Mayor Aki-Sawyerr marks four years in office as Freetown Mayor

Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 May 2022:

Four years ago today, on 11th May 2018, I was sworn-in as the Mayor of Freetown. I am grateful to God, to the APC party and to the great people of this city for giving me this opportunity to serve Feeetonians.

There are many challenges associated with public service but the privilege of making a difference in the lives of people and in the history of our city, has kept me motivated and committed to our collective ambition to #TransformFreetown.

Today, as I share this short video highlighting a few of the achievements of the past year, I truly believe that all success is a team effort.

So, I would like to thank the FCC Councillors, FCC Staff, our many partners and stakeholders at home and abroad, the central government and all Freetonians for your contributions to addressing the challenges that we face as a city.

There is still much to do but we have made significant progress as summarized in the video and detailed in the annually published. TransformFreetown Reports which can be found at

The rapid growth of our city’s population as rural to urban migration continues to increase, means that the need for effective development control (land use planning, zoning and building permits) is even more pressing.

I continue to appeal for the devolution of these functions to the local councils as provided for in the Local Government Act 2004 to ensure that we prevent the further deterioration of our urban space and protect the remaining natural environment.

Thank you Freetonians and friends of Freetown for your partnership throughout the past four years. Let’s keep working together and continue on the journey to #TransformFreetown.

Here is a short video highlighting a few of the achievements of the past year across the city of Freetown. #TransformFreetown!


  1. As it sets about rebuilding itself following Justice Fisher’s decision to send it back to the drawing board of acceptable and indeed lawful self-regeneration, the APC Party would be well-advised to consider for a greater leadership role the dynamic and indefatigable Mayor of our great city and capital Freetown. This is because if there is a true ‘Talk and Do’ (a term frequently but very wrongly used to refer to you know who) politician in our country today, Mayor Aki-Sawyerr fits that description to perfection. Sierra Leone would without doubt be in a good place if it had as its President or Vice President one of the most effective public servants of our time: a great communicator, a dedicated administrator of international standing, and a towering role model for our girls and women.

    Mayor Aki-Sawyerr’s ‘can do’ spirit and her total understanding of her briefs as a servant of her city and its people should convince even the most cynical observers of our country’s political scene that there is still reason to be optimistic about a nation as disunited and as ridden with the forces of incohesion as Bio’s Sierra Leone. And the fledgling consortium of political parties could well do with enlisting the services of our proactive and passionate mayor. Her presence would provide what the consortium needs to stand out as a credible and viable alternative to Bio’s divisive party politics and the ethno-regional fissures, divisions, and antagonisms such politics feeds on and reproduces.

    Yes, the admirable, indomitable Mayor’s positivity, charisma, articulacy, and visionary policies and projects are what our country needs right now to hold itself together and thrive.

  2. Generally, Mayors of Major African cities are rarely household names because they are overwhelmingly overshadowed by the enormous powers exercise by Kings , Presidents ,Prime Ministers and head of military juntas in those particular countries..So as a Mayor with national and international name recognition, and in first name terms with the American secretary of state and every International dignitary wanting to have or want to be seen to be having an audience with you , so they can get a little bit of your star dust , it goes without saying this four years of Mayor Akin Sawyer have seen extraordinary developments taking place in ourr geeat city .

    She have transformed the city’s image that was once synonymous with poverty and hopelessness to one of hope and can do attitude.Her great initiatives of open door policy with her constituence has swept away any lingering doubt her nemesis in the Bio government have that she is truly a Mayor for the people by the people .In the Nutshell She is the PEOPLE’S MAYOR.She is a 24/7 tireless workaholic that is always coming up with new innovative ideas that involves every citizens of Freetown.From cut -savings programs that prioritise the most urgent needs of city residents, like the new market in Wilberforce taking shape in real time for which tax payers are highly appreciative of and the new maternity ward to help would be new mums.And it doesn’t stop there .

    Managing our waste and tackling the climate emergency facing us to stop the spread of diseases, is enhanced by that last Saturday of the the month cleaning exercises which is a way of teaching residents how to be responsible citizens and keeping their neighbourhood tidy .Which is very much lacking on national level.And the mayor has not only tailored her programs for the benefit of today’s generation, she is keenly aware of the burden placed on “PEPE WOMEN ” in the markets on how to look after their toddlers whilst at the same time selling their goods.This waste management program is crucial to clean up the mess and keeps our streets clean .

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