Sierra Leone Telegraph to Visit Socfin Agricultural Company

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 25 November 2018:

In the next few weeks, an independent team of investigators from the Sierra Leone Telegraph will be paying a courtesy visit to Socfin Agricultural Company in the Sahn-Malen Chiefdom of Sierra Leone, to take a look at the Socfin Agricultural Company’s operations, so as to gain a clear understanding of the impact of Socfin’s activities on the Sahn-Malen Chiefdom and the environment.

Following this visit, the Sierra Leone Telegraph will publish a report discussing its findings.

The Sierra Leone Telegraph recently published a series of articles about the controversy surrounding the Socfin Agricultural Company’s operations in the Sahn-Malen Chiefdom, after a barrage of negative propaganda by certain organizations and individuals.

“We’ve heard a lot of unreliable stories about the Socfin Agricultural Company in that part of Sierra Leone, and we owe it to our global readers to independently investigate the crisis and publish the facts,” says the editor of the Sierra Leone Telegraph – Mr Abdul Rashid Thomas.

The vice president of Sierra Leone – Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh (Photo: Vice president Jalloh sitting far right), is heading a peace and reconciliation mission which visited the Sahn-Malen Chiefdom last week to speak with Socfin’s representatives and key stakeholders of the community.

Those talks are ongoing, and the hope of the government is for a peaceful and sustainable resolution of the crisis, which is placing hundreds of jobs and millions of dollars investment by Socfin at risk.

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