Over 300 new cases of covid-19 reported in Sierra Leone in three days

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 31 January 2021:

Sierra Leone has in the last three days recorded 311 new coronavirus cases, with most of these new cases reported in the capital Freetown.

Last Friday, 29 January 2021, there were 100 new cases reported, and yesterday Saturday 30 January 2021 – another 146 new cases were reported. Today, Sunday 31 January 2021, 65 new cases have been reported across the country.

This brings the total number of new cases reported in the last three days in Sierra Leone to 311.

According to sources in Freetown, most of the 146 positive cases recorded yesterday Saturday, are believed to be either staff working in the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Freetown or their contacts. There has so far been no official confirmation of this report.

The total number of confirmed cumulative covid-19 cases in Sierra Leone now stands at 3,593, with over two thirds – 2,477 of those, recorded in the capital Freetown; Port Loko – 124; Kenema – 131; Bo – 126; and the rest spread widely across the country.

But the total number of officially confirmed deaths from covid-19 in Sierra Leone remains low at 79.

Ten days ago, the government of Sierra Leone through the agency responsible for managing its Covid-19 response strategy – NACOVERC, announced new measures restricting the movement of people in the country, starting from Monday 25th January 2021, in response to the alarming rise in the number of daily new Covid cases, especially in the capital Freetown since Christmas.

Some of the measures announced included – restriction of people movement for two weeks; a 10pm to 5am curfew; shut down of all entertainment spots, including beaches and night clubs; and stricter enforcement of mask wearing.

But ten day on, there are reports those measures are not being complied with by most people in the country who are still going about their normal business as though there is no covid pandemic.

The report so far this year is bleak for Sierra Leone, and the government would need to step up. On 5th January 2021, 37 new cases were recorded in addition to the 27 recorded on Sunday, 3rd January 2021, and 28 cases on 31st December 2020. This brought the total number of reported cumulative cases in Sierra Leone on 5th of January 2021 to 2,724. This cumulative number of cases has at today increased to 3,593.

In the first week of the New Year, from 31st December 2020 to 5th January 2021, there was an increase of 113 new cases – an average of 19 ‘known’ new cases a day, in a country where there is no routine testing of suspected cases. In the last three days, the average daily recorded number of cases has risen to over 100.

The number of people arriving in the country from abroad and testing positive with the virus, has increased from 62 on the 31st of December 2020 to 138 today Sunday, 31st December 2021.

You can see the figures for the last three days below:


  1. This is worrisome for our people. Is the government informed about the new COVID-19 variant from South Africa called the N501Y? This variant is highly infectious and could lead to increase in COVID-19 infections, hospitalization and death. Younger people are not spared by this variant. Has NACOVERC investigated if the N501Y already exists in the country or if Sierra Leone has its own variant?

    The President said sometime ago, that they have their own scientists. Where are these scientists and what are they doing to help identify new variants of COVID-19 in the country? Is it possible that Sierra Leoneans are already infected with the N501Y? Over to you NACOVERC for immediate action. God help protect our people from any variant of COVID-19. Amen and Amen. Father God. Serious stuff. TBC.

  2. This is not surprising, considering the fact that there have been blatant refusals to adhere to standard precautions and measures the rest of the World have had to observe. The focus out there has been concentrated on “FAKE NEWS” and a lot of “CONSPIRACY THEORIES”. There is ALWAYS MULTIPLE consequences to every action of DISOBEDIENCE! Pray that they learn these lessons, even though it is going to be from unpleasant circumstances and even death.

  3. As cases continue to rise, we really have to take stock of what is going on around the world when it comes to vaccine distribution. The recent spat between Astra Zeneca one of the vaccine manufacturers, and the European commission is a case in point that the COVID19 vaccine is becoming like a gold dust. The world health organisation is warning rich countries are hoarding the vaccines, and not doing enough to help poor countries like ours in sub Saharan-Africa. That they should be distributed evenly around the world. Because no one is safe till every one is safe.

    I think our government should not solely rely on pharmaceutical companies in the west, but should also start looking to the sputnik vaccine in Russia. Argentina and some states within Brazil have defied their Federal government, and ordered the same Russian vaccine for their own. Or since we have good relationships with Israel our government should ask them for help.

    On current roll out trends, Africa will not see larger scale vaccination at least by 2023. And every passing hour COVID19 is taking peoples lives especially in South Africa. Meanwhile the only way we can stop the spread is to obey the COVID19 protocols. Wash your hands, wear a Mask and keep your distance. Avoid large gatherings.

  4. It’s not math, it’s common sense. November should have been our cut off month; strict travel guidelines, enhanced monitoring blah blah blah. Sierra Leoneans have been reactionary instead of preemptive and of course, we will pay the price. I opine strongly that until there is a concise DOMESTIC approach to covid, we remain at the mercy of chance.

    Shutting down the beaches is more “knee jerkish” than calculated. And here’s the problem – roughly the same crowd size can be found on Abacha and the major markets as the beaches. I was happy to see mask enforcement around krootown road, saddened to see its absence at Dovecot, and puzzled at the casual response in government ministries and agencies. We’ve talked it, we must walk it

  5. Gentlemen – Here are the top five signs you must look for if you are having doubts whether or not our President is UNFIT to rule in these Covid 19 times.
    1. If you ever see any of his ministers dancing wildly in public, sweating profusely singing songs putting thousands at risk for contracting the deadly virus – that right there settles it all, your President is UNFIT to rule because his subordinates should have been taught and groomed better.(lol)
    2.If you find out that hospitals are poorly equipped and understaffed and health workers are untrained, underpaid and working for months without pay; look for no other clues to buttress your findings, our President is UNFIT to rule Sierra Leone; that which your naked eyes have seen will aptly suffice.

    3.If you travel our beautiful country in search of truth and shockingly find itsy–bitsy little children without their tiny masks on going to school under trees in the pouring rain with no teacher in sight even though education is free under the criminal SLPP Cabal – ask no more questions your President is totally UNFIT to hold that highly esteemed office – he must step aside ASAP.
    4.Again if you ever end up paying a visit to State House and all you could seeing running around were men with huge potbelly’s dragging on the ground, chewing and spitting out tobacco on expensive elegantly carpeted hallways…
    trouble yourself no more, your President has surrounded himself with a bunch of misfits – he should relinquish that high office – he is UNFIT to rule.(lol)
    5.Lastly,if they say that they are fighting corruption yet you see them building Victorian mansions and driving expensive cars while ordinary people struggle to buy a plate of rice or bowl of hot pepper soup – wash your hands in a bowl of clean water and have nothing to do to them, your President is the worst in the history of our beloved country – he is not only UNFIT but also a threat – a clear and present danger to the suffering millions of our nation.

  6. The government of Sierra Leone has to be serious about this, because the rainy season is not too far behind and cases will definitely sky rocket. May God direct our people to comply with all the rules and regulations and protect themselves from covid19 infection.

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