Over 100 confirmed cases of COVID-19 now reported in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 April 2020:

Five new cases of COVID-19 have been reported in Sierra Leone in the last twenty-four hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 104, as two  people are reported to have also recovered from the virus. The total number of those recovered now stands at 12. Four people are so far confirmed dead.

There are now 1,192 people in quarantine at isolation centres under observation. It is not clear whether  the four new cases reported today are from contacts traced; or among those in quarantine; or self-refered at a hospital after feeling unwell.

Solomon Jamiru –  who is the spokesperson for the Covid-19 National Response Team, commented on the epidemiology of the virus in Sierra Leone, especially its transmission rate and pattern, and the government’s strategy, this morning said: “The last time the world had a pandemic of this nature, was 100 years ago. And of course, the UN had not seen a thing like this, so global in scale, for 75 years of its existence. We are in a deep crisis. As a country, we have to take the steps necessary to prevent and fight back. If schools should close down, churches and mosques could comply, businesses suffering, can’t they feel cheated when they see a lot of people who feel they are exempted from the emergency measures?

“If you say, you can’t wear a mask, or wash your hands with soap, or maintain social distancing, you’re a deviant in society. In this emergency, some people should not think that they are above the law or that for them, compliance is not necessary. The rule on social distancing, washing of hands or using sanitizers, face coverings, etc is of general application.  From government offices to private establishments, market places to public transportation, there should be compliance at all levels.

“With total cumulative positives at 99 (the latest 6 coming from Western Area), our capital city is a hotspot. You may say 96% of the positive cases are epi-linked. Yes, that’s true. But also, the 4% represents slight community spread.  So clearly, there’s evidence of community transmission. That’s what the experts are telling us; that’s what part of the epidemiological trajectory is telling us.

“With cases emerging from unlikely parts of the country, we have to be concerned. Take nothing for granted my brothers and sisters. This virus has no vaccine. They call it Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus 2. It’s figures show an exponential rise different from Ebola.

“With the Electronic Pass Management System now in place for the lockdown and curfew extension, additional manpower and time to process pass requests may not be required (as it was the case when the EOC received over 1,000 applications during the initial 72 hour lockdown).

“So, as we deepen the fight, all of us should cooperate and launch a massive push against Covid-19. Blessed 59th Anniversary to us all. God bless Sierra Leone.”



  1. Well noted,indeed this will be a great slap on our faces if we cannot work together in one direction despite any party affiliation. Because this unseen enemy has no discrimination. Long live mama Salone…stay safe

  2. I commend the prompt actions of the government towards the fight back against this deadly virus. I strongly support the idea, but my concern is of the one case registered for Bombali. The case is NOT from Bombali it’s from Freetown and it should be registered for Freetown. It was clearly explained media wide by the District Social Mobilization officer that these people came from Freetown with a pass to come to Lunsar and later they decided to continue to Makeni.

    With all the temperature checks, did the Police and military and medical personnel in these checkpoints never detect this case for high temperature? Only to be detected at the hospital? No, I am suggesting that district task forces must monitor their district checkpoints as it was during the Ebola.

    Please the reported case has no relations in Bombali and they have no connection to Bombali. Let the infected person be interviewed well to show his/her residence please. Thanks and may God heal Mama Salone from this deadly virus.

  3. All over the world this pandemia covid-19 is the main subject, the infection- and the mortality rate. But what is the mortality rate of the ordinary people as a result of hunger caused by the lockdown and few support by the government?

  4. I personally believe that the government especially the health department are doing a wonderful job by implementing the experience they had from the Ebola crisis. The only thing they should avoid at the moment is panicking because of what’s going on in the western world because the environment and situation is quite different. If ventilators was the solution, the death rate in the USA should have been low so I personally believe that it is part of the problem.

    Let the government try to keep the recovery process very simple based on the experience from some of the people that have already recovered from this deadly disease which will eventually reduce the number of deaths. Face mask should be mandatory until a vaccine is discovered because social distancing is impossible in Africa.

    Based on my personal experience, there is no lockdown in most western countries because all grocery stores and restaurants ( for pick up and delivery) are still open because all the systems are already in place as compared to Africa where total lockdown without a proper system to specifically open essential businesses will be a nightmare.

    I hope and pray that the people will continue to work with the government because this disease is not a respecter of any political party, tribes or regions and thanks to the almighty our presidential election is 3 years away as compared to the USA which is only 6 months away. May the Almighty continue to bless our leadership with wisdom and understanding.
    Amen and Ameen.

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