Ministerial abuse of power lands local Imam behind bars – orders from above

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 July 2019: State House in Freetown is yet to respond to reports of the unfair arrest and detention of the Chief Imam of Grafton Town in Freetown, after the government’s chief minister – Professor David Francis, allegedly ordered the police to carry out the arrest. According [Read More]


Nonviolence – the supreme law of life

Abdulai Mansaray: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 July 2019: The recent spate of violence on the streets of Freetown, has become a recurrent eyesore to all well-meaning Sierra Leoneans. It goes without saying that violence and Sierra Leone are not strange bedfellows. Our country, like many other African countries has developed [Read More]


Is Sierra Leone about to repeal its criminal libel laws?

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 July 2019: Sierra Leone’s minister of information – Mohamed Rahman Swarray, told reporters at his usual weekly press briefing in Freetown, that the Bio-led government of Sierra Leone is on course to repeal the 1965 Criminal Libel Law, that has been used so often by politicians [Read More]


Political violence erupted again in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 July 2019: With less than a month to go before by-elections are held in Hamilton, in the far west of Freetown constituency 110 in Sierra Leone, both the two main political parties have once again drawn swords. Yesterday’s by-election campaign rally by the opposition All People’s [Read More]


Ebola in Sierra Leone and the death of Dr. Sheikh Umarr Khan – Five years on, no answers

Chernoh Alpha M. Bah: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 July 2019: It has been five years now and the silence continues into the death of Sierra Leone’s leading viral haemorrhagic fever specialist, Dr. Sheikh Umarr Khan who died during the first few weeks of the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Khan died on [Read More]

Election Watch

WhatsApp strengthens and undermines Nigerian democracy – says researchers

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 July 2019: Research findings released today by a UK-Nigerian research team, examining the role of WhatsApp in Nigeria’s 2019 elections, say that “WhatsApp both strengthens and undermines Nigerian democracy”. Drawing on citizen surveys and interviews with political campaigns, the report underlines the ways in which WhatsApp [Read More]


President Bio addresses graduate officers at Nigeria’s National Defence College

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 July 2019: President Julius Maada Bio will deliver an address at this year’s military graduation ceremony, taking place at the National Defence College in Abuja, Nigeria, tomorrow Tuesday, 30th July 2019. According to State House report in Freetown, the Sierra Leone president has been invited to [Read More]


The corruption of every government begins with principles

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 July 2019: Sierra Leoneans woke up to breaking news (pardon the pun) last week that thieves broke into the house of one of the prominent judges presiding over the Commissions of Inquiry in Freetown. “According to reports, the Nigerian Judge Biobele Georgewill was asleep, at the [Read More]


Crime and violence in Sierra Leone – growing national concern

Abayomi Tejan: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 July 2019: There are dozens, if not hundreds of Civil Society Organizations, NGOS, media houses, and a variety of advocacy groups dealing with a wide range of social issues. However, few – very few, are focussing on crime prevention, investigation, and assisting the security [Read More]