New Minister of Local Government Tamba Lamina takes oath of office

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 July 2019:

Tamba Lamina, who until a few weeks ago was serving in London as Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to the UK, yesterday took his oath of office – in the presence of president Julius Maada Bio at State House in Freetown, as the government’s new Minister of Local Government.

Speaking after his swearing-in ceremony, President Bio congratulated Minister Lamina and thanked him for accepting the offer to serve in his government as minister.

Bio tod Lamina that he is joining the government at an extremely difficult time which requires extra efforts to help tackle the challenges ahead.

The president also said that he has created a leadership environment that is supportive, as he assured Lamina of his full support and guidance at all times.

In reply, Tamba Lamina expressed his sincere gratitude to the president for appointing him to serve in his Cabinet.

He said that performance has always been his strength, adding that he is looking forward to bringing additional value to the Cabinet.

Lamina said that working together with the president and colleague ministers, he will ensure that the New Direction is successful and beneficial to the people of Sierra Leone.

He assured the president that he will provide professional leadership at the Ministry of Local Government, based on respect for the Rule of Law, respect for Paramount Chiefs, and delivery of services through collaboration and consultation.

Tamba Lamina added that decision making in his ministry will be based on evidence as required by the New Direction.

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  1. BLUE to BLUE is always a symbol of PEACE, LOVE and UNITY. President Bio announced the appointment of Mr. Tamba Lamina weeks ago but left him continue his diplomatic job for a while. This was the simple reason. President Bio knew he had to travel to the UK for that ECONOMIC/INVESTORS forum and he needs someone with British Diplomatic experience. Even before the conference was announced, we were asking the Bio administration to put the entire organization in the hands of Mr. Tamba Lamina.

    But they did not listen. They decided to give him the diplomatic side of the visit to take care of and left the public relations and other schedules with incompetent officials. What happened in the end? The diplomacy was a big success. President Bio was invited to 10 DOWNING STREET and attended that event by the Queen sitting besides the British Prime Minister Theresa May.

    Those were two powerful sights that the world will never forget. All was made possible by one and only one hard working former HIGH COMMISSIONER to the UK no other than the present Minister of Local Government Mr. Tamba Lamina. On the other hand, the public relations and the other organizing activities was a complete failure. Just imagine planning a meeting for the president to meet his countrymen/women and then cancelling it abruptly. What a shame it was.

    I hope President Bio always consults Mr. Tamba Lamina for anything concerning the UK. This perfect Gentleman is an expert in British Diplomacy. Finally, without no doubt, he is going to restructure and do the necessary reforms needed to make the Local Government Ministry the best in terms of efficiency in the Bio administration. His ministry is just going to be second to none. He is just the real deal in the Bio administration right now. What a lovely occasion indeed.

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