they hold, and they will bulged.

    The entire story has revealed that the Bio’s have not failed to meet thier obligation in the contract. However, they are caught up in a complex legal wriggling between the beneficiaries of a will and a secondary executor of the trust.

    In the law of trust under the common law, a trustee or a beneficiary of a trust if he discovers that the executor of the trust has taken action that is or are contrary to the instructions given in the will or if the executor does not carry out the requirements set forth in the will or otherwise harms the asset of the estate, the beneficiaries can challenge the actions of the executor in a probate court and if found guilty, the executor can be held liable to fiduciary duty. Further it is important for us all following this story to not that the appointment of an executor is one of the testator’s
    major decisions in the drafting of his will and generally receive the same judicial protection as the deposition of the will.

    In this case the beneficiaries are minors which makes their mother Ms Diane Terry legible to make important legal decisions on thier behalf.

    The question that need answers are, who is the primary executor of the late Terence Terry’s will for this property? Why did the beneficiaries and the primary executor go to court in 2010? Why did the primary executor transfer his fiduciary duty to a secondary executor in this case to Mr Quintine Terry when in law it is the court who appoints a secondary executor if the primary executor is unable to perform his fiduciary duty given to him by the testator? Why would the Bio’s pay two different rents to the Attorney of the beneficiaries who was not a party to the initial lease agreement? If Mr Quintine Terry has receipts for the second payment made to Ms Diane Terry, why is he not legally pursuing Ms Diane Terry to hand over the amount to him but rather to wait until the leasee becomes president and he sends his quary letters to newspapers to fight the case for him?

    While we look to find answers to these questions and many more surrounding this saga, it is prudent that we separate politics from a legal issue which predates the coming into political office of one of the parties to this legal issues, in this case the Bio,’s. It becomes egregious and flagrant on us to blackmail the Bio’s to pay double to an attorney who was never appointed or recognised by a deceased testator as a secondary executor of his will to which his grandchildren are the beneficiaries.

    • Mr Chelan. You are seriously over-thinking the points of law involved in this matter. Please step back and focus on the facts. The Sierra Leone Telegraph has seen all of the legal documents pertaining to this case including the Will, the power of attorney granted to Mr Quinton Terry by the executor of the will, the judgement passed by the court in 2010, and the lease agreement signed between the Bio’s and Mr Quinton Terry.

      And after thorough examination of these documents it seems there is prima facie evidence of breach of the lease agreement which must now be looked into by a court of law for judgement. I am sure you would like to see that justice is served, would you not?

    • I respect your views Mr. Chelan on this matter but I disagree with you entirely on the notion of waiting for answers. Why ask so many questions and waiting for answers whilst the facts are there? Let’s put all those questions which are a waste of time aside and work with the facts. With the facts, justice will be done. PERIOD. Remember, I love and admire the President and the First Lady but, will never side them or any other POLITICIAN when it comes to CORRUPTION.

      Moreover, it does not matter to me whether this SCANDAL and MESS predates the President coming into office. He is now the President of the REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE. He should lead by example. Do you recognize that Mr. Chelan? What matters is that, justice must be done with the facts (the will and other documents relating to the land and the lease).

      Don’t tell me to go through PORT LOKO to FREETOWN to carry out an EMERGENCY OPERATION on a CARDIAC PATIENT at CONNAUGHT HOSPITAL when I could easily take the FERRY to TAGRIN or GOVERNMENT WHARF. Does that makes SENSE Mr. Chelan? Finally, paying money to two different individuals for a LAND or LEASE is BOGUS and a FRAUD. This is just COMMON SENSE. GOD BLESS Mr. Chelan.

  15. Interesting development indeed. The all hype “law and order ” president showing off one of his perfected skills—bulldozing at anything standing his way to get what he want. If the president was shrewd enough to decimate every viable opponent seeking the SLPP, through dogmatic, mafia resemblance tactics, along with flouting existing rules in the SLPP constitutions which mandated a stepping aside of any flagbearer who failed a presidential attempt, what else could he not do now that he is the supreme leader of the land?

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