Pandemic treaty must evolve into international technology accord – says Kojo Annan

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 15 April 2021:

Proposals for an international pandemic treaty have been welcomed by an African entrepreneur and social reformer, but its spirit needs to go further. “We must spread vaccination across the world quickly and follow-up with technology equality in healthcare and the Climate Change battle,” urged Kojo Annan, who developed the Africa10 youth enterprise and recently co-founded a $300 million healthtech fund for pandemic protection and preparedness.

Mr Annan spoke after Europe’s vaccine supply row appeared to die down, with the pandemic co-operation treaty call by 24 world leaders and the United Nations (UN) and their comment that COVID-19 was “a stark and painful reminder that nobody is safe until everyone is safe”.

But Mr Annan, original co-founder of Africa’s $10 billion innovative smart port at Tema in Ghana – now employing thousands – a keynote speaker at the World Economic Forum (Davos), UN General Assembly, Caux Peace and Leadership Forum to build a just, peaceful and sustainable world, and also son of late UN Secretary-General (1997-2006) Kofi Annan, said:

“It’s unfortunate that this key message has only struck home now, after the European squabble, when the World Health Organisation (WHO) has been pressing for global vaccination for much longer.

“A month ago, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus highlighted how just two nations accounted for half the 210 million vaccine doses given globally at that point, while 200-plus countries had yet to administer a single dose!

“But as Europe has belatedly realised, vaccine inequality is doubly dangerous because it risks COVID-19 mutating in non-vaccinated regions of the world to create more aggressive variants, not only making current vaccines redundant but possibly spreading to infect the world’s vaccinated population.

“Our Pandemic Protection team (see below) is also concerned by a new Royal Society of Chemistry report ( warning that the world has clinically approved antiviral drugs for just 10 of more than 220 viruses known to infect humans.

 “This shows that our defences against another pandemic are ridiculously over-stretched and that’s just for known viruses. What else might be out there, especially as mankind continually encroaches on natural habitats?” (Photo: Mr Kojo Annan).

Mr Annan also referenced the Luxembourg-based Vector Innovation Fund and its $300 million Pandemic Protection Fund founded on principles of ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals of 2017 – inspired by Millennium Goals instigated by Mr Annan’s father:

“Apart from vaccines, we must invest in new sustainable healthcare technologies that promotes well-being for all mankind, making it accessible and delivered at the point of care.

“Unfortunately, as Shamika Sirimanne, a leader at the UN’s trade and development division (UNCTAD) has suggested, just a few countries create the technologies driving this revolution and will be the main beneficiaries, thereby widening the gap in technological progress between developed and developing nations.

“But if leading nations don’t encourage widespread adoption of technological improvements, we simply won’t get the potential boost from global productivity and profitability.

“As Ms Sirimanne said, ‘With an estimated market value of $350 billion today, the array of emerging digital solutions for life after COVID is likely to be worth over $3 trillion by 2025.”

 Kojo Annan biography

A Keynote Speaker at World Economic Forum (Davos), UN General Assembly, Caux Peace and Leadership Forum and Murdoch University, Australia. Founder of Vector Global, an investment holding company with cross-border investment, across multiple sectors Technology, Media and Telecoms diversified interests in West Africa, Innovation, Lifestyle and Wellbeing. Co-Founder of Made in Africa (MIA), MIA is a luxury group that bridges African high culture with a global audience. Co-founded Africa’s most advanced smart port which created 10,000 local jobs and now estimated to be worth over $10billion.

Vector Innovation Fund (VIF) is a Reserved Alternative Investment Fund (RAIF) specialising in support for technology companies able to transform and protect global markets, notably in global healthcare, enabling technology, sustainability, and longevity aligned to the UN’s SDG principles. VIF’s first sub-fund focuses on ‘Pandemic Protection’, and preparedness for future healthcare technology. This fund structure is domiciled in the world-renowned Luxembourg jurisdiction and is only open to international accredited and professional investors, such as family offices, UHNW, private placement investors, pension funds, international banks, ESG investors and sovereign wealth funds. The General Partners have an excellent track record in industry, healthcare, technology and investment, with 21 exits and total value creation of $2.4billion, including two successful IPOs.

Africa 10 (A10) is a social enterprise dedicated to developing African youth through sports and education. A10 began by providing scholarships for young Africans to attend established sports education university programs in the UK through its existing partnerships with UCFB (University College of Business) and GIS (Global Institute of Sports).

Made In Africa (MIA) is a luxury group that bridges African high culture with a global audience. It is led by a team of international retail, distribution, and fashion experts with over 100 years of combined experience in the sector. The group is uniquely positioned to benefit from Africa’s favourable demographic dynamics and the fast-growing African print market. MIA aims to realign the cotton supply chain to benefit small-hold cotton farms in West and Central Africa. This realignment will generate millions of dollars in income for the farmers over the next decade, will save hundreds of thousands of tons of water and over 300,000 tons of carbon.

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  1. Indeed,every man has two days to fight,his day and his children’s day; And mutations in living organisms and biological cells have been ever continuing because of a strong compulsion by bodily cells to transmit their rare DNA through replication to its descendant cells – the basic goal of replication is to ensure that some cells will always continue to exist. Kofi Annan had his day to fight and win battles under the sun, now the baton has changed hands, It’s his son
    Kojo Annans turn to reach for the stars – This intricate experiment by Creation to ensure the legacies of men and women are preserved and destinies are fulfilled through the strivings of their offsprings has now become an African success story – the son of an iconic figure has now stepped in his late fathers gigantic shoes.

    I agree that we must now spread vaccination around the world but not in haste but with an attitude of prudence and caution; Every new Covid vaccine must be tested,and evaluated in order for experts to assess their safety and efficacy. I beg to differ Mr Annan Africans do not need quick fixes but sustainable solutions.

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