Reflecting on my three years in office as Mayor of this great and historic city of Freetown

Mayor Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 12 May 2021:

I was sworn in as the Mayor of Freetown on 11th May 2018. Three years on, I am grateful for what we have achieved together, conscious of the challenges that we face and confident that collectively we can overcome these challenges in order to transform Freetown.

In the short video you can watch below, I spotlight a handful of our exciting achievements that are funded by your Property Rates, FCDO, EU, Sonia Gardner, UN-Habitat, MMC and CPI.

I want to use this opportunity to thank the Councillors and staff of FCC, the central government, all of our local and international partners and Freetonians for your contributions to this our collective effort.

As I look forward, there is still so much to do and so many hurdles to overcome but I am hopeful that we will continue to work together so that we achieve our vision to Transform Freetown. May God bless you.

Let me note also that, starting next Saturday, 15th of May, FCC will commence  implementing its flood mitigation activities as the rainy season arrives. We will clear    garbage and silt that are blocking culverts, drains, gutters and waterways across the city.

But to keep them clear going forward and to be sustainable, Freetonians must stop illegal dumping and the deforestation of our hillsides.

This is the schedule of the first week of flood mitigation activities we will be carrying out. We will publish schedules for the next 4 weeks on a weekly basis. Let’s all play our part to Transform Freetown. Thank you.


  1. I agree with everyone that Aki-Sawyer is performing a “sterling” job. I however, disagree with the “meeting expectations” narrative. For christ sakes…Aki is still cleaning drains and gutters after 3 years. I think she needs to rethink her strategy or take a bow!! At 60, my type of Sierra Leonean is discontented amd malcontented with the rehabilitation of MY capital Freetown

    • And what exactly do you expect her to do in three years with the notorious Criminal SLPP Cabal breathing down her neck?Instead of showing gratitude for her gallant efforts in managing the political storms and tumultuous waves that always keep on crashing and knocking down her doors, you are here whining and complaining over nothing, forgetting that our beloved Sierra Leone is now in the hands of mean-spirited, arrogant, self-seeking men hell bent on derailing the Mayors most progressive and admirable efforts.

      But wait a minute – there’s an eerie suspicious tone emanating from your comment – It signals clearly to me that you might be JEALOUS just like SLPP supporters of her achievements thus far – This is Stargazer representing Brook-fields and Tengbeh Town. THE HISTORIC Freetown is the city in which I was born and raised – we get to say the last word on how it should be managed and governed by our Mayor. Word.(lol)

  2. Congratulations to the Mayor of Freetown Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr for a job well done so far. Finally there is someone who is paid and takes her job seriously and shows tangible results. She has been in the job for only 3 years and she is very effective. Three years only!!! Take note. See how fast she responded after the fire at Susan’s Bay. I hope she wins the election to remain Mayor for a long time, whilst grooming the younger people.
    The Mayor is doing a very good job and she can be made Minister of Rural and Urban Freetown and remain Mayor of Urban Freetown.

  3. Scientists hold the view that we are constantly being visited by aliens from other planets who are far more intelligent than we are in all spheres, including engineering and science. The performance of Mayor Aki-Sawyer makes it a wonder whether she did drop from the furthest planet and Freetown, by a stoke extraordinary luck ,happened to be where she landed. In all of our contemporary history we have never had a Mayor this progressive, transparent, articulate, honest and intelligent. It explains why the powers that be are jealous, envious ,hateful of her. The girl is just too clean for their comfort. They are baffled to see the support she generates both nationally and internationally. In the case of the latter, they can see the naked evidence of where their money is going.

    The “aryampies “ in the central government would love to get their hands on the aid coming in from overseas donors to buy more cars and build more mansions. They cannot understand why the Mayor is so endearing to everyone. They would never consider somebody like the Mayor for a key national office like Finance because she would expose their professional criminality. Carry on Yvonne, the people of Freetown love you to death.

  4. A minister for the Western Area is superfluous, as it is already the seat of government. In fact, all ministers of the other regions are superfluous to requirements. If they need representation for the regions, it should be a federal system with governors. Finally, there seems to be an obsession with Chiefs, so Brigadier Bio has finally got a chief in the Western Area. Let us not forget, we in the Western Area are Republicans who believe in the democratic right of every individual, while respecting the monarchical perspectives of the other regions.

  5. The Mayor is a great communicator. She is in a buoyant mood. She sounds very positive, optimistic, upbeat. This is girl power on show, at its very best. I wish our country had many more of her kind. She is a doer and a go-getter, unlike most of our politicians, past and present and mainly men. She loves her city and its inhabitants so much so that she is moving heaven and earth to make it and their lives better. No wonder Bio and his government can’t stand her, out of jealousy. She is clearly their nemesis: her massive, infectious positivity, her indomitable spirit and her great sense of community make her that jewel of a public servant whose mere presence puts to shame an entire national administration made up of mean-spirited and small-minded self-seekers.

    Through her creative impulse and energy, the Mayor, like that other warrior, the midwife Regina Conteh, is living proof that not all is lost: our country can count on its women to bring much needed change. I hope and pray that the Mayor stays in her job for as long as possible. She is clearly a force for good. Freetown and Sierra Leone more generally need her.

  6. I could not agree more with STARGAZER! The Mayor – Yvonne Aki – Sawyer is doing a sterling job in transforming Freetown and her detractors are GREEN (excuse the pun) with envy. There is nobody in their ranks with her calibre, vision, energy etcetera who can match her in the next local council election. It will be an embarrassment for them when the results are announced, INNOVATIVE is her middle name. More grease to her elbow!

  7. From what I read and hear from outside I like to congratulate and support the Mayor of freetown for her powerful work. She herself knows there is still a lot to do. For example now, before the rainy season starts again to clean all the gutters, especially in the poor slums of freetown. I have seen this ugly situation in “talk to the camera”. Why is it not possible to start a big project in cooperation with the government for maybe 1000 unemployed youth – well payed to clean and restore all these areas?

  8. Indeed the most beautiful rose gardens were not created by singing songs but through diligence and hard work: It is said that sweat and tears are wedded together like husbands and wives, like magnificent butteries and beautiful flowers that embrace the mesmerizing sunlight with happiness and joy. Great things have small beginnings, and it is true that little drops of water will eventually become a mighty ocean. Madam Aki Sawyer is a boundless drop in the mighty ocean of Existence. She represents the light in a time when the armies of the darkness are masquerading and parading our streets chanting slogans of authoritarian rule.

    Gentlemen, we have a lovely sister and she resembles an industrious butterfly that collects pollen and carries it from one flower to another. She is a pollinator that outshines hardworking bees that work from dawn to dusk trying to help flowers, fruits and vegetables easily produce abundant healthy seeds. Madam Aki Sawyer the people of Tenghbeh Town thank you for doing a fantastic job for the city of Freetown. We take our Hats off to you ma’am. Thank You.

  9. There was once a parrot who didn’t know when to sing, shout or cry; It would wait quietly without uttering a sound until its owner signaled for a weekend party to begin; It was only then that the strange bird would begin to sing with a high-pitched, annoying voice, chanting sad songs of despair and hopelessness (lol) “Hush,Hush,hush know thyself and choose wisely your moments to misbehave and act the fool in front of my visitors,” the owner would whisper grimacing in humiliation with anger. This is a house party, a joyful moment of relaxing with my friends not a sombre Prison choir-house. Gentlemen – this is a fine moment for us to celebrate the hard work and diligence of one of the most innovative and trustworthy leaders Sierra Leone has ever produced.

    I am a Brookfields Boy to the bone and marrow, born raised and groomed in Freetown and I don’t want my SOBER discerning ears to hear any of that fake SLPP GIBBERISH sugarcoated with tribalism behind the scenes coming from their supporters in a memorable moment like this one. Instead of thanking the Mayor for her dedication and strides towards excellence, they are here as ill-advised as ever, and as clueless as a toddler wearing left shoes on right feet trying very hard to validate the questionable attitudes and dealings of a corrupt old soldier.

    Gentlemen – Its time for us in Sierra Leone to show our deepest gratitude to the Mayor of Freetown – I am sick and tired of all the rubbish. Seriously I don’t want to hear all that gibberish about the President doing this, or this and this and that..This is Mayor Aki Sawyers finest moment of recognition – LIVE WITH IT.

  10. Congratulations to Mayor Yvonne Aki – Sawyerr and her team for the work they have done, since she was sworn in three years ago. That she has worked her shocks off trying to improve the quality of life and service for the people of our great city Freetown, was never in doubt. A politician of the people, by the people, and for the people. Yes, as the Mayor acknowledged, which is a unique trait she possess, because lets be honest with ourselves, its not everyday you hear it from our elected representatives, admiting to their short comings. In her case, the job she started is litte short of what she’d penciled to get through. She still has time to accomplish her goals. Given she wasn’t spared the hair brush treatment that Bio and his government ministers like to dish out to their political opponents, real or imagine. Notwithstanding that, she still manages to accomplish some of the tasks she set herself by being inclusive, and engaging with diverse stakeholders, and sometimes with different points of views.

    In her all hands on deck approach to delivery of service to your people, she still manages to bring them on board to improve the present and the future prospects of the city of Freetown. That is what is lacking under this Bio government. His idea of governance is either his way or the highway. Which is a shame. With such attitude from our elected leaders, the losing side is always Sierra Leone. As She rightly pointed out to us, there is still work left to be done. Tackling environmental degradation, like the deforestation of the Freetown peninsula, building flood defences, and making sure fly tipping, and fly tippers are punished for their illegal dumping of waste, is the right way forward. Every city has its own DNA. Certainly, it makes a lot of difference for the Mayor of any city metropolis to know its history, its inhabitants, its needs, and what works for it in the short term, and what works best for it in future.

    And most importantly, the residents that are the main stakeholders have enough confidence in her. So far she has not disappointed in her efforts to improve their quality of city life. Mrs Aki – Sawyerr fits the bill. She is a free thinking person, who is open to ideas. And is always ready to incorporate sustainable development as her guiding principles. Also we can all agree, Mrs Aki – Sawyerr has been a champion of working together for the common good, regardless of which tribe or region you come from.

  11. The appointment of a regional Western Area Minister with cabinet position is a novelty that Sierra Leoneans especially the Western Area community should be happy about. For over 59 years now, this part of the country is sidelined of getting equitable share of governance. Though the sit of power is based in Freetown, it seem very logical to note who actually is in control of the Western Region when issues of public concern is raised. Compared to the other regions, regional Ministers have been working assiduously to disseminate government policies and plans to the people living there. A range of issues often crop up in the Western Rural and Urban region and people find it very difficult to know who to run to for remedy. At least with the establishment of this office for the Western region a lot is going to be achieved. Firstly, there is going to be a de-congession of inflow of people in certain top government offices. Secondly, the security apparatus will be able to have an umbrella for ConPlans for the western region to help mitigate lot of imminent threats impose by members of the public.

    Thirdly, all headman, chairperson and community leaders within the Western region conclave will have someone to run to when they have issues of concern that they want government to address with regard the social welfare of their people. Furthermore, this office stands to complement all other ministries in ensuring that their vote controllers in the Western region are regulated well. Before now, government often sit and wait on the PAC in parliament to summon people for questioning To name but a few. You see most of us move from one standpoint to another, because our feelings have moved there. This office has no clash of interest with the office of the mayor of the two cities. I am optimistic that a good number of Sierra Leoneans will soon come to learn or know or feel the positive impact this new office will have on their work, and livelihoods as time progresses.

    We do not overcome our doubts by suppressing them, we do not meet our misgivings by denying them, and we do not refuse falsehood by shirking questions which happen to be inconvenient. The role of this government under the leadership of H.E the president Dr. Julius Maada Bio, is to ensure that there is equitable and accountable share of resources. The mayor of the two cities may have their own duties to perform but however limited by law not to exceed with certain activities that government has to do. When such an event occur you realize that the mayor’s goal is not achieve. But with the establishment of the office for the Western regional Minister, a lot will be achieved. I want thank my president,your president our president Dr.Julius Maada Bio for such an appointment made.

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