London Town Hall meeting calls for end to victimisation of Alie Kabba in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 February 2016

Friends of Alie kabba UKI 2

Yesterday Saturday, 6th February, 2016 was a special day in the south-eastern Borough of Southwark in London, where members of the Friends of Alie Kabba Campaign Group – UK & Ireland, gathered for a town hall meeting.

It was a political meeting like no other, with almost every seat set aside to accommodate those attending the meeting filled, and speaker after speaker extolling what they described as “the unquestionable leadership qualities of Alie Kabba”.

Dr. Alie Kabba – now regarded as the most vocal opposition presidential aspirant, has not only proven to be more than a handful to the ruling APC party in Sierra Leone, but has in the last couple of months won the hearts and minds of a large number of Sierra Leoneans that are hungry and desperate for political change in the country.

Since arriving in Sierra Leone from the USA on 16 December 2015 – about two months ago, Alie Kabba has become the de-facto spokesman for the opposition, constantly and persistently holding the hands of the Koroma government to the fire, demanding accountability, transparency, probity, justice and civil liberty.

And those attending Saturday’s meeting in south London, where in no doubt that their leader – Alie Kabba has become a national political icon – set to take Sierra Leone by storm at the polls in 2018.

A message that came out loud and clear at the meeting, was that Sierra Leone is a country in distress, with the dream of political change kept alive by the Alie Kabba Movement.

Addressing the Alie Kabba faithful, the Chairman of the UK and Ireland Branch of the Movement – Mr. Ansu Sillah, said that Alie Kabba is leading the campaign for transformational change in Sierra Leone, with courage, determination and conviction.

He told members of the Movement that millions of people across Sierra Leone have been won over by Alie Kabba’s passion, honesty, and fearlessness, despite the ruling party’s attempt to silence him.

The campaign for social justice and economic inclusion he said, will in the coming months be taken forward throughout all the districts of Sierra Leone to bring hope to millions of Sierra Leoneans that are feeling excluded and betrayed by a government that promised so much and yet delivered very little.

Mr. Ansu Sillah spoke about the divisions and infighting within the opposition SLPP that is threatening to derail the party’s chances at the polls in 2018.

He appealed to all the aspiring presidential candidates, the national council executives, and the rank and file members to show greater tolerance and respect for diversity in the party.

He pointed out that without unity in the SLPP, the party will stand very little chance of defeating the ruling APC in 2018.

The SLPP he said, must adopt the Alie Kabba philosophy of ensuring that: “Everyone is kept in, no one is left out; everyone is pulled up and no one is pushed down,” to the loud applause of the crowd.

Friends of Alie kabba UKI 1

Also on the podium was the Women’s Leader of the Group and Global Fundraising Coordinator – Mrs. Sia Evelyn Nyandemo. She spoke with passion and determination, about the need to see that women in Sierra Leone are given their equal and rightful place in a society that has for far too long, discriminated against them. (Photo: Some of the members of the Friends of Alie kabba Movement).

Women LeaderShe called on the women to unite in support of Alie Kabba and the campaign for transformational change in Sierra Leone.

Mrs. Nyandemo (Photo) also spoke of a future when women will not only play a greater role in the running of Sierra Leone, but of a female president leading the government, because of their capabilities and strengths.

The chairman – Mr. Ansu Sillah, said that plans for a large demonstration in the streets of London by members of the group are quite advanced, in support of Alie Kabba’s fight against injustice in Sierra Leone.

Speaking to the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph – Mr. Abdul Rashid Thomas, who was present at the meeting to provide media coverage of this important event, chairman Sillah said that his vision for the ‘Friends of Alie Kabba Movement’ is; “to ensure that it gained traction in Sierra Leone. This will be achieved by engaging with communities across the country, irrespective of tribe; engaging demography rather than engaging geography; engaging particularly the youths, whose dynamism will be important for the Alie Kabba campaign.

“We intend to work with the youths all over the districts, villages and towns to clearly put Alie Kabba’s message of transformational change and inclusion across.”

Asked about whether he believes justice will be done in the ongoing Alie Kabba court case brought by the government, Chairman Sillah said: “If we go by the merits and facts of the case, available evidence, and the rule of law in Sierra Leone, I believe that justice will be done and Alie Kabba will be exonerated.

“But given the fact that the charges brought against Alie Kabba are politically motivated and politically driven; the prosecution of the case and the persecution of Alie Kabba, I doubt whether justice will be done.

“But I remain strongly optimistic that the judiciary will wake up and realise the injustice that is being perpetrated, and ensure that the case is heard fairly and brought to a just and quick conclusion. The judiciary in Sierra Leone must realise the importance of resisting political interference and influence, if they are to win the trust of the people, serve the needs of all Sierra Leoneans, rather than the vested interests of the few and powerful.”

Friends of Alie kabba UKI 3The Secretary General of the Group – Mr. Abdulai Braima was clear in his message to members and supporters of the ‘Friends of Alie Kabba’ Movement. He said that: “We, ‘the Friends of Alie Kabba’ are very much determined to walk the entire length of the road, together with like-minded citizens, to a brighter and a far better Sierra Leone, where individual rights are always respected and the collective will carries sway.

“A Sierra Leone where position in governance is not used as a badge for looting, and progress is dictated by merit.

“ A Sierra Leone where education ceases to be an exclusive privilege for the connected few, and health-search is not synonymous with certain death for the impoverished majority.”

Members of the executive of the ‘Friends of Alie Kabba’ who were present at the Town Hall meeting were: Mrs. Sia Evelyn Nyandemo (UK&I Women’s Leader and Global Fundraising Coordinator); Mr. Ansu Sillah (UK&I Chairman); Mr. Francis Kpaka (Social Secretary); Mrs. Georgette Femusu Jonah (Deputy Chairman); Mr. Alex Wuseni (Deputy Social Secretary); Mr. Abdulai Braima (Secretary General); Mr. Peter Kendemah (Financial Secretary); and Mr. Samuel Foyoh (General Coordinator).

There were several others too, including Dingis Nyandemo (Executive Adviser); Shar Changathi (Publicity Secretary); and Isaiah Komba Daniels (Deputy Publicity Secretary).


  1. Alie Kabba has now become a political icon in Sierra Leone whose genuine approach has captured the minds of sensible and progressive patriots of the land. He is the man came across to inspire illusion and hope to our impoverished populace.

    No matter how the APC government intends to manipulate the judicial system to intimidate and keep the people silent, the power of the people is greater than this.

    This government is void of the political will to allow state institutions to operate independently, especially the legal system whose decisions are directly influenced by the government. Alie Kabba’s trial is a travesty of justice.

    We shouldn’t leave those brave Sierra Leoneans who are trying to effect a change of the status quo to go it alone; we must join them actively to bring about the change. This APC government intends to evoke their past, to liquidate our democratic system and seize the rights of the people.

    The change we so desire has to be propelled by Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora as it is taking effect right now. Diasporas bear the brunt of the impoverishment of our people. We are constantly under pressure from relatives going through hunger and strife back home, pleading desperately to provide them their daily meal. There is widespread hunger across the country.

    We in the Diaspora must set out intensive sensitizing campaign within the legal framework of our democratic system to create awareness within our people ahead of the 2017/18 parliamentary and presidential elections seeking a change in the governance system.

    It might be perceived a herculean task, but with determination and engagement with our people we surely will succeed to bring about the change.

  2. The democracy that traditionally defined our nation is now threatened by the APC government. This government is trying to erode public confidence by stigmatizing and creating misconceived perception that Alie Kabba is a bigamist.

    There is no sustainable evidence or proof regarding the case. They want to undermine our unity efforts. We are now seeing APC dragging Alie to court to destroy his presidential candidacy and silence the voice of the opposition, so as to put an end to Kabba’s political career.

    The travel restriction placed on Alie Kabba is very alarming. How long can we as a society continue to allow this bunch of criminals to hold our people to ransom.

    Many thanks to UK friends of Alie Kabba: one Country one people


    A quote from one of the songs of the Ivory Coast musician Ismael Isaac (I hope I am correct). I remember reading a quote from Dr Billy GRAHAM by one of his staff Joan Willman Brown in her book ‘Day by Day with Billy Graham’. I also remember reading about a toy clown standing on it’s head with a weight attach to it.

    Whatever position you turn it, whether it is on its feet, side, etc, as you let go the toy clown will revert to an upside down position of standing on it’s head. And Dr Graham made references of the sinful, deceitful nature of the human race without God. That what ever they do, they will revert to their old sinful ways

    What I am I saying is that have we learnt from our past deeds and mistakes that lead us to the civil war in 1991?

    At that time I was enrolled to commence my WAEC GCE A level or lower sixth form then at Grammar School in Freetown.

    Reading the comment by Momoh John Bull about the deplorable state of the capital city Freetown and then to the rest of the country, reminds me of such similar situation in the late 1980s to 90/91 of Mama Salone under the same APC government.

    But thank God, now at least democracy and multi party elections can be contested, as back then we had a one party government.

    It is time for the APC government to wake up from wicked, deceitful and diabolic ways and realise what is modern civilisation, acceptance and tolerance in what is expected in modern day democracy.

    Gone are the days of the laws of the jungle and survival of the fittest, including torture and humiliation of political opponents. I am therefore appealing to the International Community to bar all those responsible in the APC, and bring them to justice.

    They must be held accountable as they were in 1992, during the early days of the NPRC government

  4. Wonderful first step for the Alie Kabba UK & Ireland group. Bravo for the show of support for Alie Kabba and his campaign.

    Let us all join hands together and invigorate this campaign from now on until 2018. Let us just look, see and feel the desperate situation in our capital Freetown today. Living in Freetown, anyone with a sense of fairness, honesty and social justice cannot help feeling hopeless in the face of the evidence of extreme mass poverty, deprivation and absence of leadership in all spheres of society.

    I cannot talk about the situation in the rest of the country and the degree of misery among the people there. If Freetown is in such dire straits, then one simply has to imagine the level of deprivation currently reigning among our people living in towns and villages all across the country.

    Behold I can only imagine how the 90% are managing to survive today. Their plight and their future are as gloomy as the political climate hovering over them.

    If radical change is not pumped into the political, civil and institutional leadership of Sierra Leone now, there will be no foreseeable transformation in our country, to the detriment of our people, mostly the 90% for whom our young and dynamic leader and patriot Alie Kabba is so deeply engaged and committed to transform their existence from one of hopelessness into one of hope and improvement.

    What kind of mindset has leaders of the APC got to resort to this level of “we don’t care” mentality in managing the affairs of the country. Look at the deplorable state of the City of Freetown, the neglect and half and half management of vital sectors such as TRANSPORTATION.

    No leader other than Alie Kabba mentions the RAILWAYS. In terms of EDUCATION, Universities, Colleges and Schools all over the country ate seriously handicapped. The ECONOMY – there are no jobs, no investments in manufacturing, agriculture and many other vital sectors.

    JUSTICE AND NATIONAL SECURITY are weak – the Judiciary, police, army; POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS.

    There is a lot to be done to uplift Mama Salone. Let us the people of Sierra Leone put Alie Kabba to the task of rebuilding the country, come 2018. Let us trust ourselves that we shall not be proven wrong.


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