Mayor Aki-Sawyerr calls on Freetonians to go out and register to vote

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 October 2022:

Yesterday Saturday 8th of October, Mayor of Freetown – Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr was out in the streets of the capital calling on people to go out and register to vote, ahead of local, general and presidential elections taking place in June 2023.

The Mayor who fervently and passionately believes in a free and fair democratic process, told the Sierra Leone Telegraph: “On the final day of the extended registration process, I joined Councillors Sheku Deen Mansaray, Zainab Conteh, and Mrs Jennifer Kargbo and local community stakeholders in a registration sensitization drive in Calaba Town Market.

“It was encouraging to learn that almost all the traders had registered. Unfortunately, the challenge with first time voter registration has persisted in this area with several first-time voters explaining that they had tried to register several times but had not succeeded because they did not have and could not obtain birth certificates.

“I trust that independent observers of the registration process will be able to opine on the first-time voter situation and that necessary corrective action will be taken if this is deemed appropriate. Thanks to all Freetonians for your enthusiasm and commitment to participating in the registration process.”

With all hopes now for a fairer and free elections next June pinned on the voter registration process which many have criticised as a mess, the Mayor was also seen in central Freetown, encouraging market women and shopkeepers to go out and register.

“I had a really pleasant time walking through the Central Business District, sensitizing Freetonians about the final two days of the registration process. It was encouraging to note the already very high levels of registration among traders. Today is the last day of the process. It is our civic right and civic duty to register so if you have not yet registered, please ‘Grap Go Register’,” the Mayor exhorted voters.


  1. This is a positive news for Freetonians. Voters registration is the foundation of our democracy. Unfortunately, politicians try to make this simple process and procedures difficult. What is so difficult to understand that first time voters should show their valid birth certificate or passport to register?

  2. Let’s hold tight and wait because there’s a high probability (almost one) that Mayor Aki-Sawyer is yet again headed for CID Headquarters to answer questions about urging Freetonians to register to vote next year. It has become the norm for Bio and his headless gang headed by the spineless inspector general of police. The Mayor only has to sneeze these days and the Bio government will see it as an opposing act. Soon enough her Worship The Mayor should be able to walk to CID Headquarters completely blindfolded without missing a step.

    The Bio government is now in the clutches of fear that losing the presidency in 2023 is a foregone conclusion. We all know that people in the grip of fear are very dangerous, they’re not guided by any established rules anymore .The Mayor has become a heavyweight in the political arena and she keeps perfecting what boxing knows as the anywhere punch; it’s a punch that is not targeted but breaks something wherever it lands – a bone , muscle or whatever. And Bio and his gang know this.

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