Sierra Leone’s National Grand Coalition leadership thrills supporters in UK

Bashiru Vandi: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 October 2018:

The typical British autumnal weather failed to dampen the enthusiasm of hundreds of jubilant NGC-UK members and supporters, who came out to meet Dr Kandeh Yumkella, Dr Andrew Keili and Mrs Philomena Yumkella last Saturday in London, as well as in Manchester and Birmingham yesterday, Sunday.

The NGC leadership did not disappoint. They arrived, armed with facts to directly respond to burning post-election issues, focusing on the way forward for the NGC party.

Dr Andrew Keili – NGC’s 2018 presidential running mate and presidential candidate – Dr Yumkella, gave an eloquent, high-spirited and honest account of the reasons for the party’s electoral setback.

Dr Yumkella impressively articulated the need for all members of the party to take ownership and help transform the party into a permanent and productive political institution.

Madam Philomena Yumkella, affectionately known as Aunty Philo, echoed similar sentiments but particularly highlighted the desperate need to enhance affordable micro-credit facilities to support our struggling citizens, especially women who simply want to make a living for themselves.

She expounded the plight of orphans in Sierra Leone, and challenged us to support her current commendable Orphanage Project in Sierra Leone.

We rose to the challenge and promptly raised about £300.00. This is NGC in action, demonstrating solidarity with our fellow citizens whenever called upon.

Dr Yumkella re-emphasised that NGC is a politically Independent entity and is determined to permanently to become a formidable institution that stands the test of time.

He said that NGC’s outright rejection of offers of ministerial positions from the former APC government and the incumbent SLPP during the recent 2018 presidential election run-off stage, rests on the party’s strong belief in the principle of political independence.

He clarified NGC’s stance on the proposed Commission of Enquiry, which he said must be transparent and fair, with a specified duration to accomplish its task.

Dr Yumkella also emphasised the fact that his perceived recent reticence was simply due to a conscious decision to have a quiet post-election assessment of affairs, before making statements about the way forward for the party.

Above all, he emphatically took pride in his consistent ‘Salone Fors’ mentality, by transcending partisanship to constructively contribute to national development, irrespective of the party in government. (Photo: Dr Yumkella on the BBC Focus on Africa programme last saturday in London).

After a great weekend socialising with the party leadership across the UK, supporters and members of the NGC party were left satisfied, elated and confident that Sierra Leone now has a credible third force political party, that cannot be bought or sold to the highest bidder.

The future of Sierra Leone looks bright with the prospect of an NGC government in 2023 led by Dr Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella and his National Transformation Agenda, which will bring much needed hope, opportunity and transformation to Sierra Leone.


  1. As with Seton, I am also keen on joining a progressive organization like NGC….Please let someone send me contact details of the party secretariat in the U.K. Really appreciated in advance.

  2. The National Grand Coalition (NGC) should be spending more time familiarizing itself with issues in Sierra Leone, particularly in the provinces where its performance in the last elections was dismal. Globe trotting does not win elections in Africa.

  3. Please kindly advise me about the contact details of “the NGC Party leaders (leadership) across the UK” you cited in your last but one paragraph above. Thank you and oblige.

    • Please send me the contact for the Birmingham branch of the National Grand coalition Party. I am a Sierra Leonean national living in Wolverhampton.

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