President Bio seeks investments in Russia and UAE for key economic sectors

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 October 2019:

President Julius Maada Bio yesterday left Freetown for Russia and the United Arab Emirates, where he will meet investors and discuss the potential Sierra Leone offers for investment in key sectors of the country’s economy, such as farming, energy, tourism, mining and agro-processing.

The president will commence his week-long itinerary In Russia, where he will attend the  Russia –Africa Summit and Economic Forum, which starts tomorrow – 23rd October in Sochi.

According to State House in Freetown, President Bio will participate in a plenary session of the Russia-Africa Economic Forum, where delegates will discuss potential economic opportunities that can be gained by building a closer Russia – Africa cooperation.

The theme for the Economic Forum is: “Russia and Africa: Uncovering the Potential for Cooperation”.

On 24th October, the Russia-Africa Summit will be co-chaired by the President of the Russian Federation – Vladimir Putin and the President of Egypt – Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, who is also the current Chairman of the African Union.

The Summit is expected to look at the current state and prospects of Russia’s relations with African countries; and the expansion of political, economic, technical and cultural cooperation.

President Bio will deliver a statement at the Summit, where he will highlight Russia’s support for Sierra Leone, the opportunities for future trade and investment; and will seek to commit Sierra Leone to a lasting economic partnership with Russia.

While in Russia, President Bio will also engage in several meetings on the margins of the Economic Forum and Summit to attract investments for Sierra Leone.

After the Russia – African Summit on the 24th October, President Bio and his wife – Mrs Fatima Bio, will travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), where he will discuss investment opportunities with Elite Agro – a leading producer and distributor of agricultural commodities.

Elite Agro and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry are currently in discussion, and hoping to sign a Cooperative Agreement for a farming project on 14,000 hectares of arable land at the Rhombe Swamp in Port Loko District, Sierra Leone. The President will tour Elite Agro Farms.

President Julius Maada Bio will also meet the executives of the Mohammad Omar Bin Haider Holding Group (MOBH), a leading diversified business conglomerate with interests in real estate, healthcare, education, hotel and tourism, manufacturing, and infrastructure, to discuss the President’s Infrastructure vision and proposed projects.

Sierra Leone needs over $500 million investment in key economic sectors to create jobs, tackle poverty and accelerate economic growth. More than 60% of the country’s economically active population are longterm unemployed.

The government is also seeking private investors to help achieve its $2 Billion infrastructure programme in the next three years, such as the government’s proposed bridge across the Rokel river from Lungi to Freetown.


  1. Oh Mr. Conteh, you are a black and white painter. I never have claimed that Russia is a law abiding society with a good functional democracy. No, it isn’t. But, please show me a country that fulfils these demands. America? We the normal people have a lot to do and we need serious information from different sources, not only from the very often dominated british and american neo-liberal press.

  2. Mr Wiecha, if you truly believe that Russia is a law abiding society that cherishes and protects human rights, then it is you, who would need to have your head thoroughly, medically examined. Firstly, why are there so many sanctions and travelling bans imposed on current serving Russian officials? Hmmm! Wait don’t answer just yet? What about the massacre in Chechnya, ordered by Putin, where more than 250,000 innocent civilians were killed? And there’s more – Crimea, where they spilled blood like rivers and Afghanistan where oceans overflowed and got sucked dry in the desert sands?

    Seriously, what’s wrong with you man? Presently, Gangsters that once ruled the streets, are now in positions of power in Russia – Mob Bosses and Gangsters have become kleptocrats, now in control. Is there free speech in Russia? I would have let Anastasia Baburova answer that if she had been spared and was still alive. Since Vladimir Putin took office 21 journalists have been killed, hundreds have either disappeared or been arrested. What’s actually wrong with you man? How can you not know Russia is a criminal empire – a Kleptocracy…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  3. Oh Mr. Saidu Conteh, sometimes I also believe you need a medical check up. Putin the leader of a criminal empire, dominated by the Russian mafia only interested in weapon selling!? What about the USA? Only interested in peace, freedom and liberty? Which
    country started most of the worldwide wars in the last 50 years? Which country is the biggest producer and seller of weapons around the globe – all in the name of our so wonderfull western democracy and civilization? Blessed are the poor in spirit.

  4. All the leaders in the opposition need to wake up,and carefully monitor every trip this President takes outside the country. Please be reminded that this President overthrew a legitimate government,once before,and not only that,he erratically overthrew his Boss Capt Valentine Strasser. Insubordination? Yep,he is totally untrustworthy! Friends,its easy to see,there has been a consistent pattern,and irrefutable evidences of a long history of blatant disregard for authority,and the law,being demonstrated by Maada Bio.

    Do not be surprised if he tries to “Pull A Fast One” on Sierra Leoneans out of his shady bag of tricks.(lol) Now he’s off to Russia, a Criminal Empire,firmly in the clutches of the Russia Mafia.The only thing Russians will properly teach you,are the worst kinds of underhanded, devious,strategies,and means by which you can hold on to power at all costs – that casualties in any war, even when as countless as grains of sand are worth the end result of victory.

    Is it possible that this President is also interested in learning how to hold on to power for donkey years like Criminal Vladimir Putin? No African President ever visits Russia without buying weapons – that is an unspoken Russian Rule – disregard it if you want but it is true. Its now clear,future generations will have mountains of problems,and perplexing commitments left behind unsolved by our incompetent leaders for them to deal with…..Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  5. Mr Yongai Tucker always make me laugh – now he is comparing me to Adolf Hitler,and S.I Koroma – alias Agba Sattani. Pease don’t ever insult me like that again – I am far more intelligent than both of those men.(lol) No doubt, S.I was a hero to the APC because he kept things in order – watched over the tribalistic SLPP like a Hunters merciless dog chasing down wolves,ripping them apart.(lol) S.I was a political genius who knew that brutality,and violence had their rightful places in politics. Word to the wise!

    Some people just won’t listen to incessant,prudent reasoning,and endless bargaining – but Agba Satanni had creative ways to make them listen and comply. He was a Sledgehammer that could bring down concrete walls,and strongholds,once regarded as formidable.(lol) Indeed,there was once a time – memorable times,when the sun rose at dawn,and quietly, set at his doorsteps at dusk – a legend forever gone – S.I Koroma….Rising

    • Like always big talk Mr Conteh and lots of nonsense, unfortunately I happened to meet S.I Koroma in Germany while he was on medical treatment. May you be forgiven because you really don’t know what you are talking about. Truly speaking you need an urgent medical check up. I’ve closed your capital, my friend!

    • My brother doesn’t understand too well to differentiate between political parties in Sierra Leone that’s tribalistic or not. Nevertheless,as a guide, he should begin to read the CVs of both APC and SLPP to determine which is more open minded and liberal than the other, or which one is tribalistic. To determine that first and foremost, check the lists of these two political parties to see those who have been leaders, and from which tribe or region they hailed.

  6. We concerned Sierra leoneans hope not. God almighty will stand up for Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone deserve better. Things are just not working the way they should. We concerned Sierra leoneans don’t trust and don’t want anything to do with Russia. Puttin is racist, and does not like black people. All he will do is to give a lot of weapons of mass distraction to Sierra Leone Govt to kill people,as the role he has played in the middle East.

    I don’t see any reason why any government putting their country first would want to get closer to Russia of all nation. Sierra Leone has nothing in common with Russia. However the world will be watching. No killing is going to take place again in Sierra Leone, as we are fed of disasters in Sierra Leone. We need free and fair elections. No digital instruments should be used for foul play, to say you won when deep down you did not. We deserve a better country.

    • Gloria, you do not have to worry and be scared. Sierra Leone established diplomatic ties with Russia since 2008. Ambassador Sahr John Yambasu was our Ambassador for over 8 years. I for one support the fact we have three super powers now opening up to Africa. The more the competition for our cooperation, the better the option.

      We have the West with all their conditionalities, the Chinese who do not ask questions about human rights and the Russians – all trying to woo Africa. If we play our cards rights by having very good negotiators at the helm and not people who want to prolong their stay in power (After me nar me), I think we stand to benefit as a continent in general and as a country in particular. I might be wrong.

  7. “Kemoh Brima, if you are concerned about how president Julius Bio discharges his functions as president of the Republic of Sierra Leone, then you have work to do. Bio is going to serve as president for two terms”-Joe Koroma

    Joe Koroma, am I concerned about how President Bio is discharging his duties? Yes. I am because I want the best for my country. I cannot change the mandate of the people but I can raise concern if I see that the man is overworking himself. Would President Bio win for the second time, maybe? I voted for him in the last election and I might vote for him in the next election. But what about those protest votes that he got from people who ordinarily would not vote for an SLPP candidate? That should be his target and I believe utilising his VP more than he is currently doing will help in that direction.

    Unlike many in politics who become easily agitated when the person they support is criticised, I am from a background (well I am still in it) where criticism is considered as key to success. By boastfully saying that President Bio would win a second term does not make it so. In fact history dictates that such statement put people off. The person uttering such outlandish statements has only one vote and so why would I beat my chest. If you love president Bio (I mean love, not the kind of people the 1st Lady accosted) then you should do and say things that will make others join you to vote for him.

    • “By boastfully saying that President Bio would win a second term does not make it so. In fact history dictates that such statement put people off. The person uttering such outlandish statements has only one vote and so why would I beat my chest. If you love president Bio (I mean love, not the kind of people the 1st Lady accosted) then you should do and say things that will make others join you to vote for him.” Kemoh Brima

      Kemoh Brima, if there are voters that would refuse to vote for president Bio in 2023 because Joe Koroma had predicted a victory for the president, then those are voters that the president should never worry about since they had no intention of voting for him in the first place. Also, if the Kemoh Brimas of the world can exercise their rights in criticizing president Bio, then Bio supporters like Joe Koroma also have every right to respond to such criticisms. It is a shame that the APC and the SLPP have always been held to different standards.

      There was Ernest Koroma and his coterie of thieves looting the national treasury with reckless abandon without any finger being raised at them. But Maada Bio is expected to wave a magical wand and solve all the problems of Sierra Leone in two years. And the president’s supporters must keep their mouths shut because it is only the president’s critics that want the best for Sierra Leone. What a repugnant double standard.

      Look, even president Trump’s supporters, notwithstanding all the odds against their candidate, are optimistic that Trump will win a second term. Please allow me to also be optimistic of my president winning a second term without accusing me of being boastful.

  8. Talking drums do sound positively and negatively. Investors, holding groups and rokel bridge, all are good morning ideas. Politicians in Sierra Leone seem to be liars, but who is telling the truth? Chief minister, because we don’t have a vice president or the president of Sierra Leone. I am sick and tired of talking drums. The poor people of Sierra Leone need better water, medical and consistent electricity. Try to privatize the bumbuna hydroelectric power to the Chinese. See what they are doing in Kenya and Uganda railway station. Sierra Leone is totally lost completely. Go to other African countries, you would be ashamed of being a Sierra Leonean.

  9. Good initiatives are worth while to citizens when implemented. Sierra Leoneans have many times heard on news channels about good development plans/projects or proposals, made by our governments (former and current), but a good number of those didn’t and will never visit home. Why are they still fooling us?

    Good or bad government, I pray that everything that is good for us, as citizens of this enviable land, will surely reach us in good spirit. May God help our leaders.

  10. I did not vote for President Maada Bio. But the way he runs the country, I am pleased with it. 2023 BIG WIN. Those who hate themselves and the country Sierra Leone, would not love him. Now, you deserve my vote 2023.

  11. No way this escapist President is going to win another term – you must be dreaming! Where are the votes aside from those in Mende dominated territories coming from to put him over the top? Where? He shouldn’t rely on the NGC and C4C for a last minute deal because that’s not ever happening – not this time. Everyone is sick and tired of these people,and their tribalistic,shady tendencies. There he goes again, with another band of ‘Good for nothing’ masqueraders on another fruitless venture,wasting taxpayers money. Rebels indeed,without a cause! (lmao)

    Seriously,I think its time for this President to make public all the intricate details of all these deals he is making so that the general public can thoroughly examine,and assess them. I would like to see him do just that. For who is it that would trust a jittery,unstable fellow as he is with a loaded gun?(lol) …Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

    • Wishful thinking my friend Mr. Conteh. In mathematics, minus multipled by minus is and will always remain a PLUS. As a fanatical worshipper of the FORMER and a maniac type hater of the PRESENT, one should not be surprised at most of your unqualified, mixed-up comments and hate that you spread in this platform. Learn to respect yourself maybe you will be graced to respect others, even if you disagree with them. Less is more, don’t forget my friend!

    • Good day bro. Your comments of late are of no sound footing but just hatred. I can pitch you with the likes of Hitler or SI koroma. In today’s world, instead of discussing substance, you are just bent on that vague ideology of tribalism. Very pathetic for an Intel like you. However it’s in your party’s DNA. Just look at your present party executives. Lastly to respond to your comment, which states that only mende can vote for SLPP, what’s your take on recent by-elections in the North? It’s only when people don’t have policies to discuss, then they embark on hate speech to gain sympathy. But thank God, we are now having foresight and will not be fooled by those haters anymore. Thanks.

  12. I wonder when President Bio would become plane phobic and send his VP to some of these meetings and travels. The VP can bring some other added value to our quest to seek investors. The VP is fluent in Arabic. He can make a stronger case in some of these middle eastern trips. But in Africa, it is the leader takes all.

    • Kemoh Brima, if you are concerned about how president Julius Bio discharges his functions as president of the Republic of Sierra Leone, then you have work to do. Bio is going to serve as president for two terms. And he will jet off to international conferences as he so desires. His presence and not the the presence of a vice president is necessary at these conferences. If you believe otherwise, then you should run for the presidency in 2023.

      Bio is a hard worker with a determination to transform Sierra Leone. And Bio is going to do that Bio’s way and not Kemoh Brima’s way.

    • Kemoh, Bio has centralized all travelling activities to himself and his wife. This is a major problem with African leaders. Instead of leaving some of the issues with the VP, he grabs everything. My brother let’s pray for our leaders.

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