Why is Bio SLPP government afraid of auditing, financial transparency, and accountability? Op ed

Kabs Kanu: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 8 September: 2023:

The Audit Services of Sierra Leone has named and shamed eight very important institutions that failed to submit financial statements for auditing. In short, the institutions refused to be audited as provided for by Section 119 (2) of the 1991 Constitution of Sierra Leone.

This is lawlessness, unaccountability and lack of transparency to the highest degree. But nobody who has followed the pattern of governance of the SLPP Maada Bio government will be surprised.  Lack of transparency and accountability are the stock-in-trade of the SLPP  government under Maada Bio.


Transparency, integrity, and accountability are very essential for sociopolitical and economic institutions in any country because they are very strong  prerequisites of a civilized society and a democracy where the rule of law is a sine qua non.

It is only when our institutions are transparent and accountable that they are perceived to have integrity and credibility and only then will citizens build trust in these institutions. Then and only then also will international donor agencies and stakeholders trust putting their monies in these institutions .

But when you have a government where the President , the First Lady and institutional  heads and their cronies do not want to be audited as provided by law, you know the kind of government you are dealing with. It is a government that wants to spend the country’s monies like drunken sailors and not be held accountable. 

This Maada Bio government is lawlessly corrupt and does not want to be held accountable for the way it conducts itself or spends the nation’s finances and resources.

The public statement from the Audit Services , after quoting the necessary laws in the Sierra Leone constitution that make it mandatory on institutions to be audited, rightly concluded : “Having failed to submit their financial statements for auditing, the above listed institutions should therefore collectively account for huge amounts of monies generated or received as budgetary allocations/ subventions from the Government of Sierra Leone. ”

But the Audit Services itself is too optimistic to think that these institutions will account for monies they have received or generated. It is a known fact that this SLPP Maada Bio government is the most corrupt in the history of our country. Officials of these institutions have probably shared the monies among themselves, which is why they refused to submit to auditing.

Widespread and unchecked corruption in this SLPP Bio government have exacerbated poverty, economic collapse, instability, donor fatigue  and insecurity in the nation. No wonder the economy is on the brink of collapse. No wonder the government can no longer control prices of fuel and basic commodities and prices are going through the roof.

The Global Security organization reports that “Foreign investors and the public alike see corruption as endemic throughout Sierra Leone, despite some improvements in recent years. … Measures to combat corruption have been largely ineffective. For businesses, corruption exists in government procurement, the award of licenses and concessions, regulatory enforcement, customs clearance, and dispute resolution. ”

Because of the criminal cartels this SLPP government has created in ministries, departments and agencies, that is why it is afraid of being audited . President Bio’s government even had the audacity to remove the Auditor General , Mrs. Lara Taylor -Pearce because her bombshell Audit reports were stripping the government naked before the eyes of the world. What a disgraceful display of impunity.

It is a shame that a government that came to power loudly proclaiming from the rooftops its determination to be more transparent and accountable than the previous APC Government has turned out to be the most corrupt and fearful of auditing since Independence in 1961.

Without effective auditing, the SLPP government can only wax worse in corruption and destruction of the Sierra Leone economy.

What a shame for President Bio and his Paopa SLPP  junta government.



  1. The links below shows the difference between the past corrupt APC government ( between 2007- 2018), and the current SLPP government (between 2018-2023):
    Lara Taylor- Pierce lost her credibility by continuously LEAKING CLASSIFIED INFORMATIONS to the ROGUE AFRICANIST PRESS. They even alleged that the government stole $4 billion which was above the Gross Domestic Product of the country. Based on the links below, the government believed that she had outlived her usefulness as head of the Audit Department.



  2. Good job Kabs Kanu. There can be only one reason, with other things being equal, why a government would not subject itself to professional ,efficient auditing: massive corruption. A criminal strikes only when he/she thinks the getaway route is unimpeded; they wear gloves to avoid leaving any fingerprints at the scene to avoid being trailed by investigators.

    The naïveté and ignorance of the Bio government enabled Auditor-General, Lara Taylor-Pearce, to pierce through their uncontrollable financial behaviour which forced them to hold the report from public view; the suspension of Lara Taylor-Pearce is thus explained. The tangible ignorance of Bio and his team can be explained under the topic of incomplete records, which all students of Accounting are taught. Give the accomplished accountant ( which Lara is), disjointed or incoherent figures and they will piece together everything and present a balance sheet next to none. This is how Lara exposed the Bio government’s unethical and immoral behaviour.

    The government departments which refused to be audited, with the direct approval of Bio, must have believed, while in an infantile mode, that their un-submitted figures was enough cover for them to get away with with everything. Stealthy Lara approached them from their backside which was completely exposed and wrote on it THIEVES !!. The game was over. Lara had to go under the auspices of the head of the thieves – Maada Bio.

    Another element of the administration’s ignorance is that we are now in the 21st century, the century of cyberspace, nothing hides anymore. This is why Bio is extremely desperate to hang on to power, even by the skin of his teeth.

  3. National disgrace that the Honourable Lara Taylor-Pearce has been stood down as Auditor General for no clear reason. She is a courageous professional who understands her duty to the People of Sierra Leone. It seems that the Government has a much more restricted and self-focussed view of their responsibilities. Clear the AG of any fake charges she faces and restore her to her proper station. Only then can the wiser world including donor countries have any faith in the financial administration of the country.

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