NGC supports fight against COVID-19 in Sierra Leone

NGC Media Team: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 01 April 2020:

Following on Hon Kandeh Yumkella’s COVID-19 sensitisation tour of his constituency, 062 Samu Chiefdom, where he addressed over 10,000 residents, the NGC has embarked on a massive nationwide effort to provide Veronica buckets to markets across the country.

The party identified local markets as critical to preventing the spread of the Corona virus in Sierra Leone.

The need for a robust and non-partisan response to the fight against the disease became more acute, after the country recorded its first case of the disease yesterday and a second case today.

The entire NGC, including local district chapters, NGC UK&I and NGC North America and other diaspora chapters responded to the global NGC initiative to provide these buckets for handwashing, including supplies of disinfectants.

Potentially, up to a thousand buckets will be distributed at local markets in various districts in coordination with local stakeholders and traders.

Each bucket carries instructions for safe washing of hands, will be placed at intervals to prevent people being too close to each other, when washing their hands.

All NGC MPs are in their constituencies distributing buckets and working with their respective Chiefdom councils. Last week NGC Bo District distributed buckets at Shegeh market in Bo District.

According to Dr Dennis Bright, the Chairman and Leader of the party, “the financial support for the production of Veronica buckets that the party has received from its global membership, enables us to start distributing to markets and other places that need them. The donations we are going to make will be a testament of our commitment to care for our people and put our Country first”.

According to Dr Kandeh Yumkella, “COVID-19 does not discriminate by party, religion or social class. So we should all join the fight and collaborate with the government. So let’s put Salone Fos”.

The party will hold a monthly briefing on Thursday 2nd April 2020, when it would set out its position on the COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Crazy! Why do you give a talk to 10.000 in a pandemic. He should be leading by example. Social distancing.

  2. This is how a responsible and level-headed opposition party behaves in a time of a national crisis. It does not put party before nation as the power hungry, violent and useless APC party always does.

    All the APC thinks about is 2023 and its foolish and lunatic fantasy of coming back to power as if Sierra Leoneans have been struck with the Stockholm syndrome, the syndrome that pushes the oppressed into loving their oppressor.

    Well, the less 2023 is talked about the better. We are still in 2020 and what matters is how the nation rallies behind president Bio in ensuring that the deadly coronavirus does not take a single life in Sierra Leone.

    I salute Dr. Kandeh Yumkella and the NGC for putting Salone ahead of party.

    • Just ignore someone who hits and runs and fails to face the realities of the subject matter. Thanks Joe Majoe for informing me, that our strategy of inflicting election day anxiety in 2023 is working. No deviation or distraction from the strategy. That I will guarantee everyone. Mr Bilal Coleman somewhere in our God given planet now struggling to eliminate Coronavirus, facing the realities of 2023. God help Mr Bilal Coleman concentrate on the issues.

  3. This is a classic example of leadership and patriotism. Thanks to the leadership and supporters of NGC.My hope is for the beneficiaries to have constant water supply to use the buckets for the purpose they were donated.

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