President Bio urges Sierra Leoneans to remain vigilant and promote social distancing

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 29 March 2020:

President Dr Julius Maada Bio has today urged Sierra Leoneans to remain vigilant, promote social distancing and avoid unnecessary physical contact, so as to help the fight against the Coronavirus entering Sierra Leone.

Speaking to Christian Leaders and clergymen at the “National Prayer for God’s Help for the Preservation, Peace, Development and Prosperity of Sierra Leone” held at State House, the President said that they are meeting to pray because Sierra Leone is a nation of believers.

He said that only God will deliver the nation from what is now unfolding around the world.

Sierra Leone, he said has not registered a single case of Coronavirus, and that today’s prayer at State House is an opportunity to thank God for sparing the small-West African nation, and also to pray for his continued guidance as president.

He spoke about the various measures that his government has put in place to help prevent the virus from entering the country, and if it does – to tackle its spread.

President Bio also said that awareness raising across the country is crucial at this time, and call on the Christian leaders to help spread the message about the virus.

Bishop Akintayo Sam-Jolly, said that as clergymen they are praying to seek God’s face against a virus which has crippled bigger and wealthier nations, as he thank the President for his humility before God.

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  1. The President calling for social distancing is a very good idea. My advice to the President is this – The only way to be sure Sierra Leone is free of Coronavirus is to carry out a massive test exercise for Coronavirus in the entire country. Some people might be carriers and don’t show symptoms of the disease. Unless that is done, we can’t confirm Sierra Leone has no Coronavirus or Coronavirus free. What a difficult and invincible enemy. Thanks to the President for his call and may God bless him.

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