Kashor Holland Cole is re-arrested as bail is rescinded

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 August 2019:

The Sierra Leone Telegraph has just learnt tonight, that the opposition APC politician and chairman of Sierra Leone’s Western Area Rural District Council has this evening been re-arrested, after he was granted bail this afternoon. He will be spending the night at the notorious Pademba Road Prison.

Is this retributive justice?

According to tonight’s report received from Awareness Times staff, chairman Kasho Cole will be spending the night at Pademba Road Prisons, because the Court Registrar said that the property document provided by the surety (‘Ose-Book’), should have been accompanied by evidence showing it was legitimately built.

However, by the time the required documents were taken to the courts, the Registrar had packed up and gone home. Mr. Kasho Cole will tonight spend the night behind bars.

This afternoon, Thursday, 15th August 2019, bail condition was set at Two Hundred Million Leones and one Surety resident in Western Area with landed property documents (ose-book).

Kasho Holland Cole (Photo) was this afternoon released, after submitting the cash and surety.

But the chairman for Western Area Rural District Council (WARDC) – one of the largest Local Government Councils in the country, will be spending the night at Pademba Road at the pleasure of a justice system many believe to be seriously wired against the opposition parties.

Kashor is charged with 22 counts of riotous conduct and destruction of property, along with 23 other opposition APC politicians, including the party’s Deputy Organising Secretary and 73 year old Victor Doherty Remoe who was yesterday granted bail on grounds of ill-health.

Kashor is being represented by lawyer Emmanuel Saffa Abdulai.


  1. The gruesome, horrific, dirty tactics of the SLPP have always been designed to target anyone and everyone who is against their backward, substandard, regressive ways of thinking. Their alarming mean spirited political vendettasand hateful agendas are no longer disguised and veiled as before, behind acts of patriotism and well meaning gestures, but can now be clearly seen and heard like loud trumpets from their strange, daily tribalistic pronouncements and grossly lawless, irresponsible actions.

    Think for a minute: Are the charges of 22 Counts of riotous conduct they handed to Mr Cole and other APC Supporters viable, legitimate, in good faith and not tainted with malice? Of course they are tainted with bitterness! I have always tirelessly maintained that the SLPP have no intentions whatsoever to govern Sierra Leone in Peace. They are mischief makers, who have been nursing and mulling over Political injuries for decades, desiring and thirsting for revenge.

    Yep, anxiously they have been waiting in hatred, pondering and examining their dark and wicked thoughts like a bad divorced husband intent on settling a score with his innocent estranged wife. Listen, time and tide wait around lazily for no man. The SLPP government should quit fanning and stoking the fires of discontent and discord, and put their skills, if they have any, into making sustainable provisions for the poor and needy in our societies.

    Please, leave the opposition in peace, so that they also can contribute and perform their rightful obligations and duties to our Nation without unnecessary distractions. Why can’t these dullards make promoting and enhancing national cohesiveness, progressive ideas and credible policies, of the highest importance? Strange is it not, that instead of displaying ingenuity and creativity, they are ceaselessly engulfing themselves in the worst kinds of pettiness and trivialities, no one ever thought or deemed possible? Hilarious!

    These people now in power do not seem to simply understand that our economy is on the brink of collapse, on it’s way at full speed over a debt-ridden economic Cliff. Why not dedicate time and scanty resources to diligence, productivity and hard work that can reduce poverty, revitalize and improve the economic outlook of our nation?

    Instead of bullying innocent citizens and picking fights here and there, and creating instabilities like rowdy, lawless drunken brawlers in a decrepit wayside Bar, why not show some decency and a good sense of judgement? The truth of the matter is quite simple – they wanted power, fought for it and got it in their incompetent hands, and now like toddlers holding the keys to a Monster truck, have no clue or the slightest idea what to do with it. Truly laughable and outright disgraceful!

    Leave Mr Cole and other opposition members alone, and pay careful attention to fixing and reviving an ailing economy that you have recklessly been plunging and drowning in the abysmal depths of mammoth high interest loans and debts….Rising Sun Will Rise Again!

  2. Until we learn how to co-exist and reside with each other IN OUR VARIOUS COMUNITIES IN SIERRA LEONE then as the saying goes experience will be the best and bitterest teacher to teach us how to co-exist. We saw it in Liberia when the freed slaves refused to integrate but called themselves Black Americans. This lead to the start of civil/ Gorilla rebel resistance from the late 1980s to the ending of around 2007-10.

    Until we the black race identify our position at the bottom of racial and continental HUMAN development INDICES AND then realise our WAY foreword includes the need for tolerance, patience, respect for the rule of law, dont take yourself superior/better than your neighbour, be our brothers keepers – then these social tensions and upheavals will continue to arise and develop.

    Just because you have been fortunate to experience greener pastures overseas with educational benefits, facilities, employments opportunities, doesnt warrant you to be superior and larger than life against others. It would be better if you try to replicate what you have experienced and enjoyed in the diaspora for the betterment of mama Sa Lone as others are doing one way or the other.

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