Yumkella and his fellow NGC parliamentarians are leading by example

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 10 July 2019:

In the past three weeks, NGC Parliamentarians representing Kambia District, led by Dr Kandeh Yumkella of Constituency 062, Samu Chiefdom, have embarked on several development projects in Brimaya, Khonimaha, Bamoi Luna and Mambolo in Kambia.
In a coordinated joint effort with his colleagues, Foday Mario Kamara MP of Constituency 057, Bai Sama Kamara MP of Constituency 060, and Abdul Titus Kamara MP of Constituency 061, NGC MPs are demonstrating their determination and resolve to address critical issues affecting their constituencies, rather than sitting on their hands in the capital Freetown.

The four musketeers as they are fondly referred to, are working tirelessly on a range of local development projects, including the construction of a bridge in Samu, the construction of the Makatic and Rokupr Community Bridge, maintenance of feeder roads, cleaning of culverts to prevent flooding, the provision of solar powered lights and providing support to victims of fire disasters which recently took place at Yeliboya.

Over the weekend, all four MPs and the Paramount Chief of Samu Chiefdom, PC Alhaji Bai Shebra Yek II, laid the foundation for the construction of a jetty.

The new jetty will make it easier and safer for people and goods to travel across local waterways.

The NGC MPs also inspected the Moribaya water project, which is being undertaken by various religious organisations and NGOs.

These four NGC MPs – led by the former UN executive and presidential aspirant, Dr Kandeh Yumkella, are a shinning example of not only what political leadership is all about, but what parliamentarians in Sierra Leone should be doing for their constituencies, to address poverty and make local community development a reality.


  1. Thank you Emmanuel for your comment which I highly appreciate. I will assure you that all the C4C MPs are deeply involved in helping their constituents. You are not seeing it publicly because, they don’t want to make a theatre about the way they are engaging with their constituents in terms of their development projects.

    In fact, one of the C4C MPs if you could remember was the first ever in the history of our parliament to detail out how he spent the development aid allocated for the development of his constituency. That was just remarkable. So, engaging with constituents is nothing new within the C4C. That I will assure you.

    Furthermore, I would like to assure you that development is on the way. Months ago, parliamentarians from the different political parties visited Rwanda. The C4C came with lots of ideas that will help KONO and the entire country. They did not only travel to know about how Rwanda has maintained the peace after their civil war or how their democracy works, they went further to know about their agricultural development success.

    By the way, the C4C is the party that wants us to move away from INDUSTRIAL based to an AGRO based economy. Self sufficiency and preventive health care is centre to their agenda. A well fed and healthy man is always a happy man. Do you agree with me Emmanuel?

    Emmanuel, somebody close to C4C informed me on how they were thrilled by PROCOM which is an American aid organisation working in Rwanda. This organisation is engaged in different types of development projects that are vital for the development of any country, especially in rural areas. Remember that Chief Sam Sumana himself has ties with America. The chances are great that PROCOM may start its development operations in Sierra Leone in the not too distant future.

    Consult this link – https://www.procomaid.com

    After consulting this website, you will see the types of projects that the C4C is planning to follow/adopt to improve the livelihood of the people of KONO and the entire country. Just be patient Emmanuel. Development is on its way. Don’t worry.
    Finally, I will always praise/appreciate the work of any political party but, at the same time, I will will point out their weaknesses when the need arise.

    Let’s just stop telling our politician what they want to hear. Informing them about their weaknesses is the right thing to make them wake up. Thank you very much Emmanuel for your observations and may GOD BLESS YOU.

    • Good evening brother. Agreed for reasoning sake. Have they put these good ideas into reality? Politicians are good at promising but fufillment becomes an issue. I will only be convinced if what they promised is done. But for now, it is just political rhetoric. By the way, what’s their take on the reconstruction of the hospital that burnt down?

  2. The NGC was sitting on the sidelines waiting for President Bio and his SLPP to make any suicidal political mistake. But that did not happen. President Bio and the SLPP were very clever enough not to give any political advantage to the NGC in SLPP controlled territories whatsoever.

    Matters became worse when President Bio announced the payment of benefits to the past APC government. So, to counter the slow but sure advancing of the APC with constant velocity northwards, they have done the right thing to try and hold grip of their base. Are the projects they are now embarking on too little too late to hold grip of their base? Wake up NGC.

    President Bio just short circuited the hopes of the NGC in SLPP held territories. What a shame. As regards to YELEBUYA, they should just try and relocate the town. This town is sinking by the day and no one is doing the right thing which is, just relocate the inhabitants of the famous fishing town to another area. PERIOD! Thanks President Bio for putting Sierra Leone first.

    • Good evening brother. Thanks for your comments. I have a question for you, can you please mention the development strides of the C4C in kono district, the PMDC in the south and the APC since the left power in the north. NGC should be commended because they are undertaking these projects either through self support or using their MP funds for development in their various constituencies.

      What’re the above MPs of the above political parties doing with their funds for constituency development? Recently a children’s hospital got burnt down in kono. What is Sam and others doing for it to rebuilt? I guess they are waiting for the govt to reconstruct it.

      As you usually say that the C4C is making inroads all over the country. For reasoning sake, let me agree, but if you cannot develop your own area who stood by you when you were down, what about the other areas if they decide to support you? NGC is leading by example. Kudos to them and I hope other opposition political parties will follow suit because govt can’t do it all. Thanks bro for your comment.

    • Mr. Matturi, before the 2018 elections my dream was a coalition of NGC and C4C to move this country forward. Mr. Sam Sumana’s interviews and speeches were very inspiring and within my political orbit. I was Mr. Sam Sumana’s defender, and then he fell out of grace with me and many other Sierra Leoneans. The details of course you should know better.

      Political Integrity and Steadfastness are Fundamental Values that we should be looking for in our country. It’s very good for him to have reconciled with the former President but has he reconciled with the electorate? The best way forward for Mr. Sam Sumana is to leave the Progressives in the Party including you to lead it.

      He has manouverd his political ship in the wrong direction and has to step down for young and dynamic politicians in the like of Emerson Lamina to lead the way forward. C4C is greater than Mr. Sam Sumana; and of course, we need this party in our country!

  3. We NGCians live by examples, not noise making and jeopardising the hard won peace in our country. We are patriotic, law abiding and very very progressive. Without the strong influence of NGC in Sierra Leone’s politics today, I just wonder at times where our country would have been after the elections.

    My respect to our representatives in parliament, party executives and members. Change has started and we as a progressive and peaceful force will continue our fight for sustainable development. United We stand, We stand United!

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