Lands Ministry shuts down commercial stores in Freetown

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 02 September 2021:

Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning says it has commenced action against illegal occupants of several business stores in Freetown.

Last Tuesday, the Director of Lands and Surveys, Mr. Tamba Dauda, led a team of enforcement officials to shut down Four commercial stores situated at the Aberdeen/Lumley beach tourist axis, in the far west of the city.

According to the ministry, the stores in question have failed to produce documents relating to their occupancy of the buildings.

Businesses have been given a deadline of Tuesday 7 September 2021 to contact and submit their documents to the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Country Planning to avoid further actions.

“This is the final notice and failure to comply will result in legal action to repossess same,” a public notice signed by the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary on Tuesday August 31, 2021, says.


  1. The following statement from the article doesn’t for me make sense. Can the author clarify please?
    “According to the ministry, the stores in question have failed to produce documents relating to their occupancy of the buildings.”

    • Many thanks, Mr Mohamed Tayyib-Bah, for your question to the author. The statement makes sense to me. You seem to be new on this glorious platform. We used to have such problems in the past, but many forumites know what to do when in doubt. Here is a tip for you. Consult google each time you have such a problem before asking the author or anyone else. Google is everyone’s good friend. However, be careful if you find information on Wikipedia.

      Please google “occupancy of the buildings” or ” occupancy of properties” and send me your response as quickly as possible. If I don’t get an answer, then problem solved. It’s your right to ask, and I’m OK with it. Thank you, Mr Mohamed Tayyib-Bah and may God bless.

  2. Nothing in Sierra Leone is easy to understand, especially if the government has a hand in it. Where was the Ministry of Lands and Country Planning when the construction of the stores in question was being done? Who applied for the authorisation to construct the stores – a non-human existing in another world? Who are the officials directly responsible for such matters? What are the names of the businesses and proprietors? Is the action of the Ministry part of an effort to finally start to plan Freetown as a modern city, to steer it away from looking like a junk yard?

    I smell intense corruption emanating from the President (Bio) all the way down to goodness knows where. I hope I am wrong. They know everything about the businesses they have shut down and intend to shut down. It’s quite possible that the owners of these businesses haven’t been obeying the “rules of the game “ by visiting the President and his minister with a little something stashed in an envelope. The other possibility is that the Bio government wants to claim the businesses on behalf of people they favour or themselves under assumed names.

    To the SLPP government, we the led are all clinically brain dead. It’s a presumption they share with APC. Let us kick them out in 2023 to emphatically tell them that they are, in fact, the ones that are dead from the neck up; that’s why in sixty plus years they have just succeeded in visiting disaster on the country, and that in the hereafter we hope and expect to see them on the opposite side of heaven.

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