Mayor of Freetown Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr calls for peace after deadly protests in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 August 2022:

Reactions to yesterday’s deadly violence in Sierra Leone which claimed the lives of security forces and civilians have been swift. Mayor of Freetown, whose efforts and campaign to develop the country’s capital as a place that is fit for work, enterprise, living and leisure, and has successfully facilitated the pouring of tens of millions of dollars into the country from the international community, has spoken about yesterday’s violence and the need for calm and peace.

Mayor Aki-Sawyerr, is one of the leading politicians in the main opposition APC party. The party is being blamed by supporters of the ruling SLPP for yesterday’s protests.

Speaking in an emotional video recording released last night, she says that she has been praying for peace and working behind the scenes for the past weeks, since the country’s Council of Religious Leaders published a statement calling for national cohesion.

Aki-Sawyerr says that peaceful co-existence is the only option for Sierra Leoneans, if the nation is to progress and develop. She is pleading to all Sierra Leoneans to bring an end to violence and return to peace. “This is not about party politics,” she says.

You can watch her speaking here:


  1. This is the man that came to power without seeking for an ” OJT “, On Job Training that’s. H.E. Rtd. Big. Dr. J.M. Bio. may Allah continues to protects you and the entire country. Military and the Police forces and their families used to live and survived like nobody. Under APC regimes in the 90s, fighting the enemies in the war front while these men enjoying with family, soldiers living with Gari, drinking urines from their own bodies no better ammunition to fight, these guys paid us with nothing but provocation. That is why, they were kicked out from power in 1992, and yet we trusted Ernest Bai Koroma with all his empty promises to take this country with a different APC, but he fails to fulfill the promised to the nation, we will never forgive you. Today APC have determined again to seize power not by ballots but through terrorism. I believed that the United States(USA),European Union(EU), they knew what terrorism is capable of, and I hope that they don’t sit down only and fold their hands, APC had started terrorism in Sierra Leone. This is what the enemies of free world are looking for, we all knew how the neighboring country Liberia war started and how it gets in to our beloved country. We don’t want or looking for another war.

    You are not a soldier or police, will you allowed someone to used you with a little amount of money putting your own life in a harms way, and get killed for nothing? don’t you believe or get the understanding that, there would be a hard judgement between you and your soul? just for Le: 200.000? won’t you want to live for long?. All the demonstrators that lost their lives, name me one single person that related to a politician? will you allow APC to use you terrorizing your own brothers and sisters?. This is unheard of, if you hate Maada Bio so badly, why can’t you wait to remove him through ballots? I’m quite sure, you have no confidence in your ability to remove him right?.

    For Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyer, I just wanted to say thanks to her, but (TWT) time will tell. The coup attempt has failed and APC is already failed. Stay tune the confessions going on rapidly.

  2. I personally believe that Mayor Yvonne Aki Sawyer is a “WOLF IN A SHEEP’S CLOTHING”. Instead of doing the BASIC CLEANING of Freetown after all the millions of donations from the international community, she decided to use tribal slurs against the Mende tribe which was recently amplified by drunkard Samura Kamara. She has also assumed the role of the Statistician General and the electoral commissioner. She even followed the footsteps of the former lifetime leader of her party by sacking her deputy mayor unconditionally. Thankfully,it was immediately reversed. Since she is the mayor of Freetown, she should have made a public statement and standing next to the Inspector General, to show solidarity against terrorism.
    As far as I am concerned, this statement is DECEITFUL..

  3. A display of true leadership and patriotism here by the indomitable Freetown Mayor. One will think our nation’s president should have been the one broadcasting such a message in empathizing and assuaging a nervous nation. As usual, the ‘talk & do’ president will most likely stay muted as it has been the case before when several tragic events with citizens killings occurred.

    One will not be surprise however, if partisanship, rather than unity, will not be the theme of his message if he is force to make a statement. Extremists, delusional supporters in this platform have already given us a snippet of what to unfold, labeling the opposition, as terrorists!

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