NRA urges GST payers to always demand electronic register generated receipts

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 April 2021:

In a bid to enhance government revenue through effective collection of Goods and Services Tax (GST), the National Revenue Authority (NRA) is calling on all shoppers and service customers to ensure that they are issued with electronically generated receipts from cash registers when they make payments.

It is estimated that the NRA is losing millions of dollars every year through non-payment of GST and fraud.

Writing in a statement published on Tuesday, the Commissioner-General of NRA – Dr. Samuel S. Jibao said: “The general public is hereby informed that the National Revenue Authority has commenced the installation of the Electronic Cash Register (ECR) Machines in the business premises of all registered GST taxpayers such as supermarkets, hotels, guest houses, restaurants, bars, night clubs, building materials stores, boutiques, saloons, general merchandise, and other services providers, among others.

“The public is hereby reminded that the use of these machines is compulsory as provided for by the Finance Act of 2020 and other related legislations. Therefore, all registered GST taxpayers are mandated to input all transactions into these machines and generate a receipt for each transaction.

“It is an offense if a taxpayer fails to issue a GST receipt generated from the ECR Machines even without being requested for by the customer.

“Any taxpayer who fails to issue an electronically generated receipt from the ECR machines or other related software for this purpose, or tampers with the installations of these systems, or refuse to allow NRA staff to install these machines, or wilfully, recklessly or carelessly damage these machines and systems will be construed as impeding tax administration for which a fine of up to Le 500 Million Leones and or an imprisonment term of up to five years will be imposed on conviction or both such fines and imprisonment term as appropriate.

“Therefore, all registered GST taxpayers must notify the NRA in an event of fault or problems with the installation and operation of these machines and equipment within twenty-four hours so that remedial actions will be taken by the Authority immediately.

“All registered GST taxpayers must regularize their registration information with the NRA for the issuance of a new Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and must ensure that the ECR Machines are installed immediately.

“Support the NRA in mobilizing the much-needed revenues for effective state governance,” the statement ends.

But business analysts say that a major problem for many business taxpayers using ECR machines is the lack of constant supply of electricity to operate the machines.



  1. Every patriotic citizen supposed to fulfill their duty to PAY TAXES. Most of our international partners that support our government get most their funds from their tax payers. Even the only super power in the world ( USA) believe that “the things are certain in life are death and taxes”. The Electronic Cash Register will definitely augment the efforts of the NRA , and May the Almighty continue to bless Dr. Samuel S.Jibao for his hard work and dedication for his country.

  2. Paying taxes to the government is key instrument for Sierra Leone to develop economically and to build a prosperous country. Far too long Sierra Leone has been losing millions of pounds and dallars, trillions of Leones of tax payments collected by some wicked businesses from the customers, not paying up to government the monies collected but prefer to keep for their own.

    Installing electrical registered machines in order for the government to track taxes paid for goods and services is welcoming and wise idea. Also the penalties levied for any tempering, damaging or refusing installation of the machine will deter unpatriotic, wicked and so call enemy of progress. WELL DONE PAPA GOVERNMENT IT IS ABOUT TIME TO PUT THINGS STRAIGHT IN SIERRA LEONE.

  3. Holy molly! They are all as gullible as children wearing left shoes on right feet; Clueless yet brimming sheepishly with smiles thinking that its alright and its just fine. These people are not ashamed of their lack of vision and poor sense of judgement. My goodness! I mean seriously why didn’t they first consult with the business community and listen to what they had to say in unison about these electronic cash registers?This is what happens to the arrogant – they set out on a hunt for rabbits and gazelles to make delicious,yummy pepper soup only to find out later with a prey in sight that they are without bullets,the barrels of their rifles are as empty as the mouth of a 90 year exhausted old man.(lol)

    Again,this is exactly what happens when government projects and undertakings are hastily done to score cheap political points – Total failure is always the end results. The first step that was of paramount importance was ignored – sensitizing everyone in the nation about the benefits of using the new cash registers. Sadly,after the long night has already been spent and the full moon has retreated to Its place of solace and rest,and the sleepless rooster is preparing to crow at dawn,it is now that they have sob stories to tell and sad songs to sing that will make you cry.(lmao) Incompetence is a hell of a thing; it shackles its victims with fears,clouds their minds, distorts their vision, paralyses them with doubts and failures,then strangles those in its iron grips in just an unforgiving fleeting moment in time.(lol)

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