Leader of Sierra Leone’s opposition C4C party – Sam Sumana resigns to join APC

C4C Executive: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 December 2019:

The Coalition for Change (Global), wishes to announce to the General Public that the  party’s erstwhile leader, Alhaji Chief Sam Sumana, has communicated his decision, after much deliberation and consultation with family and friends, to re-join the All People’s Congress Party (APC) and has thereby tendered his resignation from the C4C.

We would like to thank Chief Sam Sumana for accepting the invitation extended to him in April 2017 to join C4C and for filling the role of leader as only he could.  We wish him well in his future endeavours.

We make it clear that the C4C party continues to be guided by its Mission and Vision statement in bringing about a better Sierra Leone through transparent and accountable governance designed to ensure improved standards of living for all the peoples of Sierra Leone. (Photo: Sam Sumana – left, received a warm embrace and welcome from the Chairman and leader of the APC party – former president Koroma a few months  ago).

We would like to make it crystal clear that Sam Sumana’s departure is an individual choice that does not affect the structure of C4C other than the fact that we will need to select, through the democratic process enshrined in our constitution, a new leader that will lead this vibrant party into the future.

Lastly we the members of C4C want you to know that we will not rest until every Sierra Leonean understands that UNITED WE STAND, that there is Freedom to exercise certain inalienable and non-delegable rights as a citizen and that every Sierra Leonean be deemed EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW.


Alieu Iscandari Esq, Attorney at Law – GLOBAL CHAIRMAN COALITION FOR CHANGE


Kevin Metzger – Barrister at Law UK – CHAIRMAN UNITED KINGDOM AND EUROPE




  1. Let me in my opinion be very clear. Kono District needs a President now. We are going for Gold. Period. To those trying to join other political parties to become Vice President, they are thinking about the vice presidency in Cloud Cuckoo land. It is time to take the Presidency home. Long live Chief Sam Sumana, Dr Samura Kamara, Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyer, Dr Sylvia Blyden, the C4C and the indomitable and Legendary APC. See you soon ladies and gentlemen.

  2. Dear Mr Alimamy Turay, I hate people who like criticism and under estimate situation. You can’t say C4C Political Party may not be strong and diverse enough for a leader to uplift the presidential mantle of this nation. Let me tell you something about leadership; Leadership is about taking risk to do what others are not willing to do, regardless of age or experience, it’s about the will to change situation. For example the late Nelson Mandela’s 27 years of imprisonment to State House. Another example is when a little boy David in the Bible with no or little experience defeated Hugh Goliath.

    So upon the return of Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana to his heritage party (APC), and leaving the C4C Party, we the Supporters of the Coalition For Change (C4C) are willing to receive any leader that may be ready to contest under the C4C flag for the 2023 general election to lead the C4C Presidential mantle to state house. Regardless of tribe and section, we the people of Sierra Leone assure that leader with our full support to state house.
    Cheers – Tamba Barnett Chandoboh Lebbie.

  3. “Chief Sam Sumana’s main goal is to occupy the highest seat of power in country – the Presidency. He came close to this position and believes he could accomplish the finishing line. Although he also realizes that his team, the Coalition for Change (C4C) party, may not be strong and diverse enough for him to achieve this goal. So Chief Sam Sumana is in the middle of a dilemma: of going back to his old doctrine – the All Peoples Congress (APC) party and be prepared to lose some influence from his regional base – Kono District; or stay with his C4C party and hope for a miracle to take place.

    “In his recent fracas with the ‘new’ Sierra Leone Police (SLP) Chief Sam Sumana looked strong, healthy and confident; coupled with a characteristic feature that portrays presidential material. The APC would have to accept their ‘prodigal’ son to champion the crusade of winning the 2023 elections.

    “A ticket with Dr Samura Kamara or Cherinor Maju Bah (the APC’s previous flag bearers for President and Vice President) as running mate to Chief Sam Samura, would undoubtedly guarantee victory for the APC! This will strengthen their philosophy in the accension of power within the party, and also increase their popularity (or diversity) within the country – with the minority ethnic groups such as the Lokos, Fullahs, Susus or Creoles having the faith that, their ‘own’ could also get to the ultimate position of power, irrespective of their ethnic origin. – Alimamy Turay (What next Sam Sumana?, by Dr Sama Banya) Sierra Leone Telegraph 22 June 2019.

    Well … it looks like the prediction that I made six months ago is gradually coming to reality. Chief Sam Sumana has finally chosen the difficult alternative of going back to his roots, the APC party, with the high risk of losing much influence from his Kono people. It is a very difficult and complex gamble for him, and by extension, for the credibility of the outgoing Chairman and Leader of the party, former President Earnest Bai Koroma, and as well as for the overall solidarity and comradeship of the party. It could be a make or break strategy, especially if Chief Sam Sumana fails to generate enough support from delegates to win the flagbearership and consequently does not pay enough allegiance to the new party leadership.

    The question is: what do APC want? After losing the 2018 elections, somehow, with the narrowest of margins and the unprecedented intimidation, harasssment and victimisation they have endured under the Paopa, new direction SLPP government, what will the APC hope for? Certainly any ‘Messiah’ that will take them to State House come 2023, will do.

    Bringing the current social, economic and political situation in the country into play, Dr Samura Kamara and Chief Sam Sumana in any combination of President and Vice President is bound to win the hearts of the population. They are both heroes in the country today for different reasons: Dr Samura Kamara for his statesmanship and professionalism; and Chief Sam Sumana for his loyalty and sympathy from the nation. As for Cherinor Maju Bah, he has relatively more time on his side, and should be groomed as a potential contender for the future leadership of the party.

    Chief Sam Sumana was not very far off from wearing the hot shoes of the PRESIDENCY. He is also full of flair and confidence, some of the critical traits of a modern-day President. Added to these qualities, Chief Sam Sumana carries a kind of no-nonsense feature in executing his responsibilities.

    And that is why he is definitely my choice. Dr Samura Kamara is presumably a very fine gentleman; in fact he never really lost the last elections, and could be a popular candidate for the top job. The problem is, can he handle the new wave of violence and thuggery that has pervaded the political atmosphere of the country; ushered in by a Paopa mentality, away from democratic principles, that has the potential of creating continuous anarchy?

    This very important consideration brings in Chief Sam Sumana strongly to the equation. Chief Sam Sumana will suit Julius Maada Bio perfectly well. He would surely not entertain Maada Bio’s childish and irresponsible tactics. And (Chief) being an ethnic minority President, would be void of the topsy turvy syndrome; and perhaps the ideal individual to activate and define the genuine development framework of the country. Now, everything depends on the decision of the APC delegates in the forthcoming convention in Port Loko. There is an empty space somewhere in the system. Is the APC ready to fill it?

    Happy 2020 to all colleagues and compatriots. Not forgetting the great Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas and his crew. The past year was very tense in this glorious Sierra Leone Telegraph forum, but it only proved we can think and interact like adults. Rising hair, here and there, but at the end, cool. If I am not mistaking, the standard of the writers and the commentary have improved significantly. The resolution for the new year is to aim for a collective awareness in the autonomous development of Sierra Leone. Cheers!

  4. The scorching heat of the rising Sun is once again slowly and effortlessly beginning to showcase its incomparable strength, awesome powers,and abilities on how to outshine the competition,that aptly resembles a faltering candle in the wind.(lol) Caterpillars and their little,fading candles must now wisely and humbly prostrate themselves, before the majestic blazing eternal Sun.(lol)

    If Sam Sumana is elected as the flagbearer of the Legendary APC, its game over – Better believe It! It’s about damn time,for you incompetent bunch of ragtag, disoriented, good for nothings to start packing your criminal, tainted, tribalistic belongings from State House, before we are forced to eventually throw them out.(lol) And you stupidly thought the good people of Sierra Leone will allow our beloved nation to sink into despair, poverty and obscurity through your dim-witted, corrupt attitudes, didn’t you? Well think again.

    The APC has hands full of Aces – we are focused, reorganized and ready to rock and roll. Two years in Power and the SLPP still has nothing to show for it, except of course Maada Bio’s scanty looking cassava farm, where rats are having a free for all, field day, munching and displaying their protruding bellies, just like the man in charge.(lol)

    Game over – come 2023, we are gonna run you guys mercilessly over like a monster truck on empty egg shells….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • I agree with you Mr. Saidu Conteh. We have already assembled the POLITICAL LASER TARGET MARKERS that will go into action immediately Chief Sam Sumana becomes LEADER OF THE APC. This is a very important POLITICAL WEAPON in our POLITICAL ARMORY;to PINPOINT those TARGET areas in those CRACKED GREEN WALLS; for EASY and SWIFT action of our POLITICAL PRECISION GUIDED MISSILES; to BURST through those so called IMPENETRABLE POLITICAL GREEN WALLS with RUTHLESS and RECKLESS POLITICAL DAMAGE. We must “GET SALONE SORTED”. That’s it. GOD BLESS and HELP “GET SALONE SORTED”

  5. Yes indeed there is no mistake was made of course, we the individual innocent sympathizers toward Chief Sam sumana in 2015 now we came to understand that, APC led by Ernest Bai Koroma what they did to him was right and justified.
    I can remember when Sam Sumana went to Ghana, and he was welcome by the Ghanian gov’t as a Vice President saying” you’re the recognized VP we know” Sam sumana you forgot that day?.

    APC prosecuted you as a traitor, lied on your masters degree, even your faith was in limbo in fact you’re not a real muslim. We were horrified by the APC’s attitude against you even the whole world was stunned and sympathized with you Sam Sumana. You constantly contacting EBK asking what have you done to him as a brother, both Nigerian former president, H.E. Good Luck Jonathan and his wife first lady paved their way, pleaded to Ernest Bai Koroma to forgive you if at all you’ve wrong him, but unfortunately these two great guests’ pleadings were not honored by the APC gov’t. Victor Foh was eager getting ready for the VP position, we were crying and weeping for Sam Sumana.

    I don’t even believe if you’re a true believer, or else you will prefer to die with empty handed, rather than subdue your integrity to APC for power grab. Sam Sumana, we are disappointed at you, you think that APC party is a religion, will they judge you in the day of judgement? Allhamudillah.

    APC is using you but not the Kono people – get it at the back of your mind. H.E.RTD.BREG.J.M.Bio will wipe off these tears from our faces in 2023 inshaa allah. I am pleading to the my brothers Kono people, the youths etc. to join and teach APC another great lessons as we did in 2018.

    Sam sumana has even forgotten the day he sought refuge to the U.S. Embassy in Freetown claiming that he fears for his life, while APC accused him of abandoning his office.

    Dr. Sylvia Blyden all of them were in strong support – everyone of them kept silence. Sam sumana if you were not lucky to get in to the U.S.Embassy don’t you believe that it was your last day in this world? Sam sumana we are disappointed at you. May God bless Sierra Leone.
    If there was any agreement between C4C and APC, let me say this to you, it is a fail strategy. Sam Sumana will never rule Sierra Leone. Thank you.

    • Calm down Mr. Brima Sesay. Forget all your so called past sympathetic feelings now filled with ANGER unfortunately and increase your support for the most popular POLITICIAN in the country. Thank you very much for sympathizing with him in the past and hope you support him from now on. Just join him to “GET SALONE SORTED”. We need people like you on this mission to “GET SALONE SORTED”. No malice.

      As you know, today is the present. Forget about the past. Just RALLY behind Chief Sam Sumana right now to “GET SALONE SORTED”. I know you don’t have the votes to elect him as LEADER of the APC PARTY. But, I count on your moral support to help the man you were sympathizing with all these years to become the next LEADER of the APC, WIN the election in 2023 and “GET SALONE SORTED”.

      You can speak to friends, relatives and family members to persuade their MPs or the members responsible to vote for the next APC LEADER to vote Chief Sam Sumana. You can do it Mr. Brima Sesay. If you do that, you will become one of my heroes. That I will guarantee you. Thanks Mr Brima Sesay for your contribution on this GLORIOUS PLATFORM. Let’s come together and help make Sierra Leone a better place for all.

      Mr Brima Sesay somewhere there expressing his past anger against the most popular politician in the country. GOD BLESS YOU Mr. Brima Sesay and I look forward to you supporting the most popular politician in our country to “GET SALONE SORTED”. Mr Brima Sesay frankly speaking is a STAR.

  6. C4C remains strong and professional in their politics, even at the departure of the leader. Anyway, we wish him good luck.

  7. Allusine Fallay,your piece is very impressive.Its short lesson of history should make some people very uncomfortable because it is on a platform of naked facts which they would rather cast behind them to enable them to continue fooling the nation. For a large number of us who became men and women in the Siaka Stevens/Joseph Momoh era,we can vividly recall what our nation was like before the emergence of Siaka Stevens and what it became by the time he was through with it in 1985 when he forced Momoh down the throat of the nation.

    We may lack the capacity to express ourselves like a seasoned historian but the facts are not lost on us.This was the man [Siaka Stevens] who in the final days as president said in one of his last broadcasts before finally turning his back on State House: “den faint late” [we became conscious too late of what he really was]. By this time he had destroyed the nation, the ripple effects of which are still with us right this minute.

    Who can argue with you Alusine that APC took political violence, intimidation, etc to an unprecedented level? The nation shall always be indebted to the young military boys who staked their lives in 1992 to finally boot APC out of office, sending Momoh scurrying into exile. May the Almighty grant the late Tom Nyuma perpetual peace; his role in that coup has been carved into the history books.

    The current APC is at a loss – listless. Its members are forever wishing that they were back in the early days of the Sheki / S.I period for them to use violence to grab power. But we are now into the internet / social media age and that’s why Sam Sumana will find the presidency elusive.

    Well done Allusine.The “IMPLOSION” of APC is indeed at hand.

    • OH my GOODNESS. Lots of BREAKING VIEWS going on these days instead of DEBATING the BREAKING NEWS ISSUES at hand. Some even going as far as talking about “my kono thinkable elders”. GOD alone knows what he is talking about. Such remarks are ABSURD and INSULTING to our KONO ELDERS in my view. How on earth can someone UTTER such CLUMSY words that make no sense?Nevertheless, all the BREAKING VIEWS we are now hearing day and night by the HERDSMEN who take care of their CREATURES during the day will be for the listening pleasure of the BIRDS.

      One thing is certain, the forces behind Chief Sam Sumana if elected LEADER of the APC PARTY are READY to BULLDOZE through those GREEN WALLS with OVERWHELMING FORCE and FUME the whole S and E of the REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE to form a cloud which will turn the whole S and E of Sierra Leone RED come 2023.

      I don’t understand why our colleagues on the other side of the POLITICAL SPECTRUM are so scared of Chief Sam Sumana. This just tells me that, they have lost confidence in their parties. They don’t have anything to say when it comes to developing our country. SAD. However, I say to them, STOP this ANGER. FRUSTRATION and BIGOTRY. RALLY behind Chief Sam Sumana to “GET SALONE SORTED”. Be PROUD to be part of history that is in the making.

      I will always extend the OLIVE BRANCH to everyone to support Chief Sam Sumana to be the next LEADER of the APC, defeat any OPPOSITION LEADER MERCILESSLY in the next General Elections and “GET SALONE SORTED”. “GET SALONE SORTED” with a Chief Sam Sumana APC LEADERSHIP and RULING ADMINISTRATION is the only way to get Sierra Leone out of this present MESS and “GET SALONE SORTED”.

      I have said it before and I will say it again. Stop playing this ‘PALM WINE’ music and dancing to loose with ‘MARINGA WAN WAY’ music. We want all Sierra Leoneans to be WINNERS and not LOSERS. COME ONE and COME ALL to support Chief Sam Sumana become the next APC Leader and “GET SALONE SORTED”. GOD BLESS THE SKEPTICS of Chief Sam Sumana and GOD help “GET SALONE SORTED”

  8. I wish Sam sumana well but I think he is embarking on a very serious challenge even though he has mended his problem with his former boss.

    His best chance was if Ernest had not done what he did, it would have been easy for him to succeed Ernest.

    • Brother Maxwell, I was with some of my Kono thinkable elders and they feel betrayed by Sam Sumana’s actions these days. APC is trying to twist the constitution to bring back Sam Sumana in order for them to re-occupy State House for another 11 years of corruption with dictatorship. My friends, the 70s are over – APC no way.

      We say thanks to H.E.BRIG.J.M.B. a quiet silent man but his actions are real. We asked God to guide and protect you and your administration to the straight path, to continue leading this country with a passion to benefit the whole as you are doing right now. With God, we believe in you in all confidence you will continue to lead. APC and Sam Sumana will never shake up your lip nor will they be able to inflict any harm on you. With your bravery and the former colleagues, APC was kicked out of power in 1992.

      Without your sacrifice to redeem this country from APC, we could have been under the existence of the APC dictatorship today. Wisdom and knowledge are quite different but I am so sorry to say this, Sam sumana is not gifted with any of these two. Sam Sumana threw the kono people under the bus, we will treat you in 2023 (if you succeeded to become the flag bearer) with empty promises . Thank you.

  9. Oh my God I’ve been predicting about this all the time but I believe that it is almost already around the corner. I am advising HE to stay focused and continue his good job. I repeat, Sam Sumana will never rule Sierra Leone. I don’t even believe Sam sumana’s 5 senses are actually in place. APC has failed already the chairman for life waiting for an empty baggage.

  10. Based on history, the foundation of the APC party was built on dictatorship, corruption, suspicion, intimidation, violence and destruction. The late President Siaka Stevens who is the founding father of the APC party was a master manipulator and former President Koroma tried to live by his example – by eliminating his two Vice Presidents namely Vice President Sam Sumana and Vice President Victor Foh.

    He handpicked Dr. Samura Kamara, unlike late President Stevens who only handpicked late President Joseph Momoh instead of his most loyal Vice President Sorie I. Koroma. Late President Stevens succeeded because he destroyed democracy in our country and the APC was the only party until the youths in our military (who are still the youngest leaders in the Guinness book of record) kicked them out of the State House during the civil war.

    Former President Koroma was unsuccessful in convincing parliament to introduce “ After you na You “ which should have kept him in power forever, but he succeeded in becoming the lifetime chairman and leader of the APC party, so they gave him the power to eliminate both Vice Presidents and handpicked 2018 Presidential candidate Dr. Samura Kamara.

    My humble prediction now is that – the APC party is about to IMPLODE because the wind of change is blowing and the grassroots, youths and progressives are about to introduce democracy despite some diehard corrupt party officials that are still bent on maintaining the status quo.

    Finally the disgraced Chief Sam Sumana has opened a third problem by trying to defy the new clause in the review APC party constitution which prohibits any new member of the party for less than five years to be a presidential candidate for the 2023 election, but I hope and pray that my humble prediction is wrong. Otherwise the Inspector General of the Police has to be prepared to quell the violence that is about to be erupted at the planned APC party convention in Port Loko.

    • Indeed. A lot of ‘PALM WINE’ music and ‘MARINGA’ music playing these days. Whether it’s “PALM WINE” music or “MARINGA WAN WAY” music does not matter. What matters is to get Chief Sam Sumana elected as LEADER OF THE APC PARTY, then becomes the next President of the REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE and then “GET SALONE SORTED”. That is all we want. Let’s stop the DRUM BEATING Ladies and Gentlemen and get this thing done for good. “GET SALONE SORTED”. PERIOD. GOD BLESS SIERRA LEONE with a Chief Sam Sumana LEADERSHIP “GET SALONE SORTED”.

  11. Sam has made the right decision to come home. But my worries are: if he is not voted for and if he is not elected to lead the APC party come 2023, will he be supportive in the fight to bring APC back to state house? If yes, then the APC should begin to celebrate their soon to come success. If only the chief would be supportive, caring, collateral, considerate, encouraging, enthusiastic and kind to the front goal of the party, APC is sure to assume power come what may.

    The party is a national one. It is the responsibility of the party to allow the true delegates vote their own; and it is also advantageous, beneficial and upright if all the intending aspirants make one positive thought “elected or not I will fight for my party, I will fight with the elected ones to assume victory”. This they should think.

    • I will assure every Sierra Leonean that the APC will not make any mistake that will prevent them from occupying STATE HOUSE come 2023. You need someone that will let you OCCUPY STATE HOUSE. PERIOD. Getting the VOTES out really matters. We must all as PATRIOTIC SIERRA LEONEANS rally behind Chief Sam Sumana to “GET SALONE SORTED”. NO IFS, NO BUTS, NO WAS and NO MAYBES. Just ” GET SALONE SORTED”

      No one should underestimate the POLITICAL ENGINEERING TACTICS and STRATEGY just EXECUTED by the C4C PARTY. KUDOS to the C4C for an ENGINEERING job well done. If the APC does the right thing this time around, the ROAD to STATE HOUSE come 2023 will be very swift. The POLITICAL MOBILISATION behind Chief Sam Sumana will be moving with CONSTANT VELOCITY and MAXIMUM ACCELERATION. Consult my CALCULUS ability to know what that means. Nothing will hold Chief Sam Sumana from ADVANCING when his POLITICAL MACHINE is moving with CONSTANT VELOCITY and MAXIMUM ACCELERATION to “GET SALONE SORTED”.

      So, ladies and gentlemen, let’s rally behind Chief Sam Sumana if elected LEADER OF THE APC PARTY to become the next President of the REPUBLIC OF SIERRA LEONE and “GET SALONE SORTED”. There is a lot of MESS that has been accumulated and needs to be SORTED OUT. So, help Chief Sam Sumana become the next LEADER OF THE APC in the first place. Secondly, help him solidify his leadership position if he becomes the next leader and finally, give him the VOTES needed to MERCILESSLY defeat any OPPOSITION PARTY LEADER come 2023 and “GET SALONE SORTED”


  12. This is a big gamble big gamble by Sam Ansumana. I know that he has been assured by The Chairman of the APC. However, the last time I read the recommendation from my the APC NRM is to scrap the selection clause in the APC constitution in favour of the of democratic voting by delegates. It means that the chairman and Sam Ansumana have the herculean task of convincing the majority of the delegates to vote for his candidacy to be the flag bearer.

    If his aim is just to get the APC back into governance while he plays the role of elder, things would work out well. But if his intention is to rule over those who have been with the party during its difficult period, this is going to be an interesting political gimmick reminiscent of what played out in the SLPP between the AAA headed by Kandeh Yumkella and Chief Kapen Samano, and the PaOPa headed by Bio and Dr. Prince Harding.

    I personally think that Dr Samura Kamara and Chericoco tickets stand a better chance than Sam Sumana who many in the APC heartland would see as the candidate of the chairman for life and not theirs. May common sense prevail.

  13. It’s OFFICIAL! Chief Sam Sumana has joined the APC. This is a great day for PEACE, PROGRESS and PROSPERITY in Sierra Leone. This just tells us how POLITICAL PROBLEMS, WAR, ANGER and DEADLOCKS can be overcome with DIALOGUE. KUDOS to former President Ernest Koroma for his role in all this. Interesting times ahead.

    A friend of mine just called to say that the LEONE gained some points against the DOLLAR and other major CURRENCIES due to this announcement. I have to check it myself later. However, that again will be great news.

    What strikes me most is the manner in which the whole resignation process was carried out. The C4C PARTY has just taught everyone what DEMOCRACY should be like. I am really delighted about this development and there is no doubt in my mind that the next leader of the C4C PARTY will continue and complete the MISSION of the PARTY as outlined in this article.

    As long as the Sierra Leone Telegraph Newspaper continues to bring the news out, CHRISTMAS or any other holiday will not deter me from expressing my views.

    Chief Sam Sumana joining the APC, and if elected LEADER will “GET SALONE SORTED”. So, the new slogan from now on will be “GET SALONE SORTED”. Thanks to the Editor for this XMAS BREAKING NEWS and HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you Sir.

  14. I wish him the best. I hope that the C4C does not end up like the NUP, PDP, UNPP, UP, and most recently PMDC. Would the NGC and ADP follow suit?

    • Am with you in this. But I still see him to occupy the position of Vice if APC want to hit the ground, despite politics being the deepest game. All the best, our hero.

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