Samura Kamara must be careful not to be seen as enemy of progress

Author: Maurice Ferenkeh Koroma: Sierra Leone Telegraph: 5 April 2018:

The result of the election reveals one of many things. It exposes APC’s unpopularity. It is Samura Kamara’s constitutional right to challenge the result. But in my opinion, it was ill-advised of him to do so on national television last night, just shortly after the swearing-in of Julius Maada Bio as president.

Samura must be particularly careful not to be seen as an enemy of progress, especially at a time when our country is at a crossroad.

All jokes and banter aside, whoever lied to, or, misled Dr Samura Kamara into believing that he is nationally popular and can realistically win a national election?

The election result is also a testament that Ernest Bai Koroma is not as popular as he thought.

To appoint or hand-pick a flag bearer in the manner in which he did, and pull it off, one of two constants must be in place.

Either the appointee or the appointer must be extremely popular, not just within their own party, but nationally.

So for the nation to reject a candidate directly chosen by Ernest is an indirect indication that, Ernest Koroma no longer had the popularity he enjoyed in his first term.

I know that for a lot of people, elections and politics are about their emotions and connections. But we must now start being honest, realistic and pragmatic in our practice of politics.

We should be able to honestly look at our friends and relatives with a straight face and inform them that they are not as popular as they think or have been (mis)led to believe.

Why am I saying this? The truth is, Samura is not popular and he will never win a national election for the office of presidency.

As God has given me eyes and ears, and as I have observed, if Samura Kamara and Bio contest for the presidency ten times, Bio will win ten times. I say this without prejudice or bias. It is a fact.

Samura must give up his intention to mount a Supreme Court case – challenging the election result. At this stage, all the people of Sierra Leone want to do is move on with their lives and put elections behind them. Any attempt to petition or challenge the elections results will backfire.

Our country is divided right in the middle. When you win an election by approximately 51%, you should know that 49% possibly rejected you.

President Bio has a huge task of uniting our country and being president of all Sierra Leoneans, and not just the SLPP. Best wishes for the future and for our Nation.

Author: Maurice Ferenkeh Koroma


  1. Samura Matthew Wilson did not congratulate the President-elect because he is however challenging the results of the just concluded elections. So he is heading for a court action anyway.

  2. The ordinary people, who are suffering dis-proportionately rejected the APC party, because they failed miserably in governance and economic development in every sector of the economy.

    President Bio has the opportunity to change the tragectory for the better. Wish him well. Alhaji Gkm.

  3. Why didn’t Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara congratulate the new President? I think that from his recent sojourn at the Foreign Ministry, he should have picked up some good manners.

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