Presidential hopeful Alie Kabba calls for unity and focus in the SLPP

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 May 2016

Alie Kaaba 2

Speaking to members of his UK&I campaign team and a cross-section of other SLPP members early this week, during a Conference Call, the radical SLPP Flagbearer aspirant passionately appealed for unity and a continuous focus on “the issues that matter to the 99% of Sierra Leoneans in the country”.

In a presentation which started with a “big thank you” to all his supporters and well-wishers, Alie Badara Sanjan Kabba admitted that the challenges to changing our nation to a better and fairer society are real and many, but achievable.

Speaking about the direction of politics in Sierra Leone today, Alie pointed out that “On their own record, APC will stand no chance of winning against SLPP; their best bet is to try and win by default”.

He defined “default” as the undeniable disunity within the party, and the defeatist tendency to lose sight of the things that really matter to ordinary people.

Alie was however quick to state that “SLPP should not allow APC propagandists to define us”.

Free Alie kabba London2He emphasised  that “there may be somethings wrong with our party, but there is a lot more that is right with us”.

Alie went on to caution that “in highlighting our internal challenges, we must never buy in to the image-damaging narratives concocted by misguided APC propagandists”.

He also advised that instead of spending time moaning about “what is wrong with us”, it should be the duty of every SLPP member to help create “a positive aura around the party”,  so that “our party would be attractive to independents and even to some APC members who are far from happy with the current situation”.

As the fastest growing campaign in the country, the Alie Kabba Campaign is said to owe its phenomenal growth to the fact that it is “issue-driven”, and not personality defined.

Alie challenged his campaign team to continue to act as a bridge between every shade of opinion within the party.

He maintained that the winning formula is to endeavour to  “move away from geography to demography; and concentrate on promoting our progressive  and all- inclusive vision, which proffers tangible solutions to chronic youth unemployment, crippling levels of corruption, and dysfunctional healthcare and educational systems.”

The speech generated a spate of positive comments and fruitful discussions, which led to some practical suggestions to be considered as the basis for further actions.

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  1. Thank you to our big brother and elder statesman and citizen – Dr Ali and good to hear from you, after the recent uprising during our Independent Day celebrations. I hope that our party will have learnt that their is unity in diversity; and THAT there is diversity in unity

    We should do according to what our SLPP constitution stipulates, in terms of who becomes the party presidential flagbearer.

    And we should know when our turn is over to hand over the baton to another, for the race of the presidency flag bearer, as Solomon E. Berewah did after his defeat at the 2007 presidential election.


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