Le50 Million bail for electricity theft – Resident Minister North Abu Abu talks tough

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 6 August 2021:

Magistrate Mark Ngegba of the Pademba Road Magistrate Court No 2 in Freetown, Sierra Leone on Wednesday granted 28-year-old Adama Conteh bail in the sum of Le50,000,000, after appearing in court on preliminary investigations for dishonestly abstracting electricity supply contrary to Section 68 of the National Electricity Supply Act No. 16. of 2011.

According to the particulars of offence, the accused on Friday 23rd July 2021 at No 67 Jalloh Terrace, Kissy in Freetown, fraudulently diverted electricity supply from the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) grid to her house.

The accused is also alleged to have been found in possession of a meter with serial number 98000396964, a pink and green change-over, a consumer-unit main switch and a quantity of cables.

Madam Conteh pleaded not guilty in court to the charges, and was granted bail following request by her Lawyer – I .S .Y Kamara. The case was adjourned to 10th August 2021.

In another matter, two accused persons; Musa Sillah of 9b Black Hall Road and Imran Osman Kamara of 13 Race Course Road, both in living in Freetown, made their first appearance before Magistrate Sahr Kekura at the Pademba Road Magistrate Court No. 1, charged with electricity theft contrary to Section 68 of the National Electricity Supply Act No. 16. of 2011.

Osman Kamara is alleged to have diverted electricity supply belonging to EDSA to his Barbing Shop located at Jenner Wright Road and Musa Sillah to his house at Black Hall Road.  Both accused persons pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Magistrate Kekura refused bail application made by Lawyers representing both accused, and the case will be heard today 6th of August, 2021.

In another development, the controversial Resident Minister for the Northern Region – Mr Abu Abu – notorious for his outlandish call for anyone caught in criminal act to be shot on sight, has spoken again.

This is Abu Abu speaking here about those he said are trying to derail the government’s development programmes:


  1. Mr Maturri, with all your political acumen, I beg to differ with you on the issue of the APC defeating the SLPP. You may have no idea what benefits incumbency brings to the table. You may be surprised again.

  2. I do really admired the iron lady in the “GOP” Good Old politician, Republican party, Ms. Liz Cheney. This lady doesn’t care the out come from her criticism towards the party former president “D.J.Trump”. People, I guarantee you that, as long as no one up to date in the entire APC party has the guts to say hard and bitter the truth to the former president, H.E. Ernest Bai Koroma, our revolts and rebellion from the APC party will continue forever. First of all, there’s no actual or credible candidate right now, because(DE PA NO PICK YET). Not everyone will be happy of what I am saying but, Bio’s victory is mandatory, it will happen even more than what occur in 2018 folks. Let’s be frank to one another and clear our throats with the truth. Now EBK currently in the Republic of Zambia; talking about democracy to the election observers over there, lecturing how people should live peacefully with with their own choice.

    Remember, the late former president of Zambia H.E. Frederick Chiluba was prosecuted by his own hand picked to succeed him, Vice President H.E. Levy Mwanawasa. What can this tells you?, indeed, Zambia has a clean Democracy folks, so we can’t teach them nothing. Kenneth David Kaunda was the first elected President of the Republic Of Zambia, from 1964 to 1991, but he never claims his party” African National Congress(ANC’s) life chairmanship. Today we all beating the drum for the 2023 presidential poll, uh, hmmm, okay, fine, but when will EBK come out and apologize to all Sierra Leoneans? he has done this to his party APC, but not to the people of Sierra Leone yet. Was he ruling only APC in this country or the entire country?

    We have ignored to understand that, was one of the men fighting the rebel war with all sufferings, but I don’t think if we ever had a president that’s so hatred like Bio. To my colleagues, friends and professors on this noble platform, I am so sorry to this, you might not like it anyway but the 2023 presidential election is already over. If EBK is the one chosen the next flagbearer, RIP to APC. Can someone attack me? Ms. Liz Cheney criticizes her former president and the Republican party, but that doesn’t change her status as a republican, that’s the fundamental difference we have here in Africa. And God will not change a nation, if the nation does not decide to change itself.

  3. Honorable Abu Abu residence Minister for Northern province, have swapped his job title for Bio’s propaganda Minister trying to paint a picture of a government that is doing all it can to improve the lives of this captive audience, but for some “Kaka Devils “lurking in the shadows trying to undo the work of President Bio.The audience looks more like hostages listening to their hostage taker, in this case Hon. Abu Abu making outlandish demands because his government have failed them. When he attacked the personality of former President Enerst Bai Koroma in his home soil, if he was expecting a standing ovation, and creating a wave, all he could muster was a splash. People were just clapping because they were left with no option. Once again this Residence Minister for Northern Province have managed to put his foot in his mouth. With friends like this President Bio should be warily of Hon Abu Abu. He is clear, and present danger to his presidency. Just like fomer Iraqi Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz under Saddam Hussain’s dictatorship, and Joseph Gobbles was the propaganda Minister of Hitler and the Nazi occult of 1940s Germany.

    I think you got to give it to Hon. Abu Abu, he has emerged as the most royal and propagandist Minister in Bio’s shrinking circles of friends. This is clearly a crisis management meeting after hopping from one corruption scandals to the other. The only way to clean up Bio’s image is to point the finger of blame to ordinary APC supporters that are hell bent in stopping any developments taking place in Sierra Leone. This unpatriotic Sierra Leoneans that have made millions of dollars from foreign aid, are now busy figuring ways how to hide their loot.Or was he talking about the ordinary folks that can’t even afford to pay for their electricity.

    For all the rancour and bile spitting, statement blaming everyone’s eles for the lack of development, or lack of delivery of Bio’s manifesto promises, if this speech is anything to go by, Hon Abu Abu is laying the ground work for Bio’s reelection campaign never mind what the rest of us think. But every Sierra-leonean with a sane mind will attest, the real artfull doggers, and unpatriotic Sierra Leoneans are your fellow government ministers accused of corruption. They don’t have to rig electricity meters to keep the light on in their homes. That low life behaviour is only exircise by we the ordinary people that have no connection with government. Masking your failures in government by delivering such incendiary and out of touch statement won’t cut the mustard with many folks like us. We can see through your lies and propaganda statements. The real enemies of development are our corrupt politicians.

  4. Abu Abu should not be offhandedly dismissed, he does speak some truths, which some people may find uncomfortable, particularly APC members. The theft of electricity is an ongoing event as well as the damaging of electrical cables and transformers. In total there seems to be a deliberate effort to sabotage any sustained supply of electricity. The perpetrators must be arrested and prosecuted. Opposing a government should not include retarding the progress of one’s country.

    APC have to come to terms with the position in which they find themselves; there are numerous areas in which they can oppose SLPP, but they’re busy tearing each other apart with Earnest Koroma being at the centre of it. He refuses to go anywhere to allow the party to reinvent itself to become more effective for selfish reasons. He fears that if he relinquishes his main prop as chairman for life of APC he is totally finished and oblivion awaits him. Added to this is the thought that ACC would find it easier to nab him.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, hear what the “Divider In Chief” within the SLPP is saying. What a disgusting and disastrous political comparison with no meat on the political argument. Each time the controversial Resident Minister of the Northern Region open his mouth to defend President Bio, President Bio loses allies. We are fine with that, because he is helping us with our campaign. I hope he will not be the first to abandon President Bio if he loses in 2023 to seek greener pastures in the new government. Slippery political Fishes and Customers are waiting anxiously for political cover.

    God help the authorities catch the big electricity theft fishes rather than telling me about the weakest electricity theft links. God bless the former Commander in Chief of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. What is wrong with that Mr Abu Abu, Sierra Leone’s controversial Resident Minister Nothern Region helping to bring down President Bio in the 2023 general elections. “We day na road”.

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