Mayor Aki-Sawyerr starts COP26 engagements with C40 Cities Mayors

Mayor Aki-Sawyerr: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 01 November 2021:

Yesterday, at the start of the biggest climate event this year, I joined C40 Cities Chair-Elect and London Mayor Sadiq Khan along with other C40 Cities Steering Committee members in reaffirming our commitment as Mayors to fight against climate change.

We believe that cities are critical for a green and just recovery in response to the global pandemic and a climate safe future. We don’t just talk, but ensure that our words are backed with action. In Freetown, innovative urban solutions backed by local action have proven to have immediate impact.


Our effort to plant one million trees by 2022 is well under way with more than half a million trees planted and digitally tracked to ensure they grow. But we are going further by introducing an innovate self financing model to ensure sustainability.

I will spend the next four days at COP26 in Glasgow as an active participant in climate discussions with leaders and activists from all over the world including US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, Secretary – John Kerry, and Michael Bloomberg – UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Solutions.

I will be on numerous panels hosted by various organizations including New York Times, World Resource Institute, United National Environment Program and The International Renewable Energy Agency. The remainder of my participation will be virtual.

Join me over the next 4 days, whilst I attend COP26, as I bring you all my discussions in Glasgow. In subsequent days, I will also highlight the work we are doing in Freetown to combat the devastating effects of climate change.


  1. Nabie Kamara ONS is very happy for your participation and hope will be home with concrete solutions on climate adaptation ,risk reduction and inclusive approach.

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