President Bio and First Lady visit victims of fatal road accidents in hospital

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 October 2018:

Yesterday, Saturday 6th October, president Bio and the First Lady – Mrs Fatima Bio, visited 34 Military Hospital, Connaught Hospital and the Emergency Hospital to sympathise with the civilian, military, and police victims of the two road accidents which took place last week in Freetown, killing eight soldiers and three civilians.

Their visits started at the 34 military hospital where President Bio and the First Lady spoke to the victims about their medical care and recovery.

The president and First Lady also thanked the doctors and nurses for the specialist care and medical support they are providing the victims.

At the Connaught hospital, president Bio and his wife spoke with victims and obtained first hand information on their recovery and the extent of their injuries.

The medical team at Connaught Hospital updated the president on the health status of the victims as well as those that have been transferred to Emergency Hospital because they needed surgery.

The president Bio and First Lady later arrived at the Emergency Hospital where they were received by the Medical Coordinator, Ljubica Ledenski.

President Bio and First Lady spoke with victims; shared words of encouragement with them and prayed for their speedy recovery.

At the Emergency Hospital, President Bio saw Yusuf M. Kamara who suffered serious pelvic fracture. He too was comforted by the President, who wished Yusuf a speedy recovery.

President Bio and the First Lady also visited other patients not involved in the two accidents, but whose conditions are critical at the Emergency Hospital. They spoke with young children at the children’s wards, were they heard emotional stories about their conditions.

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