Meet Abdul Dumbuya – a Law student at the University of Makeni

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 20 September 2020:

He is one of the Anzisha Top 20 Finalists for 2020 Entrepreneurship Award. The Anzisha Prize is a competitive competition for Youths Entrepreneurs in 54 African Countries competing for a shared cash of $100,000 (one hundred thousand US dollars). This year, Abdul is representing Sierra Leone as an Entrepreneur.

Abdul is the Co-founder of a social enterprise that engages into ginger farming and processes ginger into an economically preservable ginger powder.

The powder is sold in sachets and is used to make food products such as ginger drinks and gingerbread by both food businesses and households.

The social enterprise uses 25% of its generated revenue to support educational programs (e.g. community libraries, solar power for school children, etc.), which mainly target the children of ginger farmers.

As Abdul is so happy for making it to the top 20 finalists in a tough competition of 1,200 applicants and brilliant ideas, he demands your support by Voting him for the Viewer’s Choice Award and also Registering for the Virtual session.

Your votes can bring smiles to thousands of rural community children and women as his venture creates confidence and hope for children of ginger farmers with a vision to minimize extreme poverty and ensure educational equality.

Vote ABDUL DUMBUYA for the  Viewers  Choice Award through this link  as your Viewers Choice Awardee.


  1. Another Dumbuya representing Sierra Leone. He has got my vote even though he is not wearing the number 9 jersey for Leone Stars.

  2. Sierra Leoneans, lets us kindly cast our votes for Abdul Dumbuya and Mohamed Bah as both of them are representing the country.
    Thank you.

  3. Congratulations to Abdul Dumbuya, on being one of top 20 finalist for this Anzisha award. This illustrate how Sierra Leoneans, given the opportunity can give anyone a run for their money, anywhere and everywhere . we can compete anywhere and be the shinning beacon of hope for other nations. He follows in the footsteps of many outstanding fellow Sierra Leoneans that have excelled internationally. Long may his talents and exceptionalism continue. Right now we are dying to hear something good happening for once this year in our country. It has been a torrid year to say the least. Any good news is good news. This young man has brought a smile to a nation that has been under the headlock of president Bio and his enforcers.

    Sierra Leoneans are one of the most industrious people, friendly, and trusting people . Maybe even sometimes to our detriment. No one else knows this better than our corrupt politicians who deny similar Youths like Abdul, to make the most of their God given talents. Due in part to their corrupt ways. Long may this young man continue to shine a light of hope in the dark alleys of where this one direction government under this president has taken us. For without corruption, and robbing a whole generation their future, there are many Abduls Dumbuyas in Sierra Leone just waiting for that opportunity to have a stab at their future prospect. SAY NO TO CORRUPTION. LONTA !

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