We will continue to work towards victory in the March 2018 elections – says NGC

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 January 2018:

Today’s NEC ruling on the attempt by the APC party to prevent Dr kandeh Yumkella from contesting the forthcoming elections, has been met with a calm and measured response from the bosses at the National Grand Coalition party office in Freetown.  Kandeh Yumkella will contest the elections, says NEC.

Addressing its supporters and members, this is the NGC’s reaction to today’s ruling:

“The National Grand Coalition (NGC) wishes to inform its members and supporters that the National Electoral Commission (NEC) office in Kambia District, has rejected the objection filed against Dr. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella by Mr. Abu Bakarr Sankoh and upheld the provisional nomination of Dr Yumkella as a candidate for constituency 62 parliamentary elections.

“In his decision, District Returning Officer Umaru Fomba noted that “Having looked at the objection before me and with reference to both sections 76 (1a) and 63 (Act No.4) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone  and the Public Elections Act of 2012 respectively, I have considered the explanations submitted in support of the objection and I have concluded that the evidence is insufficient to reverse the provisional nomination of Yumkella Kandeh Kolleh.”*
“The NGC had all along been convinced that the objection was frivolous and without merit and an attempt to deprive the electorate of their right to choose a candidate of their choice.

“We also believe that the objection was simply meant to divert attention and prevent the public from focusing on the terrible record of the APC government.

“We therefore urge all our members and supporters to continue to work towards an NGC victory in the March 2018 elections.”


  1. Victory for the 2018 election N G C…..united we stand , Touch One Touch All …… N G C we need a change for sierra leone…

  2. Another battle won but the war rages on until the 7th of March 2018 when ordinary people,who are in the majority, cast their vote to decide whether they want to break from the past or not.

    In the absence of any reliable survey,one can only go by one’s guts feeling that the majority of voters sincerely want to break away from APC and SLPP dominance which has only visited grief on them most of the time.

    In preparing for the decisive battle on the 7th of March,NGC have to ensure,without an iota of doubt, that the voting system is unconditionally fool proof or else the APC that I know will engineer a victory by the most clandestine means ever experienced in the country.

    Without the aid of any analytical tools, a huge reliance has to be placed on observing the political atmosphere to draw any foresight analysis of the pending elections. But APC already know that constituency 62 is out of reach for them because of Kandeh.The reality of this must be resonating in the innermost councils of the party,where the question has to be, is it the beginning of the end?

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