President Trump sending delegation to the inauguration of Sierra Leone president Bio

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 May 2018:

Two seismic shifts have taken place in the last two months in the West African state of Sierra Leone. Firstly, the man once described as a pariah presidential candidate because of his role in the former military NPRC regime as a Brigadier and leader, was elected by a majority of 51% against the incumbent APC candidate – Dr Samura Kamara.

Secondly, China, once regarded as Sierra Leone’s most important strategic partner, has also been toppled, left hanging on to the back of the heels of the defeated APC, with hundreds of millions of dollars in promised investments in the country at stake, including the construction of a controversial – brand new international airport, costing over $400 million.

The former ruling APC prided itself in being a sister political organisation of the Chinese Communist Party, with strong links with Beijing.

But Western powers, especially the US and Great Britain, sit far more comfortably with the new government of Sierra Leone, headed by the retired Brigadier – President Julius Maada Bio, whose progressive liberal philosophy, drives his New Direction.

Bio, once lampooned by critics as a pariah who may not be able to visit the US if he becomes the president of Sierra Leone, has instead become the man with whom the US would like to do business, as president Donald J. Trump yesterday “announced the designation of a Presidential Delegation to the Republic of Sierra Leone to attend the Inauguration of His Excellency Julius Maada Bio on May 12, 2018, in Freetown”.

According to White House information, the Honourable Josephine K. Olsen, Director of the Peace Corps, will lead the delegation, which will include: The Honourable Maria E. Brewer, United States Ambassador to the Republic of Sierra Leone; Honourable Cyril E. Sartor, Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for African Affairs, National Security Council; and Honourable Stephanie S. Sullivan, Senior Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of African Affairs, U.S. Department of State.

President Trump is facing intense criticism from critics in Africa, who are accusing him of what they regard as his contempt for Africans, after his “shit-hole” gaff which caused an international row.

The US has for the past few decades put security ahead of trade and economics, in its dealings with African countries, with China spreading its huge footprints across the African landscape, controlling hundreds of billions of dollars of investments and exploiting the continent’s natural resources.

Can the US roll back china’s influence in Africa? Does president Trump have the appetite to take on the Chinese in what has become the 24th province of China – Africa? What happens in Sierra Leone in the coming weeks and months, could help in answering these geo-strategic questions.


  1. Thanks President Trump for recognition and support of our country Sierra Leone. May the Lord bless you.

  2. H.E President Julius Maada Bio is going to be an icon and one of the greatest rulers and leaders in Africa.

    His vision and passion to make Sierra Leone restore its lost glory, is an achievement that many research scholars of African studies will have to write on in the historical books.

    His portrait I foresee, has been designed and installed as a crowned king and redeemer of the oppressed. Sierra Leone was once subjected to deceitfulness, but he(the redeemer) has come to unearth the truth.

    Sierra Leone was once a land where those who proved to be righteous and honest did not survive in workplaces, and any civilised community. But he(the redeemer) has come to restore hope, empower the honest and righteous people, to work towards the development of their country.

    Sierra Leone was once becoming a country where people had to practise lies before you could get near to the corridors of those in authority. But he(the redeemer) has spelt it out that if we want this country to grow, we all need to believe in our ability and work hard.

    Sierra Leone was about to divide on regional lines on false alarms and deceit, but he(the Redeemer) is here to bridge the gap by identifying and exposing some of the hidden root causes of why people in authority played politics with the lives of two-thirds of helpless Sierra Leoneans.

    Sierra Leone was once becoming a country where people don’t really know their purpose of living, but he (the Redeemer) has come to lead Sierra Leoneans to be purposeful in life.

    Despite all the fine laws we have, the treaties we sign, the contract agreement we make and more, to help develop this country in all sectors, yet it proves nothing is done at all. He (the Redeemer) is here to instill discipline that will see this country develop. May God help us all.

  3. Wow! A Man Who Was Insulted And Assaulted By Many,has Finally Become The Golden Boy Of U S A. God Bless President Bio. Wonders Shall Never End.

  4. The conduct of foreign policy could well be the single determining factor whether a developing nation like Sierra Leone survives and prosper or not.

    In the years following the end of the second world war, no African nation has been able to become a first world nation, because leaders on the continent have never tried to understand the current geopolitics game that is being played by global powers. Or if they do, their target is not the progress of their nation but their desire to get rich fast while perfecting tactics to hold on to power indefinitely. The latest example is Ernest Bai Koroma. Before him we had Siaka Stevens and Joseph Momoh.

    I say with all humility that only one nation seized the opportunity of the East-West tussle during the Cold War to leap from being a third world country to a First World Country. That country is Singapore on the Asian Continent.

    Their leader at independence from Britain, Lee Kuan Yew, clearly understood the game at hand and relentlessly steered his country to impeccable development, notwithstanding the fact that massive communist China was right next door.

    This is what is called genius. When I read his autobiography I was struck by a comment he said the then Foreign Secretary of Britain, Denis Healy, made during a Commonwealth Conference. Pointing at one of the African leaders, he said “he is wood” -briefly pointing at his own fore and rear head while holding a conversation with the Singaporean leader. So while Lee Kuan Yew was busy attracting the attention of the British on behalf of his country some African leaders did not know what they were up to. Is this surprising?

    Now to a very large extent the rivalry for global dominance is mainly between the United States and other Western powers on the one hand and China on the other. If I were to choose sides I would go for the west simply because they are not into the habit of sending their people in huge numbers to outnumber the local population in countries where they operate. I don’t want my children and grand children to have to fight a war of liberation after I am gone.

    President Bio must sit back carefully, observe the scene thoroughly and step gingerly into the game.

    I am NGC, but whatever the President does to further the interest of Sierra Leone has my full support. I am sure my leader, KKY, would have it no other way either.

  5. Thank you very Mr.Donald J.Trump. Your Excellency, we love you with all our hearts and also thank you for showing concern about these nations interest. We have said it all the times that, Sierra Leone would never become a province of China and we meant it.

    APC sold the people of Sierra Leone to China and we have redeemed ourselves through the ballots, and we promise that APC will never rule this country. Mr.Trump again God bless you and thank you.

  6. The Chinese are only out to exploit our resources. They have no regard or respect for the African. I think all of us that have dealt with them at some point have come to know that fact. They cannot be permanent residents or Citizens of Sierra Leone. They will use every crooked-thinking Sierra Leonean, of which there are many, to exploit our situation.

    They will not call our leaders out on matters of corruption. Instead, they are partners in it. Much of our stolen money may have been kept in Chinese banks.Some of their leaders are being jailed everyday by President Sui for corruption. Yes, they deliver on their contracts without much fanfare.

    And they do have plenty of labor in China. So do we.They don’t seem to want to employ our youth. How can we partner with a country like this? Do we know what rare-earth minerals they are getting from those mining and construction projects? Does our Government care?

    Corruption starts in Parliamentary committees where every project is over budgeted to leave room for corruption, with a portion going to some committee members, and some going to the Minister in whose department the program is to be run, as well as to some officials in the Finance Ministry.

    In the end, half of the money would have been stolen. The person charged with the contract will have very little to work with, and therefore will hire insufficient and inefficient staff who are paid very little.

    They, in turn, will do very little work. No wonder the garbage situation in Freetown got out of hand! Surprise, Surprise. I hope the Government pays these people block by block to clean the city every week, instead of using FAKE contractors.

  7. Mr. Wiecha,

    No I did not. But there is something that is called “mind your own business.” Leave Sierra Leone and president Julius Bio alone.

  8. To return the favor, Trump also invited Bio to visit the White House and to play golf with Bio in Florida. President Bio accepted, and will be travelling to the US soon.

  9. this is how his Excellency silences his critics concerning USA issue. Good and credible announcements. I hope not only coming to find means to extort our natural resources to reserve theirs. It should be in the interest of the country’s people and Africa as a whole. Congratulations to his Excellency president Bio for your fervent moving around the globe in the interest of the nation. This is what African leaders lack.

  10. Oh, did you forget the footprints of the Canadian, Western Europe and colonial master companies, which exploited your country?
    Believe in me, America first will not work together with Sierra Leone first.

  11. It is interesting that a major APC propaganda before the general elections was that electing Maada Bio president would be problematic, since the Americans would not want to deal with Bio. Now, an American delegation will be present at the inauguration of Bio? Wonders never cease.

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