Sam Sumana formally requests return to APC ahead of national convention

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 9 January 2020:

Documents seen by the Sierra Leone Telegraph confirm that Sam Sumana has now sent his letter requesting readmission into the opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party – without pre-conditions, five years after he was expelled from the party by its National Advisory Committee (NAC), and sacked by president Ernest Bai Koroma as vice president.

Yesterday, there were questions as to whether Sam Sumana had indeed officially been accepted once again into the membership of the party, after meeting members of the APC National Advisory Committee on Monday at their office in Freetown.

Following his meeting on Monday 7th January 2020 with the NAC where he discussed and handed his letter of resignation from his C4C party, the Secretary General of the APC on 7th January 2020, wrote to Sam Sumana asking him to write to the party, advising them about his intention and next steps.

The letter written by Sam Sumana to the APC Secretary General – Osman Yansaneh on Monday, 7th January 2020 in reply, advising the party about his next steps regarding his intentions for the APC party, states:

“I am kindly requesting that you use your good office to rescind my expulsion from the APC party and restore me to my previous status as a member of the party.”

So, how will the APC party respond to Sam’s request for unconditional acceptance into the party?

This is what political analyst – Saidu Sesay, wrote to the Sierra Leone Telegraph:

“It’s easy to get matters crossed, thereby further complicate same – all in the quest to justify ‘positions’. Why referring to the Ecowas ruling?

“I am of the view that; the Very NAC (as the highest decision body within APC) simply needs to vacate their earlier decision to expel Sam Sumana. That’s where it ends, meaning Sam Sumana doesn’t need to ‘re-apply’ because his “expulsion” would be treated as if it never occurred (which is exactly what the Ecowas ruling said).

“If the Secretary General were to write to Sam Sumana asking what his next move/plans are, then it shows arguably the APC are struggling to understand and apply their own constitutional system, actions, inactions.

“It appears Sam Sumana is on the front foot here, by presenting his registration letter and C4C’s acceptance. ‘Deal done’. Had he not done so, that alone would have lawfully prevented him to be a member of the APC.

“It Seems both parties are settled on his membership, they just need to move matters forward. APC are not in short supply of constitutional lawyers or people who can read, understand and apply administrative procedures fairly and lawfully.

“If this issue is not handle with the care it deserves, it has the potential to keep APC further from returning to governance anytime soon. APC/NAC should do the right thing, by declaring the decision they took to ‘expel’ Sam Sumana ‘of no effect’ – and since Sam Sumana is not a member of any political party, he’s one of them. Interesting times ahead!”

Indeed, interesting times ahead for the APC party, Chief Sam Sumana’s political career, and Sierra Leone’s political landscape and climate, as the country heads toward elections in 2023.


  1. One political analyst just informed me that Chief Sam Sumana’s aggressive and attacking position on this matter is a done deal. This just confirms what the political analyst Mr. Saidu Sesay wrote to The Sierra Leone Telegraph. He further said that, it is a good thing for such discussions to take place in any political party because it illustrates democracy is at work. But, the final decision will be that, Chief Sam Sumana need not apply to rejoin his party with what he has read and how things stand.

    Common sense has already told me the result. That’s why, I have declared, phase one mission accomplished. God bless Mr. Saidu Sesay for his correct, honest and brilliant analysis on this matter. God bless the editor of The Sierra Leone Telegraph Mr. Abdul Rashid Thomas for providing us this candid political analysis. God bless myself and God help “get SALONE sorted”.

  2. Indeed. Deal done and first phase mission accomplished. State House is in sight after a long journey. Have they started packing their suitcases? I hope so. Be quick! God bless APC and God bless Chief Sam Sumana. God help “get SALONE sorted”.

  3. Who cares. The only thing the APC party needs is to appoint a Temne to lead the APC party; likewise the SLPP party – a Mende. So let’s stop this hypocrisy in Sierra Leone. Give peace a chance; and God bless Sierra Leone.

  4. And here comes the delusional Caterpillars dressed in green again,anxious as usual to become soaring,majestic butterflies (lol) Watch out now! Out of the way amigos! Here they come dragging and crawling themselves in sticky,icky mud,desirous of recognition once again,poking their inquisitive noses in matters that do not concern them at all.(lol).

    Sam is back, and no ill advised,dubious person is ever going to be able to change that. All the wishful thinkers, sceptics, doubters,and haters might as well crawl back underneath that stone that has been their place of solace and refuge for decades, and grieve quietly in private (lol). Let me reiterate: Its a done deal – the man is back to the den of lions where he belongs.

    The NAC should quit amplifying trivialities and let the process move on undisturbed. What the hell is all the hoopla about?Come on guys, its time to put the past squarely behind us and not give traction and undeserved relevance to matters of little significance…Rising Sun Will Rise Again.

  5. Is he in or is he out, it’s becoming very embarrassing my friends. A party and a candidate for the party leadership are not in the position to interpret the party’s constitution. After 3 decades with nothing to showcase for except the naked hunger for power, they are now giving us a taste of what is to come should they be elected again to power! Responsible for this chaos is the one and only chairman for life everlasting! E SORRY OH!

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