President Bio addresses global diplomacy forum in Turkey

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 13 March 2022:

Sierra Leone’s President Dr Julius Maada Bio spoke yesterday at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum in Turkey, where he said that global dialogue promotes international understanding, peace and security, and more importantly offers nations the opportunity to engage constructively with one another.

Speaking at a panel discussion on “regional and global pathways to peace and prosperity” alongside the President of Kosovo,  Vjosa Osmani and Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, President Bio emphasised that prosperity is possible only when there is peace.

“Peaceful countries do not exist in complete isolation. A nation is not at peace if its neighbourhood is embroiled in violent conflict or if that neighbourhood faces internal or external threats to their peace.

“Sovereign nations are not insulated from the impact of what obtains in their neighbourhoods, whether it be security threats, transnational crime, pandemics, forced or illegal migrations, the impact of climate change, and other such economic threats,” he said.

President Bio also told the Forum, which brought together participants from 75 countries, including 17 Heads of State and Government, 80 Ministers, 39 international organisation representatives, that threats to peace and security are often transnational and permeate national borders, noting that conflict contagion in a sub-region has the potential to threaten the peace and stability of its people.

“We cannot assert total national sovereignty when that very sovereignty is threatened by destabilising transnational forces either across the borders or within the subregion. Often, a sovereign nation may have very little or no control over those destabilising forces within the subregion.

“Central to this framework for collective peace and security is to address and overcome the causes of deep-rooted mistrust among neighbours. Part of that is to maintain and sustain communication and open dialogues. The aim is to emphasise what is in their mutual best interests. That to my mind is not surrendering sovereignty; it is about assuring sovereignty, peace, and security,” he concluded.

Earlier in a video message to the Antalya Diplomacy Forum, United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, said that diplomacy is the essence and spirit of the UN Charter, a document with one overarching goal to save generations from the scourge of war.

“The drafters of the Charter had witnessed the unspeakable damage caused by the Second World War. To prevent it from happening again, they built a collective security system based on the fundamental idea that diplomacy should always come first.

He added: “’Recoding diplomacy’, the subject for this year’s Forum, means first looking back in order to understand and build on the foundations that make diplomatic work possible. Those foundations are clear: respect for international law, sovereignty, and equality among States”.


  1. Brief analysis on President Bio’s commitment at the Antalya Diplomacy Forum in Turkey. Conflict prevention should always be top priority of any nations. Countries should consistently practice how to maintain stable society that sees it neighbors as brothers and sisters. The world should be heedful about what is happening between Russia and Ukraine and learn a great deal of lesson from the massive destruction of terrestrial grievance. It all starts from good leadership.

    As a lesson learnt from the ongoing Conflict between Both countries should serve as a flagship campaign to peace, security and prosperity for all nation leaders. Nations should constantly be aware that the smooth interdependency among neighboring countries is rooted from mutual trust and respect for one another. One time Secretary General of United Nations Koffie Annan said “We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.” The current Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres is in that same direction and spirit of the UN Charter, a document with one dominant goal to save generations from the Whip of war. The things that holds society like peace, love and justice needs to be embrace and work towards in order to make a steady progress in Nations.

    From: Amadu wurie, Development communicator at the University of Makeni( UNIMAK).

  2. On the 24th of February, 2022, President Vladimir Putin declared war against Ukraine in the false narrative, that it wasn’t a war but a special miltray operation for the denazification and demilitarisation of Ukraine, led by criminals, and neo-Nazies that are increasingly becoming a threat to Mother Russia, especially to Russian speakers of the Dumbas region of Eastern Ukraine. But we all know the real motive behind Putin’s barbaric actions against peaceful citizens of Ukraine was a later day attempt to incorporate the whole of Ukraine under the influence of Russian government. That is despite having a democratically elected government under president Zelensky who happens to be a Jew. Two days after the invasion, an article was published and then deleted in the state news agency Ria-Novost in which the author praised the new world order, that Russia is trying to restore pre-1991 Soviet unity by bringing back the socalled Russian world of Russians, Belarusian and litte Russian (Ukrainians).

    Putin might have succeeded in controlling the puppet regime of Alexander Lukasenko, but president Zelensky of Ukrainian and the Ukraine population of more than 44 million people might turned out to be hard nut to crack. Thus so far the only thing Putin have succeeded in doing is to unite the world against Russia both politically and economically. And this forum in Turkey is a proof, the world have changed dramatically. He can’t afford to loose now, because that will be the end of Putin and his government.

    Russian history is full of examples of leaders that loose wars always end up losing power in the most brutal fashion. The most recent one was the 1917 revolution in which the Tsar the royal family was brutally murdered after Russia suffered enormous looses during the first world war. That war started in 1914 to 1918.Putins anger started in 2014 after his friend and president Vikto Yanukovych of Ukraine was ousted that year. History is repeating itself all over again.

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