Kandeh Yumkella wins petition hearing – NEC says he can contest elections

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 January 2018

Sierra Leone’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) has today declared, after a hearing lasting just one hour, that Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella is free to contest parliamentary elections due on 7th of March, as there is insufficient evidence brought forward by the ruling APC party petitioner – Mr. Abu Bakarr Sankoh.

Reporting for the Sierra Leone Telegraph from Kambia, Alusine  Kamara said that the petition hearing which took place at the Kambia Court Barray, started at about 4.20pm and concluded just after 5pm, following a series of time wasting shenanigans by the ruling APC pettier and their lawyers.

Both the petitioner – Mr. Abu Bakarr Sankoh and Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella’s representative presented their evidence and made their arguments to the NEC officials, in what at times appeared to be a heated exchange between the NEC officials and the ruling APC petitioner, Alusine Kamara reported.

Today’s unprecedented ruling by the NEC comes, following an objection filed by the ruling APC party, claiming that Dr. Yumkella is ineligible to contest the constituency election in his place of birth – Kychum in the northern district of Kambia.

According to the ruling APC, Dr. Yumkella contravened the country’s Constitution at the time he registered to vote in Kychum Kambia a few months ago, by holding a dual nationality, an allegation Dr. Yumkella and his NGC party have strongly refuted, calling it “an attempt to deny Dr. Yumkella his birthright as a Sierra Leonean to exercise his civil liberty and constitutional right”.

Immediately after the ruling, there was jubilation outside the court, as supporters of Dr. Yumkella took to the streets in celebration.

But the judgement leaves room for an appeal at the Headquarters of NEC in Freetown. It remains to be seen whether the ruling APC will pursue an appeal to simply drag this matter right up to the Supreme Court, so as to scupper the NGC election campaign.

This is the ruling of the NEC:


  1. This is a ploy to silence vibrant opposition, rendering them functionless and voiceless so that the corrupt govt will continue to destroy the precious life and future of decent, innocent, peace loving citizens. God Willing, enemies of progress will never succeed in deterring the effort of visionary leaders, such as the astute Dr. Yumkellah. Posterity will definitely judge us all.

  2. You know what’s sad in all this? The ruling party isn’t even concerned about the very people they claim to work for, but instead are focused on trying to intimidate opponents. If you’ve done a great job, it will speak for itself, otherwise, get the hell out and let someone else try.

    Ten years of nonsense is not welcome anymore. Inventory time guys, go search your souls, and let us know what you find. Dr. KKY, congratulations and good luck. May the good Lord always shelter you from all evil. Cheers.

  3. The APC may think they are smart with their 99% tactics but they have missed this one. They initially said that they were not targeting anyone but exercising caution by not awarding symbols to dual nationals for parliament. But suddenly they now have an interest in this matter concerning KKY’s nomination and have been working behind the scenes to ensure that this fine gentleman is stopped in his tracks.

    I was not a fan of KKY but this intense drama has got my attention looking back at how they illegally removed the vice president and suddenly they are the great respecter of the law what a joke. KKY should be assured that the people of this country are firmly behind him and any underhand tactics will be met with a stiff resistance.

    Let the APC focus on fixing the dangerous potholes in front of Youyi building which houses government departments and the start of Hananh Benka Coker street and others before they leave office – before we vote you out Tolongbo.

  4. The APC party haven’t seen anything yet. This is just the beginning. They will go out of the track clamorously demonstrating.

  5. May the all mighty God continue to protect and bless Dr Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella. Father all mighty am calling on you to use your power massively to control the people of Sierra Leone to vote wisely on the 7the march !

  6. APC should really be ashamed of themselves for harassing this young man. I am not a supporter of Dr. Kandeh Yumkella but Sierra Leone needs a man like him in the political process. His knowledge and wealth of experience are invaluable to Sierra Leone. Why would the APC want to bring a man like Yumkella down?

    This whole nonsense about dual citizenship and its constitutional relevance in politics and elections is carefully being exploited by Ernest Koroma for the sole purpose of stopping Yumkella. The thought of Yumkella winning the Western Area and being competitive in the North is causing sleepless nights in the APC camp. Too bad but APC are going to get knocked out of any consideration for the second round of balloting. Viva Sierra Leone.

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