Mo Ibrahim Foundation to launch first ‘African Governance Report’ in 2019

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 21 September 2019:

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation has announce the launch of the first comprehensive African Governance Report, which will be published online on 15 October 2019.

Based on IIAG data, the report will focus on: Governance and Africa’s implementation of the AU’s Agenda 2063 and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

It will highlight the importance of using data to analyse the growing governance challenges and opportunities that must be addressed to drive sustainable development in Africa.

In this report, the Foundation will highlight gaps in the availability of sound data to track and measure progress.

It will issue a call for national and international players to work together to urgently address these gaps, which will be critical to encouraging and directing development progress across the continent.

The African Governance Report will:

1) Examine the governance environments needed to achieve progress towards Agenda 2063 and the SDGs and the links between these, highlighting common areas and major challenges

2) Identify progress in these areas and data gaps, both in terms of national statistical offices but also vital statistics and civil registration

A new report in response to new challenges

Africa is at a critical turning point. While governance across the continent has continued to improve, new challenges and needs from stakeholders and citizens have changed its landscape.

The scope of public governance has expanded to include new challenges for existing topics, and new needs, such as access to quality healthcare and environmental sustainability.

Meanwhile, transformative frameworks, such as the AU’s Agenda 2063 and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), now pave the way for Africa’s development agenda, and contribute to defining policy priorities towards political, social, environmental and economic progress, says Mo Ibrahim Foundation.

In response to these developments, the Foundation says it will publish the African Governance Report with unique insights around these frameworks, challenges and opportunities.

Strengthening the use of our data

As the largest source of data on African governance, the IIAG is a key tool for African countries to measure the environment around achieving transformative frameworks, such as the AU’s Agenda 2063 and the SDGs.

Good governance remains at the core of Africa’s development and the report. The Foundation holds the most comprehensive assessment and collection of data on African governance ever undertaken using 90 indicators and 150,000 data points across 54 countries to assess performance.

With a view of continually improving the IIAG, expanding its scope to include new challenges and data, and making use of its wealth of information and growing dataset, the Foundation says it will release new data with updated scores, ranks and trends every two years, with the next iteration in 2020.

Between the biennial updates of the IIAG dataset, the Foundation will publish additional data-driven research publications and tools to support Africa’s stakeholders with resources for evidence-based decision making and policy debates, alongside the comprehensive African Governance Report, based on the IIAG.

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  1. Africa has become a terminally I’ll patient,no one his been able to cure.(lol) One report after the other came,and went it’s way ignored,shrugged off,and neglected,like a horse that no one wanted to ride. Now another one is galloping,on its way,to save the day,from the Mo Ibrahim Foundation.This time,its a comprehensive report,loaded with data,that will be much easier to throw away by leaders with pot bellies who would rather feed,and gourmandise on oily,unhealthy pork entrails than waste their time reading.(lol) Seriously,the Mo Ibrahim Foundation,need to understand that the majority of the people in Africa are uneducated – all those data in their reports are of no use to the poor,and struggling masses in Africa.

    The men who can make use of their research,are self centered,and greedy,having no intentions to put those findings to practice at all.If the Mo Ibrahim Foundation is really interested in promoting good governance in Africa,then they must start at the grassroots level,with young people – educate,nurture,and empower them to become future leaders of their nations. And they must invest in communities living in abject poverty,train the elderly,and uneducated,and help them improve their standards of living.

    Forget about all that data for now,and pay close attention to a one,on one approach of interacting with others. Help,and support governments,and their opposition to create laws that will promote,enhance,and solidify good governance….And lastly,quit giving millions of dollars away,to leaders that do not deserve it – invest on the mentally I’ll,disabled,and poor masses instead….Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

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