President Bio seeking attention after world slams door 

Alpha Amadu Jalloh: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 11 April 2024:

In the realm of global politics, a leader’s reputation is both a shield and a sword. For President Julius Maada Bio of Sierra Leone, it seems his international escapades have only served to tarnish his image and isolate his nation further. With countless trips abroad, spending almost two years of his tenure away from Sierra Leone, President Bio’s quest for attention has become a desperate spectacle, marred by controversy and devoid of substance.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: the exorbitant costs incurred during these frequent globetrotting episodes. While the President gallivants across the globe, the people of Sierra Leone are left to grapple with the grim realities of underdevelopment and poverty.

One cannot help but question the wisdom of these frivolous expenditures, especially when they yield nothing substantial in return for the nation’s progress.

In a bid to salvage his waning credibility, President Bio has resorted to hosting international conferences in Freetown. However, these gatherings only serve as a smokescreen to mask his erosion of democratic principles. The arbitrary removal of opposition members of parliament and the installation of Dr. Abass Bundu, a figure synonymous with democratic erosion, highlight President Bio’s disdain for the rule of law.

The recent ousting of the Auditor General and her deputy further underscores the President’s authoritarian tendencies. Their crime? Exposing discrepancies in receipts provided by the President’s office, a move that evidently bruised his ego.

It is clear that President Bio’s rule is characterized by impunity and a blatant disregard for accountability.

Furthermore, President Bio’s penchant for international grandstanding has yielded little diplomatic capital. Serious visitors from other nations are conspicuously absent in Sierra Leone, a testament to the lack of confidence in his leadership. Even fellow ECOWAS leaders have felt compelled to caution him against his obsession with former President Ernest Bai Koroma, a distraction from the pressing issues plaguing the nation.

Instead of utilising modern communication technologies such as Zoom or even phone calls, President Bio opts for ostentatious displays of sympathy, chartering flights to attend funerals abroad. This behavior only reinforces the perception of him as an unserious leader, out of touch with the priorities of his own people.

Moreover, President Bio’s uninvited jaunts to foreign nations, including Rwanda, Kenya, and Algeria, reflect his desperation for validation on the global stage. Yet, his absence of substantive achievements renders him little more than a pathetic narcissist, driven solely by the need to feed his ego at the expense of his nation’s welfare.

President Julius Maada Bio’s relentless pursuit of attention on the international stage has only served to exacerbate Sierra Leone’s isolation and deepen its woes.

It’s high time President Bio redirects his focus towards addressing the pressing needs of his nation, lest history remembers him as a leader who squandered his mandate in pursuit of fleeting fame.

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