President Bio’s backdoor change of Constitution to stay in power will not be tolerated – says APC

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 September 2023:

Lansana Dumbuya, the main opposition APC party National Secretary General, has said in an official statement published two days ago, that the reported constitutional review to be undertaken by the SLPP government “is a deliberate and callous attempt by the regime to provoke a constitutional crisis and subvert the peace and security of the state. The party takes grave exception to that move and calls on the government to immediately put a stop to it.”

The APC said it views this as a calculated and insensitive move by the current administration, aiming to instigate a constitutional upheaval and jeopardize the nation’s peace and stability.

Critics of the Bio-led SLPP government say that the President is looking for ways to legitimise its hold on to power after unpublished results of the June 24th, 2023, election show that the president did not win the election.

By seeking to change the country’s Constitution in the absence of the main opposition APC party who are refusing to return to parliament in protest at the rigged election results, President Bio is putting the nation at risk of war.


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