Sierra Leone AYV TV live political debate today

Sierra Leone Telegraph: 7 August 2017

SLPP and APC have dominated the political landscape since independence. Now, there seems to be a growing desire for political change.

The ADP is becoming a pain in the head for both the APC and the SLPP.

New slogans have been introduced in the politics of Sierra Leone: Grand Coalition of Progressives and the Coalition for Change.

Are these forces strong enough to send the APC and SLPP into the political wilderness?

Join Samuel Wise Bangura on AYV TV and Radio at 1pm this Monday as he hosts a panel of Sierra Leoneans who are in touch with the issues.

Tune in to channel 33 and FM 101.6 or log on to or download the AYV Mobile App and be part of the interactive show.

Your comments or questions can be sent to 099101333. ©ayv.communications. directorate


  1. Not our political parties, but ourselves. We the Sierra Leoneans are not yet ready to change, for Example, PDP, NGC, UNPP, C4C, where are they today? All of these political parties normally join the SLPP OR APC after each election.

  2. The people of Sierra Leone should stand up against the poverty that the APC and SLPP governments have put us into. We are tired of lies from these shameless politician. We always pray and fast for our country so that God will give us a good government and good president, but we Sierra Leoneans are still not opening our eyes to see who is the best person. We need a change now as the whole world is looking for a change.

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