President Bio pledges commitment to national cohesion

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 24 November 2018:

President Julius Maada Bio was in Makeni, northern Sierra Leone, yesterday on a thank-you tour, where he pledged his government’s commitment to national unity and cohesion, and called on parents and teachers to support the government’s free quality education programme.

Speaking to a mammoth crowd that thronged the streets of Makeni City and converged on the Wusum Field, he said that after the elections of March 2018 and his swearing in to office in April, his government has been busy planning and implementing  inclusive development projects, devoid of political or tribal considerations.

His responsibility as President of the Republic of Sierra Leone he said, is to take tangible and sustainable development across the country.

President Bio condemned all forms of political violence in the country, emphasising that the elections are over and citizens decided to elect to him as President.

Whilst urging the jubilant crowds not be seen to be accepting or promoting hate and division, he called for citizens to embrace one another  for the good of all. 

“Today, I am President for all Sierra Leoneans and not one tribe or region. We must stop all forms of tribal and divisive messages to allow the development process to succeed. Elections are over, so the focus should now be turned to development.

“My government will continue its efforts to change and transform every district in this country and will ensure that development reaches every corner,” he assured.

President Bio also said that his government’s flagship free quality education was launched as a testament to his determination to improve the country’s human capital. He said that education is good for both personal and national development.

He called on parents and teachers to support the education programme to succeed throughout the country.

Fatmata Bah, a senior secondary school pupil who spoke on behalf of her colleagues, said that they were particularly happy with the president’s tremendous strive to transform the country.

She commended the new administration for providing free quality education, which she said has reduced financial burden on parents. She expressed appreciation to President Bio for improving the welfare of teachers across the country and for following through his campaign promise with action.

Deputy Mayor of the Makeni City Council, Santigie Mansaray, said the visit of President Bio to Makeni “demonstrated his commitment to opening up the democratic space, promoting democratic dialogue and creating a more just and equal society”.

He added: “I will particularly thank your Government for the positive steps you have taken to address issues of financial management, cleaning communities and the free and quality education”.

He pledged his council’s commitment to pushing forward all development programmes in Makeni.

Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Alpha Osman Timbo said on behalf of those ministers from Bombali District, that he is delighted to have been given the opportunity to serve the country under the Bio led New Direction.

He said that as an inclusive government, the Sierra Leone People’s Party government will continue to bring more development projects to every region across the country. President Bio he said is here to stay and to deliver on his campaign promises.

Source credit: State House Media and Communications Unit

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  1. Are you serious? Cohesion after dividing a hard fought for Nation? Not until all this is undone before cohesion will occur.

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