Open letter to the chairman and leader of the APC party – Ernest Bai Koroma

The NRM Group: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 19 October 2019:

Dear Chairman and Leader, over the past few months, following the submission of the draft constitution to the APC Secretariat, the party leadership requested suggestions from the membership to  improve on the draft constitution.

We had already stated our dissatisfaction about the exclusion of the mass membership from participating in the constitution-making process — something which has to do with everyone’s future.

We are of the firm belief that participatory review of a constitution is a democratic norm. But, sadly, it seems the participation of the mass membership in the review of the party’s constitution is to the APC leadership what garlic is to a vampire.

However, we at the NRM write to follow up on the status of the draft constitution of our party, the APC. As Frederick Douglas, a famous abolitionist once remarked, “power concedes nothing without a demand,” we undertake responsibility for ourselves and demand for an explanation on what is happening to the draft constitution.

It’s not lost on us that the  submission of suggestions on the draft constitution ended over sixty days ago.

Quite frankly, we are bewildered by the APC leadership’s  decision to make the whole constitutional review process a travesty, as the shadiness that engulfs the process itself casts doubt on the leadership’s commitment to internal democracy.

Moreover, we have observed over the years that the APC under your leadership has often used undue delay and shadiness as vehicles for the maintenance of the very dictatorial order that democracy seeks to guard against.

For us, this is an effort to distract the unsuspecting public from the main task of producing a democratic constitution.

Furthermore, this foot-dragging in the constitutional review process is a serious cause for concern. It has the tendency  to undermine the objective of the whole review process.  At the very least, the bulk of the APC membership deserves to be regularly informed on the reasons for the prolonged silence in the whole review process.

The party leadership has to learn from historical mistakes that it’s not business as usual, and for a constitution to be credible the voices of the members from across the board must be heard and incorporated in its creation.

Sir, with respect, that document must not be allowed to gather dust!

The bolts of dictatorship must not be allowed to be tightened by a few!  Such a mentality, backward as it is, must be shot down!

At this point, it is important to reiterate our demand to the APC leadership for an explanation on the status of the draft constitution – a document we hope will reflect a commitment to democracy and mass participation in decision-making.

With respect, we ask that you make full commitment to the reforming of a political system that allows a small ruling class to deprive the majority of their basic democratic rights.

To use the language of Peter Tosh, the Jamaican reggae  musician and activist, “all we need is equal rights and justice” in the APC. This ought not be too much to ask!

The NRM remains committed to the struggle to democratize the APC.

Abdul Karim Kafoir,
Head of Research and Strategic Planning, NRM.
+232 77 552954/+232 78 218399


  1. This should be a clear message to the lifetime leader and chairman that his days are numbered and if he has pride and shame he needs to step aside as soon as possible before he is forced out in disgrace.

  2. The writer is not asking, requesting (or demanding?) a review of a certain clause in the draft constitution, submitted only two months ago, but trying to spotlight the ‘relevance’ of the NRM within the APC party. This view can be supported by the appearance of this letter/article, immediately after the Chairman and Leader, and former President Earnest Bai Koroma (EBK), announced to bring forward the date of the party’s convention; the legitimate platform where differences in political ideologies can be debated and adopted, or rejected by delegates.

    In all, it sounds paradoxical for the writer of this article to think that he was doing a favour for the APC, when on the contrary, it was an exercise to highlight negative views towards particular characters in the leadership. In effect, the letter was just a publicity stunt by an insignificant fringe – the so called NRM – with the sole purpose of tarnishing the image of the APC party as a whole, with particular reference to the Leader and Chairman – EBK.

    Of course, all major political parties across the world have learnt to exist with varying ideologies in their respective political setting; either clustering on the LEFT (socialist), RIGHT (capitalist), or CENTRE (centrist). That is healthy Democracy: especially when each and every member ascribe to a common philosophy in the party. You cannot be on the left, right, and centre at the same time. What are you: APC, SLPP, or NRM?

    It is highly likely that, the NRM doctrine may not be compatible with that of the APC. Over the years, the APC has established a formidable brand (or force) that is popular in various social stratas across the country – including a big following by the masses. The NRM might be clustering in a different position away from the philosophy and etiquette of the APC. The APC don’t need the NRM faction; they are detrimental to the party. Not surprising, most of their supporters come from the SLPP – the APC’s arch rival – as it plays on their advantage. And the best strategic move for the APC is to boot out the NRM from the party.

  3. Ill-gotten leaders will continue to sit upon our rights. Those days are over in a world of liberty.

  4. Sorry mate, the affairs of APC is also the affairs of all Sierra Leoneans, because it’s the biggest opposition party and their parliamentarians receive their salaries every month although the ‘GRON don DRY’. APC can only be a force to reckon with if they follow the democratic path NRM is demanding. EBK left the democratic path after his first term in office and built up a personality cult around himself – This was his greatest mistake!! He forgot to rule and NRM wants to correct that mistake and they WILL PREVAIL!! For the fanatical members of course it’s a difficult period but it’s the only straight path left to choose from.

  5. Tamba Komba – please next time try using the words, ” brazenly shameless” instead of ” “ruthlessly shameless” fits,works,and sounds much better.( lmao) Now crawl back into that eerie,weird,discomforting hole where you came from,and tell those Psychos,and weirdos you regard as leaders of your failing SLPP that, I said they are a thieving,lousy,tribalistic bunch of incompetents.(lol)

    Strange is it not – that an erratic,dysfunctional,nonsensical government,that doesn’t give damn,or a rats ass about the rule of law; that ceaselessly intimidates the Judiciary – that is a bully,holding the Chief Justice,as a hostage,gasping for air,in a chokehold,are at it once again,sending their shady,gullible agents out here to lie,and try to deceive the general public.

    Listen man, before you call EBK an idiot,tell that HUGE FEEDING POT BELLY President of yours to try walking just 10 steps in the shoes of the Former President,and see if your ‘KOBO FOOT’ Coup plotter,can manage it,at all ….See if he doesn’t stumble,fall,and keep on rolling over,and over like big drum,out of control..(lmao)…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Saidu, You cannot tell people what they should say or write. If you cannot handle it, well, too bad. The phraseology is an unrelieved paradox. Now, the next time you come out here with your ‘brazen’ nonsense, make sure you do your homework. BTW, check your spacing after punctuations. GOt IT?

      • Mr Komba, please. Stop the personal attack. Let us pay attention to the issues, and have respectful exchange of ideas and proper debate. Thank you. And I trust Mr Conteh will not be tempted to respond in kind going forward. Thanks.

  6. Those dictators of APC must be ready to give us our right. We will no longer stand by and watch a dictator, cruel, rogue and self-centered individuals lead us again. Oppressive regime cannot endure forever, the day will come when the people will take ownership through decisive action.

  7. I’m not sure why this letter that was meant for the Chairman of the APC, was made public. There is a common saying: “wash your dirty linens at home”; this is an APC family affairs and matters affecting the party should be dealt within the party ….period! APC should be seen as a party in waiting and not as a divided one.

    • Do you really believe APC is a private entity? Do you? Ouch! You spoil my day already. The enemy is ignorance. Let’s fight it.

  8. It is said that when drums begins to beat at the edges of rivers,and villages not faraway from deep forests,even the worst,and most ruthless, erratic hyenas,and Orangutans,will come out to dance,displaying violence,and unbridled anger. Careful gentlemen with these loud,annoying,irritable drums you are beating! I would like to strongly advise the writer,and NRM who he represents to check their words,and disrespectful tone when referring to the Former President.

    This brazen lack of courtesy for one who sits unchallenged, and undisputed,confidently in authority,at the pinnacle of APC leadership has angered many, sitting right now next to me. Is it right,and proper for one of our own,a foot soldier,with soft hands,to point their clueless fingers at a 5 Star General who has already proven himself victorious times without number,against the opposition,in the art of War?

    Check you tone! Focus your empty,misguided threats,and disparaging,derogatory innuendos,instead at a criminal government presently in power. If EBK has not as yet responded to your request,it must be for genuine,and valid reasons….I’m sure of it! Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Indeed, “rising sun will rise again” to plunder Salone. The idiot and ruthless Bai Koroma brutally violated the highest and sacred document of the land – the constitution. He swore to his god and promised to uphold and protect the constitution of Salone. He ended up violating the constitution.

      This is synonymous to raping Salone of her respect and dignity. And here you ignorantly in favor of the “rising sun will rise again” to repeat the continued raping of Salone. Some of you guys are ruthlessly shameless. As I said earlier, ignorance is the enemy. Go educate yourself fellow. Sierra Leone is my party and country. Sorry, but I had to say this.

  9. “all we need is equal rights and justice” in the APC,” says NRM. It is interesting that the National Reformation Movement (NRM) of the APC can attempt to remove the speck out of Ernest Koroma’s eye without first removing the beam out of its own eye. Clearly, the NRM as presently constituted has no members from the South, East or Western regions of Sierra Leone. Its entire membership hails from the North. So, on what moral ground can the NRM stand to accuse Ernest Koroma of dictatorship and undemocratic practices?

    The tendency to promote regionalism and tribalism in the APC is not only instinctive but also an acceptable modus operandi of the APC. This is partly the reason why the party was booted out of office last year. It is a disgrace that no lessons have been learned from APC’s abysmal collapse at the polls last year. Yet as the internal strife in the party gains momentum, the hypocritical and double-dealing tendencies of the NRM becomes more and more palpable. How can an organization that regards itself as a reform movement embrace the same repugnant and reprehensible policies of those that it seeks to replace?

  10. All good minded Salone People should support the NRM and help put the main opposition party back on the democratic track that has been destroyed for decades. Political sycophancy must stop now!!! We need progressive leadership in all our political parties for us to develop as a Nation. I wish NRM and all progressive APC members good luck and strength to bring up democratic changes within the party.

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