President Bio declares Sulima a potential tourism centre of attraction

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 February 2021:

Last Saturday, President Dr Julius Maada Bio visited Sulima in Pujehun District, Southern Province  of Sierra Leone, to thank local people for supporting his bid for the presidency. He said that Sulima which is about 406 kilometres from the capital city, Freetown, should become a centre of tourism.

Addressing local people in Krio and their native Mende language, the President said: “We are here to thank you and to say we have not forgotten you. We are here because you chose me as your preferred candidate and voted me to become the president of Sierra Leone. I know Sulima very well and I know what to do to make life easier for you. My minsters of tourism and fisheries have all been here before”.

President Bio said that in addition to the free quality education, his government is also working hard to bring solar-powered streetlights to the area, adding that apart from the investment in education to make their children grow up and take care of Sulima, Sorogbeima and Sierra Leone, they are also working hard to make Sulima a centre for tourism in the country.

He commended the women for the display of their handicrafts, encouraged them to attract more tourists and assured the people of Sulima that like all other parts of Sierra Leone, development is coming.

Addressing the President, Minister of Tourism – Madam Memunatu Pratt, said that just after her appointment as minister in 2018, she comducted a general study of tourism development in the country, and found that Sulima has a huge tourism potential because of its over 40 kilometre stretch of beach and a very rich culture.

She assured the President that with tourism as one of the key areas to transform the economy, Sulima presents a very big opportunity because it is a virgin area, adding that the ministry’s intervention in Sulima would bring prosperity through tourism.

Last year, the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs with support from UNDP, trained several women of Sulima on entrepreneurship development skills for alternative livelihood enhancement, for which the Minister was pleased to see display of Handicrafts by Sulima women.

Sulima is a coastal town in the South of Sierra Leone that borders Sierra Leone and Liberia by sea. It is known for its natural beauty, segmented ports for fishing and over 40 kilometres of sandy beach.


  1. Fantastic news. Many thanks, President Bio for bringing development to the people of Sulima. This southern city of ours has been forgotten and neglected for ages. All past governments failed in supporting this area. All former regimes since independence, except for the late President Siaka Stevens, have ignored Sulima. SAD. Correct me if I’m wrong. I sometimes ask myself this question – “What the hell have the politicians and MPs of Bonthe district been doing all these years to help develop their areas”? Nonsense! Thank you very much, President Bio, for your interest and support in these forgotten areas. God bless President Bio, the people of Sulima and Bonthe district.

  2. Hopefully the dangerous roads will put off the dangerous tourists from coming to the area. We are all in support of sustainable tourism.

  3. At the end of the day our country is a tropical paradise. The natural sandy beaches, the rain forest, the palm trees that would give Florida and the LA, a run for their money. The wild life, the Atlantic ocean, and above all else the beautiful mountains like the Wara Wara, Bintiumani mountains, and not forgetting, the friendly and easy going people of Sierra Leone, where our welcoming attitudes makes foreigners feel more at home in Sierra Leone, than their own home countries . What we lack in Sierra Leone, is good leadership, especially in the hotels and tourism sector, for their failures to put pressure on Bio’s government to construct good road network and 24 hours power supply, working traffic lights, regulations of the mode of transport, especially Okeke riders.

    Some Islands in the Caribbean are solely dependent of tourists. You could imagine if all this is in place, how much employment it will create. Even the Gambia benefits more from tourism than our country, that has natural golden sandy beaches. One could just imagine or keep dreaming if all of the above is in place, how many cruise liners will be calling to one of the world’s best natural harbours in FREETOWN. But right now we are led by a bunch of corrupt individuals, that cannot see anything ahead beyond their noses.

  4. Sierra Leone loves you PA BIO; may God bless you. Sierra Leone needs leaders like you – the land that we love, our Sierra Leone.

  5. Gentlemen – There was a mannequin in a warehousenthat refused for the factory workers to refer to it as a hopeless dummy. He was proud of the way he looked “But you are a Dummy,” insisted a old man;” What else would you call a thing that stands idle behind glass windows all day being dressed and undressed in the most ridiculous outfits anyone has ever seen?” But the mannequin rejected that thought outright saying – “I am a figure of magnificence made of plastic and no one’s dummy.(lol)

    This delusional President of ours aptly resembles the Dummy that doesn’t know its real nature – He is being put on
    display to promote every ill-advised project and sadly, he does not seem to know he is a puppet.(lol) Our President keeps on trying to offset the balance of the universe for women who are nothing but square pegs in round holes –

    Firstly, for his wife, now for Memunatu Pratt in far away Sulima, an inaccessible, underdeveloped terrain of all places.
    Now tell me if that is not what a weird Dummy staring through a glass window truly looks like.(lmao) This old Criminal and used car salesman has not changed his dubious ways. Here he is peddling lies and deceits to abjectly poor people who voted for him in good faith. The man has no integrity at all and does not deserve
    to be our President.(lol)

  6. It woulde be great but sadly not feasible. Tourists would not risk there lives on the roads in Sierra Leone to get there. Every approaching car – you think you are going to die. Lungi airport is way way too far, even for Freetown. Dangerous roads.

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