President Bio reminds ECOWAS of the need for peace in Mali

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 28 July 2020:

Yesterday, Monday 27 July 2020, Sierra Leone’s president Dr Julius Maada Bio addressed the Extraordinary Session of the Authority of Heads of State and Government of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) through video conferencing, where he said that maintaining peace and stability is critical for the collective development agenda of the region.

President also reminded the ECOWAS Commission that there is an urgent need for a peaceful settlement to the political crisis in Mali, while extending his deepest gratitude for its mediation missions.

“Our democratic credentials in the region are being challenged. Sierra Leone stands with the rest of ECOWAS on fostering and maintaining a culture of democracy across the region.

“Excellencies, may I reiterate that it is highly important to maintain peace and order in Mali. Extremist terrorist activity in the North of Mali has spread to neighbouring Niger, Burkina Faso, and further threatens the security of the entire region,” he warned.

The President also commended the President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Kassi Brou, Vice President Madam Finda Koroma; Commissioner for Political Affairs, Peace and Security, General Francis A. Behanzin; and, Heads of ECOWAS Institutions and agencies for their continued dedication and commitment.

“In line with the views expressed, Sierra Leone condemns all forms of violence and urges all concerned parties to consider the recommendations put forward by the mediation team led by Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Additionally, Sierra Leone urges strong support for a more robust mandate for MINUSMA.

“Sierra Leone reaffirms its commitment to and support for a peaceful resolution in Mali and encourages President Keita and all other parties to adhere to the decisions of this extraordinary session within an agreed timeline,” he urged.

President Bio concluded by suggesting that in order to maintain good governance, peace, and security in the ECOWAS region it is important to resolve the current socio-political crisis in Mali without delay.


  1. This is very sad to read, by someone claiming to be a sierra Leonean about the current president of that country. This current president has offered nothing but violence, using the name of the opposition APC. You are the leader of the country for God’s sake. WHY is the APC party always the defensive mechanism of the Bio government? SLPP is in power because people wanted a change from the past APC. Why cant they understand this and take the responsibility of the government?

    I am very much tired with partisan politics in our developing countries. Praising the President for his looks and knowledge – that is sad. I cannot believe this is coming from a true educated sierra Leonean.

  2. This President is one of the finest leader Sierra Leoneans have been given as a gift from God, a peaceful young eloquent man. I am so proud of him to say anywhere else today around the globe that” I am a Sierra Leonean”. A man with peace, wisdom, charismatic in knowledge as well. Papa Bio, may God continue to protect you to take this country forward as planned, Inshallau.

    This is the work of APC and their thugs. Sierra Leone will only be in peace if they are in power or else, no peace. Is this what you call I have true love for my country? Sorry to say this but have my sympathy. If you can’t find or create some place of love in your heart for this President, well the others do. The APC party leadership and their thugs have thrown all their million patterns against this President but unsuccessful. Bio is not a coward soldier, you can’t shake the tree and expect him to answer your call in the neighboring country – no!. He’s well trained brother. I personally admire my President, H.E.RTD.BRG.DR.J.M.B. giving speech to all African heads of states, sitting listening to this young dynamic intelligent leader of the small west African state Sierra Leone. I can’t even imagine how I can express my joy. Thank you Mr. President. Bio is a man of peace.

    Even the incident that occurred in Makeni the last time it should have been prevented. May God have mercy on the innocent victims gentle soul. APC have the knowledge that, without that generator the Makeni residents will still enjoy electricity and was taken away temporarily not permanent. But the APC leadership encouraged the innocents to go and incite violence to create a bad and evil image for the Bio administration. You think the world not watching? Most of these guys that are inciting and encouraging violence are not even living in the country. We know most of you that using false names, in order for them to do whatever. May God protects this country from another civil war.

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