It takes collective effort of all Sierra Leoneans to make the country attractive – says president Bio

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 March 2021:

President Julius Maada Bio yesterday told Sierra Leoneans living in Senegal that it is the collective effort of all Sierra Leoneans to make the country attractive.

President Bio was speaking during a town hall meeting with a cross section of members of the Sierra Leone Union in Senegal, where he explained the strides made so far by his Government.

“We have had a very bad image of our country. There is still that old narrative about Sierra Leone,” the President said.

He said that the many reasons for the flight of Sierra Leoneans to other countries are now being addressed by his government.

Explaining the strides made so far, President Bio spoke about the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) qualification after two years in governance for which he said Sierra Leoneans should be proud.

“The Hon. Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh was here with a team of Ministers in Senegal to understudy their MCC development and implementation because they have qualified for it twice”.

The President spoke about the significant gains the First Lady’s ‘Hands off our Girls’ campaign is having in the country – the protection of girls.

He said that his government is paying for over two million children to be in school, and are being fed through the school feeding program.

He warned his audience against acts of human trafficking which he said is punishable by law. “Your general comportment has been said to be good by the Ambassador, and I urge you to live as a family here – in unity and capacitate yourselves as well”.

The president spoke about the 300 trafficked Sierra Leoneans who were rescued in Lebanon during his visit.


  1. If you are a Sierra Leonean or you are visiting Sierra leone for tourism or business, find a way to talk to your parliamentarian or someone in authority and help them understand that your civil liberty and right to privacy may be violated if the Cyber Crime bill of 2020 is enacted and implemented without strong data protection and privacy laws, basic foundational IT Standards, IT Policies, and IT Guideless to guide how government systems are developed and operationalized in a safe and secure manner.

  2. What our President should be doing at this crucial time is to save unnecessary travel expenses and stay at home which is what most responsible Leaders are doing. We are getting fed up with this gallivanting when meetings can be done using technology like zoom. There are lots of problems at home that our President should be focusing on to get the country moving and just too many to list here.

  3. Did he think of coming together to make Sierra Leone attractive? Wait and see a million men and women for your injustice and nepotism Regime. A president who kills his own citizens and call them terrorist.

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