President Bio visits Kono University of Science and Technology construction site

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 22 January 2019:

Last Saturday 19 January 2019, president Julius Maada Bio conducted a tour of the proposed construction site for the University of Science and Technology in Kono. In his welcoming address, Paramount Chief Fengai Kaimachende of Gbense Chiefdom said he is extremely delighted to host the president and his entourage on the inspection of a project he described as a landmark.

He said the people of Kono have long yearned for a university in the district that would reduce the burden of travelling to other parts of the country for higher education.

He stated that the people of Kono are excited about the proposal of a university in the district and lauded the government for thinking about the welfare of the people of Kono, adding that President Bio is a man with passion, determination and commitment to move the nation forward. He, therefore, called on everyone to support the New Direction administration.

Minister of Technical and Higher Education, Professor Aiah Gbakima, said he is happy with the cooperation he has received so far from his colleague ministers in actualising the Kono University project. He disclosed that Gbense Chiefdom, being the host community, has provided 417 acres of land for the construction; and that after its completion, the facility will benefit children in Kono and other parts of the country.

“We will secure funds for the construction of the university through the Economic Community of West African States and they will send a feasibility team to Sierra Leone. There are a lot of processes involved before the final construction begins, so the construction will take time. After its completion, this university will help to improve the skills of our children and other children around the country,” he said.

President Bio said his presence at the site is a testament to the preference his government has given to the people of Kono district. He said he is trying to correct the historical injustice that has been meted out on Kono, as a district that has provided a lot for the country but benefited little or nothing. He added that for far too long the people of Kono have suffered and that he wants to change that by offering quality education in the district.

He said that by investing in education, his government is investing in the next generation of Sierra Leoneans. He also said that his government would establish two additional vocational institutes in the district to help in capacity building and skills development for youth. He encouraged the people of Kono to take ownership of the project and ensure that it is properly implemented.

“I am thinking of a Kono without diamond because we have failed to benefit from it. Kono has great minds that only need the platform. So, we are ready to make sure that the construction starts and ends in good time. We want to make our children attractive to the competitive global market and we can only do that through providing quality education for all Sierra Leoneans,” he said.


  1. Many Konos and myself were disappointed when the only project that seemed to be mentioned on the president’s visit was the University of Science.

    This is what president Bio promised the people of Kono later on and I quote ” his government would establish two additional vocational institutes in the district to help in capacity building and skills development for youth”.

    Vocational institutes are exactly the sort of development a country needs. Especially a country like Sierra Leone which has witnessed a long brutal civil war. There are a lot of children who lost their childhood and education because of the war. Some people call them drop-outs which is not fair to them.

    Vocational institutes will keep this group of our fellow citizen very busy. They will no longer be vulnerable to rogue politicians who might want to use them to cause chaos and anarchy to satisfy their political means. What a smart political move by president Bio.

    If president Bio succeeds in establishing these vocational institutes in Kono, then the youths of kono will be in the same wavelength with him come 2023. The initiative and suggestion came from the president himself. Can you imagine?

    I have always said and will say it again, that the 2023 election will be a referendum on president Bio himself. That is exactly what he is doing. Just keep focused Mr. President. The people are watching and are taking note.

    President Bio should also consider establishing vocational institutes in other parts of the country. Vocational institutes are very important for the country’s middle manpower development which Sierra Leone dearly needs.

    I hope these vocational institutes will have training centres for motor mechanics, welders, electricians, masonry, carpenters, tailors and basic electronics to name a few. Girls must be encouraged to do these like boys. The authorities must see that it happens thereby helping empowering our girls.

    Many Konos and myself are very happy now after president Bio promised that Kono will have two vocational institutes. Fantastic, marvellous, amazing, marvellous and hyper-super idea from the president. We are behind you 100%.
    Thank you very much president Bio for thinking about the youths of Kono, no matter what their educational background might be.

    Dual education is coming to Kono. A child can go to university if he or she has the scores or marks. But the child can also enter a vocational institute to learn a trade if he or she does not have the marks.

    What a dream come true and what a powerful gesture by president Bio to the people of Kono in particular and to the youths in general.
    Long live the president to continue to help all the youths throughout the country. AMEN and AMEN. God bless.

  2. It is easy to say Kono without diamonds; funny; please do not make us laugh. Kono is crying loud since the discovery of the diamond in this poor district.
    the Kono people are a minority with lots of wealth, till this district was invaded by the NDMC – alias no diamonds many corruptions. they dig all over the district with big machines and caterpillars; they destroyed this district and built air field and posh head quarters, the bungalow of Yengema and swimming pools, now where are our diamonds?
    They left this poor district without electricity, no clean tap water, no good health care, the Koidu hospital without electricity and no good roads.

    I remember when studying for my o’level exams, we used kerosene lamps or candles to study. We drank water wells till 23rd October 1992, when sporadic firing awakened Koidu town. The rebels of the RUF invaded this poor district, led by Sam Bockarie alias MOSQUITO – what a shame that Sam Bockarie is a son of Kono district.

    Since then Kono became poorer every day. If you want Kono to forget, ask SLST or NDMC to give us back our riches. Kono diamonds belong to the Kono people and not SLST or NDMC. Will president Bio help Kono district to stand back on her feet?

    I think Kono will sue SLST and NDMC to the International Community. Take them to court.

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