Speaker of Sierra Leone’s parliament Abass Bundu makes controversial ruling on last week’s violence in parliament

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 November 2022: Dr. Abass Chernor Bundu, Speaker of Sierra Leone’s parliament has today published a highly controversial report which outlines his ruling on what he himself describes as “the riotous behaviour of some members of parliament in the chamber of parliament on 23rd November 2022.” In [Read More]


Dr. Abdulai Conteh, Joseph Kamara and others give hope that all is not lost in Sierra Leone – Op ed

Kabs Kanu: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 30 November 2022: It was Edmund Burke who famously wrote these immortal words that “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing ” (Photo above: Joseph F. Kamara). The Supreme Court action by learned icons of the law, [Read More]


Sierra Leone’s top lawyers file supreme court action against President Bio’s directive to change the  voting system

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 November 2022: With barely seven months before general, local, and presidential elections are held in Sierra Leone, President Bio’s last-minute bid to change the country’s voting system from the constituency first past the post to district block proportional representation, has tonight been dealt a massive blow [Read More]

Abdulai Mansaray

Great anger and violence can never build a nation – Op ed

Abdulai Mansaray: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 November 2022: Henry Cate once said that “the problem with political jokes is that they get elected”. Looking at the scenes that broke out in the Well of the Parliament of Sierra Leone on the 23rd  of November this year, the above cannot be [Read More]


Sierra Leone Parliament descends into ugly brawl and fist fights as opposition MPs refuse to debate proportional represention laws

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 November 2022: Last Wednesday 23rd November 2022 was another sad chapter in the history of Sierra Leone’s Parliament, after members of Parliament went on the rampage, hurling objects and punching one another as the Speaker – Dr Abass Bundu, lost control in an ill-tempered debate over [Read More]


Sierra Leone voter exhibition and verification seriously flawed – Op ed

Sheriff Mahmud Ismail: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 27 November 2022: Like the Voter Registration Exercise, the exhibition and verification is turning out to be a sham due to series of hitches the Electoral Commission of Sierra Leone seems to have deliberately put in the way of the verification process. Since the [Read More]


Lawyer Addy Macauley makes bid for secretary general position in the opposition APC

Kabs Kanu: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 November 2022: Addy Macauley, a hugely popular legal practitioner in Sierra Leone, who has been one of many celebrated attorneys defending the opposition All People’s Congress ( APC ) in its many legal battles , last week spoke to COCORIOKO newspaper about why he [Read More]

Economy & Business

Freetown cable car project takes centre stage at peer-to-peer exchange with Colombia and Peru

Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 23 November 2022: I am thrilled to report the successful return of a delegation from Freetown City Council (FCC) and central government (the Ministry of Transport and Aviation and the Ministry of Finance) who were hosted by the City of Medellin on a [Read More]


Former President Koroma attends West African Elders’ Forum kicks off in Abidjan

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 November 2022: Former President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma is attending the second Strategy Meeting of the West African Elders’ Forum (WAEF) being held in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Welcoming participants to the meeting, the Executive Director of the Goodluck Jonathan Foundation, Ann Iyone (Photo below), [Read More]