Security of deputy internal affairs minister Leema accused of killing a young man today

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 1 February 2020:

Tonight there are mixed reports coming from Freetown about the shooting of a young man earlier today, whose body was found lying next to the residential property of Sierra Leone’s deputy internal affairs minister – Lahai Lawrence Leema in Juba, Freetown.

Some reports say the young man was seen lying on the ground alive with blood stained trousers, after he was allegedly shot by the deputy minster’s security officer, and was heard screaming for help.

According to other reports, gunshot was heard coming from the direction of the minister’s house just before the young man who is now believed to be dead, was seen lying on the ground.

So far, there has been no statement about the killing from either the police or the deputy minister.

The controversial deputy minister of internal affairs along with the minister, have operational responsibility for the country’s police force. But few in Sierra Leone expect a fair investigation into this shooting.

Some commentators are speculating that the young man may have been injured inside the property of the deputy minister and then thrown out and left for dead.

Others say that it is likely he was wounded elsewhere and then dumped outside the controversial deputy minister’s property in order to implicate him in a murder case. (Photo: Lahai Lawrence Leema).

Will the facts ever be known? Can the police be trusted to conduct an impartial investigation into the alleged killing of this young man?

The controversial deputy minister of internal affairs has been accused of perpetuating and promoting violence a few weeks ago, when he was seen at the back of his vehicle driving past the opposition APC office with a Kalashnikov gun pointed at APC supporters.

Several people were injured in the ensuing rioting that took place outside the APC party office, with APC supporters accusing the SLPP of attacking them with stones and machetes.

Video below showing the deputy internal affairs minister in his vehicle at the rioting which took place outside the APC party office a few weeks ago, prompting accusations of his involvement in instigating political violence in the country: 


  1. 1. That Young Man is not dead
    2. The Hon. Leema has nothing to do with it, because he was not at the scene.

    The Security Personel will involve Leema, if at all he was part of this incident. So let us be patient.

    • But with all due respect, no one has seen or had access to the boy that was shot since his body was removed from outside minister Leema’s office – not even the family. Until such access is given to the boy – where ever he is now, people will continue to believe that he his edad. I read the following in AWOKO this morning:

      “Parents of Alie Foster says they have not had access to their son since he was shot on the leg on Saturday by an armed security guard attached to the Deputy Internal Affairs Minister, Lahai Lawrence Leema.” Why are they preventing access if he is still alive? What are they hiding? What are they afraid of? Until that young man is seen in public, people will continue to believe he is dead.

  2. The truth of the matter is, the Gentleman Deputy Minister of the Interior is training to become an inmate of the Prisons of the International Court of Justice in Den Haag. Argue/Denny. God bless the International Court of Justice to lawfully incarcerate reckless and barbaric war criminals like the Gentleman Deputy Minister of the Interior forever.

  3. The Irish Poet and Playwright Oscar Wilde once brilliantly noted; “When liberty comes with hands dabbled in blood, its very hard to shake her hands.” Totally agree! Anyone,even class 5 students will agree with me that those words perfectly describe our poor,struggling nations predicament presently under the rule of the notorious SLPP. These erratic,arrogant Caterpillars cannot govern,do not’ know how to,and never will be able to (lol)

    For who is it among you millions in Sierra Leone,still languishing in abject poverty,that has ever seen with their naked eyes,a revengeful, angry, viviparous hyena playfully suckling its hungry little ones in Peace? Who has ever seen these tribalists and hatemongers with a friendly, harmless,gentle smile on their wicked faces?

    Revenge is a consuming fire,and its methods demand that its practitioners be engulfed in flames of turmoil,anguish and uneasiness, if their unwavering desire is to settle old scores – Then be advised and forewarned that settling old scores against the APC will not come very cheap, and without a heavy price to pay. The legendary APC is a giant rock,that stretches itself imposingly into the vast, boundless, majestic sea. And even though it gets struck by thunder and lightening, walloped, and pelted by heavy rainfalls and massive,angry frothing waves,it still remains unshaken,and unmoved.

    It seems to me that Lahai Leema is living in denial,unable to come to terms with the reality that his inadequate government has failed miserably already (lol). And it is a known fact to prudent minds that violence appears where power is considered to be in jeopardy,through negligence,incompetence,and indifference. We are watching you Lahai Leema – bathe and wash yourself from head to toe with the blood of the innocent,and see if the claws of Justice doesn’t get a firm grip on you in the nearest future,thoroughly scrub, sanitize,and wash you clean for your heartless,unforgivable crimes. Saidu Conteh says: Rising Sun will Rise Again.

  4. This guy is always in the news for all the wrong reasons. I’ve seen interviews that he was a part of. He strikes me as someone who has a heavy chip on his shoulders. The way that he talks, in that underlying tone in his voice when he holds discussions is almost always over the top defiance, which he tends to use in an aggressive manner.

    I don’t understand why would any responsible person think it is okay for a man who is this hot tempered to lead a public sector, let alone a position titled internal affairs.

    • Indeed Leema’s temperament is unfit for national leadership, especially a security sector. He comes across very arrogant and aggressive — not the attributes of a thoughtful methodical leadership. His boss, the internal affairs minister acts very maturely and composed, you barely hear about this gentleman. Leema on the other hand and his thirst for power and aggression, has been on the news for all the bad reasons. From one controversy to another, or one aggressive, violent incident to another. The guy really needs to grow up.

      He is a young man who sometimes speaks with eloquence and has a lot to achieve ahead, in the area of politics if he knows how to tread cautiously. But it appears, he is getting ahead of himself in almost everything national. His aggression will get him nowhere but trouble. Now a poor soul has been lost with fingers pointing at him. May the young boy’s soul rest in perfect peace; and may peace reign in our beloved nation. I am sick and tired of hearing this cycle of violence week after week.

  5. Well you see, what I said in my last comment? Wait! I’ll be right back. May the soul of that young man rest in peace.

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