New report calls for more electoral reforms in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 14 November 2022:

The Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL) last week launched a study report entitled, “A Review of the Administration of Electoral Justice in Sierra Leone: Challenges and Opportunities for Reforms”.

Funded by the Irish Embassy, the study report provides an assessment of the legal and structural environment for effective administration of electoral justice.

Presenting the report to Chief Justice Desmond Babatunde Edwards, the Ambassador of Ireland to Sierra Leone, Claire Buckley said, “The report we share today is part of Ireland’s overall support to the conduct of peaceful, credible and inclusive elections in 2023…It is our hope that this work will support ongoing work of the justice sector to strengthen the existing electoral justice systems that resolves electoral contestations in and outside the courts”.

Chief Justice Edwards expressed appreciation for the work of CARL in producing the report and thanked the Irish Embassy for its support.

He said there have been some electoral legal reforms in the last couple of years and promised that the judiciary will continue to play its own part to ensure access to justice for electoral disputes.

The launch was attended by Justice Eku Roberts (JSC), Chernor M. Bah MP and Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Patricia Narsu Ndanema – the Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission.

The Executive Director of CARL – Ibrahim Tommy said, “We want to help build and strengthen an electoral justice system that resolves election-related complaints, guaranteeing full compliance with the law, and to help democracy in Sierra Leone thrive”.

The report identifies the common sources or causes of electoral complaints and discusses how the inadequacies in electoral justice mechanisms undermine access to justice and its impact for peaceful and transparent electoral processes.

The report also reflects on the handling of electoral disputes since 2007, pointing out that delays in adjudicating electoral disputes undermine access to electoral justice and the consolidation of democratic gains.



  1. Is not the system that is failing our country and her people but the elected and appointed public officials that are running or for better choice of words ruining the system that have chipped away and eroded all the basic democratic pillars that are meant to uphold our democracy and the rule of law .And has thus so far failed to deliver for the communities up and down the country . Never in the history of a nation have so much being promised and so little delivered .So blaming the system instead of blaming the people that are running the system is not only disingenious ,but totally lack the clarity and trust put in place to ensure the system works for the benefit of all not the few .Is not the players is the football .Give us a break .The so-called Bio and SLPP electoral reforms is just one more nail added to the coffin of our young democracy .This is one more attempt by Bio to shift the blame of his lack of vision and mission for the development of our country.Electoral refoms are only necessary if the present sytem is not delivering the will of the people . Talk of shifting the goal post in middle of a game is an understatement.The government should focus their minds on how to work and enhanced the system of what we currently have in place, the first past the post sytem which many democracies around the world practice . It has not only proven to be workable but the sytem have stood the test of times .This attempt by Bio and his government to reform a system that helped elected him to the presidency , with out plunging our country to elections outcomes uncertainty and to some extent, undermine the security of the state is not only the best thing we have but the only workable electoral vehicle we have that retain public confidence the way we elect our political leaders . If it is not broken why fix it . Any attempt to indulge into political experiments in the middle of a cost of living crisis will not only divert much needed public funding on areas desperately crying out for goverment assistance for families on the breadline but it will be use by Boi and his supporters to unleash a security nightmare as we heads for the June 2023 Presidential elections.We don’t care who is elected to the presidency as long as they can deliver on their promises that’s what count .Bio have fallen far short of what was expected of him. Now he is trying to cast his net of political brinkmanship blame wide in the ocean of political uncertainty and economic hardship to see if people can buy into his lies. Well he will be disappointed .Because the scales have fallen from the eyes of average family in Sierra Leone .They know what his government is all about .Corrupt to the bone marrow .

  2. I do not and cannot accord this Report topmost priority; in fact, it is an unethical and wasteful diversion. Topmost priority are compliances with existing laws, rules, and regulations by all elected and appointed officials, particularly those pertinent to purchasing and supplies aspects of assets maintenance management. What happened to “STANDING ORDERS” the British handed over? Seton During.

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